The job of Certified Nurse Aides is one of the most significant in the medicinal services group since they are the primary guardians. They assist patients’ with finishing ordinary errands, for example, to dress, wash, and take prescriptions. Certified Nurse Aides are likewise alluded to as Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs. They work in clinics and senior care homes along with the medical specialists and enlisted medical attendants.

Why a CNA?

Close your eyes consider how your future would glance in a given vocation. Okay, join the military, or trade and commerce or universities?  These are only a couple of alternatives for reconsidering where your professional life will take you. At the point when you are getting ready for the future, challenge yourself to consider turning into a Certified Nursing Assistant. One can have extraordinary career growth and become an expert in this field. You have the chance to have a positive effect not only on your lives but also on the lives of others. The capacity to perceive how your endeavors are influencing others can be indefinably fulfilling.

What is needed to be a CNA in Texas?

To be a CNA in Texas, you should:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Be in good physical health
  3. Up-to-date immunization records
  4. Pass a criminal background check
  5. Graduate from a Certified Nursing Assistant School in Texas
  6. Pass the State Exam
  7. Register as a Certified CNA

CNA Training in Texas

The prime reason for people queuing up in getting CNA training in Texas is that amongst all the states, Texas is one of the few states where getting a CNA certification is incredibly easy. All a candidate has to do is to get an acceptable score in the test, and then the candidate will be placed on Texas’ Nurse Aide Registry for an initial period of two years.

To be trained in CNA programs, a candidate has to be at least 18 years old. With respect to the academic qualification, the state of Texas has no minimum requirements on education grounds like the GED or the diploma in high school.  A candidate should not have any criminal convictions. The Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 250.006 has the list of offenses or the convictions considered to practice as a CNA. The Texas Health and Human Services Department approves the NATCEP and provides a brief list of education programs that are in-serviced.  The programs must be for 100 hours on the whole with 60 classroom hours and 40 hands-on training hours at a nursing facility. The majority of these programs are given at local community colleges, schools, or even the Red Cross Societies.

One you have finished your training you will be added to the Texas Nurse Aide registry. This will mean that local hospitals and care homes can verify that you have qualified.

Best CNA Classes in Texas

Hotel NameRating
Legacy Career Institute. Best Training for CNA, Phlebotomy, PCT and EKG.5.0
Faith Forward Nurse Aide Training Academy5.0
East Texas Nursing Academy5.0
Journey Medical Training Center5.0
BASH Career Institute5.0
Careers Unlimited5.0
Three Star Medical Training4.9
Health Care Career Center Inc.4.9
Springville Academy4.9
Wonder Health Career Institute4.9
The Institute of Allied Healthcare4.8
Victorious Healthcare Academy4.8
Elite Quality Nurse Aide Training ( CNA )4.8
Emerald Nursing School4.8
South Texas Training Center4.7
B & M Career Institute4.7
Dallas Career Institute4.7
Arlington Career Institute4.7
The Training Center of Central Texas4.7
Centric Nursing Institute for Nurse Aide/CNA4.6
Smithwood Medical Institute4.5

Legacy Career Institute. Best Training for CNA, Phlebotomy, PCT and EKG.

LOVED the school! Would highly recommend!!! Loved my instructors as well… Any questions I had, they were there to answer same day! Very knowledgeable of the material! If you decide to further your edu., come here!!! I enrolled for the 4 day phlebotomy course and it was an amazing experience! We even started practicing sticking on the first day, which shocked us all, but it helped us break the nervousness and get more comfortable throughout the program. Legacy Career Institute is an amazing place to train for a health care career. The instructors care if you actually learn skills. This is not a school that helps you memorize information just to pass a test. They want you to be able in enter the workforce and succeed. Top notch, quality education!! This is a fantastic institute!! So helpful and SO flexible. I cannot recommend this place enough!!! I love that this facility allows you to pick from a wide array of schedules. If you’re trying to decide between this facility and a different one- pick this one! I enrolled into the certified phlebotomy technician course and I absolutely loved it! Nothing but positive things to say about the facility and the staff! I took the PCT program, and I’m so glad I did!

Address: 2550 E Trinity Mls Rd #102, Carrollton, TX 75006

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Solomon’s Healthcare Academy is the best place to take the Nclex RN review class if you are in Dallas. I passed my Nclex RN through the guidance and support of Dr Varughese and Geemon Sir. The classes, one on one’s and strategy classes helps me to understand the contents and achieve my goal of passing the Nclex. I would highly recommend Solomon’s Healthcare Academy.

Address: 1212 N Josey Ln #214, Carrollton, TX 75006

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Faith Forward Nurse Aide Training Academy

I highly recommend coming here :)Mrs. Bilyndra is an outstanding instructor! She is very patient and breaks down the material when students are confused. She is willing to go above and beyond for her students and wants us all to succeed. Her added humor to lectures makes it even more engaging. I will 100% recommend this school to others. This class was exactly what I was looking for to get my CNA certification quickly. Bilyndra was a fantastic instructor, she kept the class moving but also had constant review to make sure we were retaining the knowledge. I would recommend it to anyone! Mrs. Bilyndra is a great CNA instructor. She is understanding, caring, and makes sure we are learning everything that’s needed. She made the class fun and easy to comprehend. Highly recommend! Ms. Bilyndra was such a great teacher and super fun. I learned so much in just 2 weeks. Highly recommend! Mrs Bilyndra was such an amazing instructor throughout my entire five weeks of training. Her spirit and her kindness within her training skills was well received and deserved. Thank you for everything.

Address: 1201 Wesleyan St, Fort Worth, TX 76105

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East Texas Nursing Academy

My ETNA CNA course was such an amazing experience for me! The staff was very professional, friendly, and willing to help in any way possible to ensure you truly succeeded. Mrs. Henderson was extremely instrumental in assisting me with my unique situation. She got me squared away quickly within a few days to start the course needed for my career progression in healthcare. Mrs. Henderson was also a great instructor during my course ensuring everyone was well informed with the knowledge and skills needed for the course. She was readily available for student questions and concerns in and out of the classroom setting. I would highly recommend any of the medical courses offered at this great institution/academy. The test prep really really works. I love that the test prep was included in the course where we go over questions To understand what to choose, and why not to choose Certain answers that help me the first time to help me pass. I have been through a program before and I wish they had it. I’ve had the test prep so glad it was included in my course. Made the test a piece of cake. The staff is with you from the beginning to the end and you also can call about other questions once you finish their awesome.

Address: 2009 S Mobberly Ave Suite C&D, Longview, TX 75602

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Journey Medical Training Center

CNA Texas in Classes

Journey Medical Training Center, in my opinion, is highly recommended to anyone in person or online who is ready to become certified in becoming a Nursing Assistant! The owner is super nice! Ms Sharon! Ms Jasmine. Love her! She expects your best and helps you succeed in the class. Great with people and answers questions in depth. Hands down best phlebotomy training! The syllabus is on a college level and the learning exercises are top of the line. The clinical exercises gave a realistic feel of what I will be doing once my career as a CNA begins. The staff is really professional and very knowledgeable. Journey has a pleasant atmosphere and I would feel confident in recommending anyone to this training center. With a 100% pass rate, I highly recommend Journey Medical Training Center to anyone who desires to enter into the medical field as a CNA or possibly further their career in nursing as well.

Address: 8668 John Hickman Pkwy Suite 602, Frisco, TX 75034

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BASH Career Institute

I got my CNA certification here and Ms. Genevieve is a very passionate teacher. She not only helped us during the time of the class, but she continued to push us to schedule our exam date and offered to let us come practice in her lab, even after the classroom days were over. She is also very flexible and understands the situations of people who are already working in this field and want to get certified, and she did her best to make it possible for us to take the class with our various circumstances. Bash Career Institute is a place to be. I passed my CNA exams both written and clinical to the glory of God. Kudos to our excellent and well knowledgeable instructor, Madam Genevieve. She supplies you with all the necessary materials you will need to pass your exams. The environment of the school is neat, and very conducive for learning. I recommend and encourage anyone who wishes to become a future CNA to enroll here. If your thinking of becoming a CNA, I highly recommend Bash Career with Ms. Genevieve. She is extremely knowledgeable and very effective with teaching. She cares about your success, and I cannot recommend her enough. I passed my CNA test all thanks to ms.Genevieve for her good teaching.

Address: 13405 Floyd Cir, Dallas, TX 75243

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Careers Unlimited

The staff is amazing at creating such a comfortable & welcoming environment for all students. They make sure you have the resources to be able to learn and grow. Great experience! Exselent school affordable easy payment plan great teachers. Awesome School. Great Instructors they are well informed they help you every step of the way & They have a great class schedule. Loved the experience and learned a lot from my teacher’s. Highly recommended if you are looking to get in the medical field. The teachers help you a lot and the prices are fair for the course and time. Careers unlimited is a great school to attend the classes are small and personal. Everyone in the staff are friendly wants you to succeed. The professors have a great way of teaching and they explain in detail. If anyone has questions they answer it as best as possible! Great staff! Mr. And Mrs. Reyes are both great teachers who take their time teaching us skills we will need to further our carreers. And also the representative Karla is so helpful with any questions you have. Careers unlimited is an amazing school that provides students with great hands on skills and very informative lectures. The teachers are very involved in every students learning experience and will help you prepare for the certification you are interested in.

Address: 1352 E 1st St Ste. B3, Mission, TX 78572

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Three Star Medical Training

This is a great class overall! I took the 2 week fast track and it was amazing! Belle cares for her students and wants to see them succeed in everything they do! There is great lectures, labs, and clinical experience. It can be challenging here and there but if you put in the work you will see the results! I would recommend this class to anyone! 100% recommend this place for a CNA class. Mrs. Belle made the class fun and easy for learning! The short length of the class makes it easy to get your CNA and still have time for a job or school. I highly recommend everyone who wants to take their CNA classes to get it from this place. The instructor knows what she’s doing and great at it. She is very passionate and very inspiring person. Mrs. Belle is the greatest teacher. She made the class so much fun while teaching us so many valuable skills. I will never forget her training throughout my entire nursing career! If you’re looking for a wonderful training program to become a CNA this is the one you want to be in. Three Star has been such a rewarding program! Belle is inspiring and a wonderful teacher. She believes in all of her students and wants to watch everyone succeed.

Address: 6202 Iola Ave # 900B, Lubbock, TX 79424

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Health Care Career Center Inc.

ABSOLUTELY LOVED!! Sandy is amazing!! so so happy with the class! she’s very thorough with her teaching and is a very down to earth instructor! Everyone is friendly and small groups to make for easy teaching was great too! she helped with everything, from teaching, to getting recruiters to come out for job opportunities, to just plain making sure you understand what your doing! 11/10 would recommend for anyone looking to go into the medical field! Sandy is an amazing teacher who encourages students to succeed. She is passionate about health as well as teaching and it shows. She explains things clearly and I felt completely prepared for my exams and ready to enter the professional world as a CNA. I passed my CNA course and I am now (years later) going back to get my nursing degree. I am truly grateful for having her as a teacher and giving me a solid foundation to prepare me for my CNA as well as nursing school. Thank you Sandy and the entire staff at Healthcare Career Center!Health Care Career Center is absolutely amazing at preparing you for your CNA state exams. The classes are small and hands on. Being new to the field I had many many questions. Sandy and everyone at Health Care Career Centers were extremely helpful and patient.

Address: 1200 E Palm Valley Blvd Suite 1212, Round Rock, TX 78664

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Springville Academy

I super happy that I found this school. The program is short, very well organized, you learn a lot and get ready for your state exam. Mr. Daniel is funny, make you to fell relax, but in the same time you got a lot about Nurse aid program. Definitely I recommended this school! The CNA program was very enjoyable and welcoming learning environment. The instructor Mr. Daniel is an amazing teacher who cares for you and wants you to be successful. Mrs. Sade is the director and instructor, she is so sweet and her smile is welcoming, any concerns she is there to listen. Thank you Springville Academy. ☺️ I attended Springville to obtain my CNA certification and it was great. The instructor Mr. Daniel was very informative and did an awesome job teaching everyone. Mrs. Sade was also wonderful she made registration so easy. This school offers a very simple and well taught CNA class. Everything is easy to understand, and the instructor is also nice and able to keep the class engaged. I recommend coming here if you want a face paced, easy, and affordable.

Address: 19003B Mirror Lake Dr, Spring, TX 77388

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Wonder Health Career Institute

My experience in Wonder Health Career Institute is something for the book. I made some new friends and Mrs Livina is a really great instructor. If you’re looking for the best place to get your Nurse Aide certification and want to pass the state exam, this is the place. Mrs. Livina made the course simple and straightforward, I don’t think it could made be any easier. She equips her students very well to be successful on their exams as well as their career. Mrs.Livina was a great instructor and provided clear guidance. She made it very easy to understand topics. And overall gave us a great experience 10/10 recommend for any future CNA’s. Amazing school with an even better teacher. She’s focused and makes sure that you understand the material. Highly recommend. Mrs. Livina Best CNA Instructor in Texas. Great Price , Great Schedule, Excellent Program. I had a great experience here. My instructor was very precise. Quick class , very informative and professional. I would definitely recommend coming to this school. Ms Livina is a great instructor who is very serious and straight to the point. I was able to pass my written and skills exam on the first try immediately after finishing the 4 week class.

Address: 17440 Farm to Market Rd 529 Suite 106A, Houston, TX 77095

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The Institute of Allied Healthcare

I recently completed the nurse aide training class at The Institute of Allied Healthcare and it was top-notch from their intake process through receiving my certificate of completion. The staff was always friendly and helpful, and my instructor (Miss Mary) was amazing! I feel extremely lucky to have had her teaching my class. She gave us real world examples and ensured we were prepared for both the State written and skills exams. I passed both the written and skill exams on my first try. I’m now a Certified Nurse Aide! I owe so much to my experience at Allied Healthcare both in the classroom and at the clinical site. Allied Healthcare also offered great resume writing assistance as well as an awesome career day where multiple companies came to the school to present to the students. I enjoyed my experience with Allied Healthcare so much that I am now enrolled in their Medical Assistant training program! The instructor for CNA was awesome and the school administrators are great as well. They are really helpful with funding and sending you the right way in order to get where you want to go in your certifications and your career. The CNA Mrs. Mary was a very caring and passionate teacher and she just wants you to succeed. Veronica and Asia the school office people are really great and nice as well and helpful.

Address: 7614 Louis Pasteur Dr #402, San Antonio, TX 78229

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Victorious Healthcare Academy

I took the weekend phlebotomy course with Ms. Kelsi and she was absolutely amazing! She made sure we understood what we were doing and I learned so much in just 4 weeks. I also met some new friends! Next up will be the medical assistant course and possibly the EKG course. I loved that I enjoyed going to class, we had fun while learning. Thanks for being an awesome school that’s affordable! The instructors are excellent! I took the phlebotomy course & I don’t regret it, leaving the program I am very confident in knowing I’m going to be great in this field because I left with so much knowledge and I’m so grateful for this journey I’m about to start. The school was referred by a friend. I enrolled for the Medical Assistant course and I was not disappointed. I passed my NHA exam in just one sitting and I’m now a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant!!!! I’ve been out of school for 29 years and I was scared but knew I needed a change. From the moment I walk in the doors, I’ve felt like I was at home. Ms. Tralynn is an amazing CNA teacher.

Address: 5615 NW Central Dr Suite C105, Houston, TX 77092

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Elite Quality Nurse Aide Training ( CNA )

I had a great experience with nurse Betty and nurse Melinda. With their help I was able to pass the TXCNA written exam and clinical exam on the first try, they also helped me set up a job so I could work right after the class finished. Very thankful for both of these amazing women! Mrs Betty is The best instructor If you are interested in getting your CNA License. Thanks to her I am certified nurse assistant and passed my state test. I took this class earlier this year and I can easily that Ms. Betty is a great teacher! She taught everything we needed to prepare for the state test. Thanks to this class I was able to get my CNA certification. Elite Quality has the best instructor, Betty has vast experience and is such a joy to work with. She cares for each student with such compassion. Betty has been a nurse for over 25 years and I have had the pleasure to work with her and have learned from the best. Betty is mentoring me on starting my own nurse aide training school and has helped me beyond belief! Elite Quality Nurse Aide Training is truly the best nurse aide training around. I learned anything and everything I needed to know to pass both my state exams.

Address: 5020 50th St Suite 118, Lubbock, TX 79414

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Emerald Nursing School

Amazing school. Greg works hard to make sure admissions and anything else you need is taken care of quickly and efficiently. Payment plan is flexible if you talk to them. Class is hands on and always exciting. The instructor John is patient and skilled. Different classes are offered to fit your schedule. I enjoyed every single day that I attended class. Mrs. Castro is an amazing nurse/instructor. Mr. John is warm and hilarious. And Mr. Greg is a lovely person. He always greeted everyone with a warm smile and a positive attitude. The experience I had was amazing and the way the instructor give the class was fantastic I highly recommend the school. Emerald nursing school is an outstanding place to get your CNA or update your CNA certification our instructor is an absolutely absolutely wonderful nurse she is extremely knowledgeable has a lot of experience and is a very capable professional woman. It is just an outstanding school and a group of very wonderful professional people that genuinely care about their students. Very good school for CNA training. Great CNA School and staff (: Awesome CNA school. Very good recommended school.

Address: 4936 Hondo Pass Dr, El Paso, TX 79924

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South Texas Training Center

South Texas Training Center is the way to go if anyone is interested in the medical field and is looking for a great school to start your education. The staff is very professional and friendly, and the instructors are extremely helpful and take their time to teach you. Mrs. Montelongo who teaches phlebotomy and EKG has so much knowledge and isn’t afraid to share it with you. She teaches very well and has a great way of making it fun to learn. She has a way of encouraging you to not be afraid of change and be the best you that you can be. Aside from multiple awesome instructors, there are 4 different programs you can choose from which is another bonus. The prices of the school are very accessible compared to those of the other squatters. The staff are very nice and helpful with every question you have. Mrs. Montelongo is the best instructor, she explains the book in a way that you will understand it and make it easy on you. The instructors are great and willing to help you succeed in your career. It’s a great school and opportunity to better yourself. This is a perfect place to start your career, the teachers and staff are wonderful they go above and beyond to help you in every way they can. Highly recommended!

Address: 213 E Ferguson Ave, Pharr, TX 78577

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B & M Career Institute

B&M Career Institute is a great place to learn. I took the phlebotomy course and passed my certification exam on the first go. I absolutely attribute this to Bryan. He is an awesome instructor! He also has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable. I truly enjoyed my time at B&M. Having a great group of classmates was a bonus. Highly recommend this school to go & get your education in. I got my phlebotomist certificate and I’m currently working at medical city!! This a legit Career institute. I have worked B & M now for about 7 years there are very dependable and trustworthy. I took my CNA class with them and phlebotomy. Now I am a certified phlebotomist leaving in my own house. They will help even to look for jobs. I recommend them to any one. I passed my exam on my first attempt 😭. I am so happy with my instructor Bryan he is the best in the world 🌎 I truly believe this. If you are looking for a caring instructor his the one. He hard on you but to better on self. Thank you for.

Address: 9550 Forest Ln ste 515, Dallas, TX 75243

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Dallas Career Institute

I highly recommend the CNA course. Mrs. Nohemi Morales was the best teacher ever! Finished the class and feel very confident going into the state testing. The teacher Nohemi Morales makes sure we understood every step the process and reasoning for why we take all the necessary steps. Our instructor Mrs. Morales really cares about her students actually understanding the content. I would definitely recommend taking a class with her. I just completed the CNA course with Miss Morales and she was amazing! I had a good time with Ms Grace, her CNA class is amazing. I recommend this class 💯. Definitely recommend taking your training here. I highly recommend this school and CNA training to anyone interested in starting an entry level career in the healthcare field. My instructor was Nohemi Morales and she was extremely helpful. I definitely recommend this school to anyone who is interested in becoming a CNA. Nohemi Morales is a VERY good instructor. Great experience! Bryan was my phlebotomy instructor, very friendly and personable.

Address: 9441 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75243

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Arlington Career Institute

I highly recommend Arlington Career Institute to everyone who’s considering court reporting! My instructors are so helpful and supportive, and they have gone out of their way to help me figure out what’s holding me back and how to be a better writer. From the teacher to the staff, they are all willing to help you in any way they can. The teachers are great and want to see you succeed. They really make you feel like you are part of a family. I recommend Ashley in the highest of honors!! The instructors and staff are so helpful and nice. They walk you through the enrollment, and acceptance process and follow up regularly to make sure you’re doing well. This is a great school. Huge thanks and shout out to Tommy January and the entire ACI staff for supporting my needs and helping me get one step closer to my dreams! Mrs. Waitemon was my teacher and she is a great teacher. Staff has been so helpful and nice since day one. I highly recommend ACI!

Address: 901 E Avenue K, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

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The Training Center of Central Texas

Started this school for CCMA in middle of October and have loved every minute of it! Abigail is an amazing instructor and the school is very informative and goes above and beyond for their students. I highly recommend Mrs. Mayleen as a learning instructor. Not only is she very professional in her work ethic but she is extremely compassionate as a person. I received the best CPR learning experience from her, she made sure to answer all the questions I had and was able to provide helpful feedback in my skills. Ms.Mayleen and Ms.Abigail are two of the most caring teachers I’ve ever come across. They truly want students to succeed. I LOVE this school! The staff and administration care about the students from admission to graduation I received nothing but LOVE and professionalism. Dr. Abigil is an amazing instructor, she’s tough but exactly what is needed to prepare you for the medical field. If you listen, pay attention and put a little effort in you’ll do amazing. Thank you for helping me get back into the medical field, I’ve always been fascinated by it all. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to TCOCT. Thank you !!!! I can assure you, I’ll make you proud! I started the CCMA program December 202

Address: 455 E Central Texas Expy Suite 106, Harker Heights, TX 76548

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Centric Nursing Institute for Nurse Aide/CNA

It was a very good learning experience. The instructor was awesome and he will work with you and your situation. Overall, awesome place to go, if you are in a budget and need things done quickly. It is somewhat a crash course, so be prepared to learn a lot in a short amount of time. This is among one of the best Nursing Schools in Dallas. The lecturers are very professional nurses and teach really good with great nursing examples that make it easy to remember what you learn. I enjoyed my time during the course and surely passed all my skills and written exams, a month after I graduated. Try them, you will not regret it. I will highly recommend this school for anybody that want to attend CNA school, the teacher is highly skillful also he will break it down, in smallest element, so that u can understand the basic foundation of CNA. I forget to mention, the fee is way reasonable compel to other school, and him is there for u anytime u have questions, ever due after the end of four weeks of schooling. I would highly recommend this school for anyone looking to get quality cna training and for a reasonable fee. Just did my state test and passed😊. I’m glad I made this choice.

Address: 1301 Northwest Hwy, Garland, TX 75041

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Smithwood Medical Institute

My experience with Smithwood was amazing. I received my CNA certification. I want to thank Mrs. B Smith, her lectures and teaching dynamics was thorough and well understood. My clinical instructor Nurse Madison was thorough while teaching the skills, she was very patient and a pleasure to work with. Also, Blanca was always in good spirit and a very nice lady. I’m a senior, completed my CNA at SmithWood. I don’t think I could have done so well at another school. Ms. Griffin is so down to earth and approachable. She wants u to succeed. I loved that about her. The entire staff is Amazing!! Always happy, no negative attitude. I would definitely tell u, come here and check out before u commit to any school. The phlebotomy program is so amazing. Ms. Tab is a great instructor and she will definitely make sure u get the information you need to help u out on the field.. within the short time of being here I learned so much. Smithwood is definitely one school that I recommend. If you want hands on training and learning from well educated doctors and nurses… Smithwood is the school to attend. Mrs B and Mrs. Madison are great, passionate nurses and excellent teachers!!

Address: 7100 Regency Square Blvd #210, Houston, TX 77036

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