Indiana CNA Training

Several years ago, there were many jobs open and available for everyone in the United States. Nowadays finding a job that is able to support a single individual or an entire family can be a tough challenge. It is an undeniable fact that the unemployment rate in the United States has risen dramatically in the past few years. On the bright side, there are still jobs open that have wages that can support an entire family. Aside from providing a sufficient salary, this job is also a very honorable one.

The career that we are talking about is no other than a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, are sometimes mistaken for nurses, although the two are different professions. CNAs have a more hands-on job since they act as the right hand or the assistant of nurses. When compared to nurses, certified nursing assistants interact more with the patients assigned to their care. In the state of Indiana, CNAs earn a salary of around $23,000 – $25,000 annually. If you’re looking for a new career and you’re thinking of going for a job as a CNA, training for it will require little time. When compared to pursuing a career as a nurse that requires training for 4 years, CNA training takes lesser time since the whole training period will only take 3 months up to a year. In this article, we’ll tell you all about classes for CNA training in Indiana, and the benefits of pursuing this career.

Why Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

More and more Americans today are shifting to a career as a CNA. But what exactly are the reasons behind the sudden popularity of this career? Here are some of the benefits of becoming a certified nursing assistant in the state of Indiana.

  • Increasing Demand – With the depreciating demand of most jobs in the country today, you’re probably wondering why the demand for CNAs is actually growing. This is because of the aging baby boomers. As this generation ages, they need more and more health care professionals to take care of them once they are incapable of doing so themselves. If you train to become a CNA, you will be guaranteed that you will find a job once you finish the training.

  • Free Training – There are numerous establishments in Indiana that are offering free CNA training and classes for those who are interested. In exchange for the free education, these establishments will require you to work for them for a period of time. This can actually work to the advantage of the students since this training includes a salary and they can add it as experience for their resume.

  • Honorable Job – Have you always wanted to have a job that involved helping people and changing their lives even in a small way? When you’re working as a CNA, you will get the chance to experience to help other people when they need it the most. In fact, when compared to other health professionals, it is the CNAs that have the most direct involvement and contact with the patients. 

CNA Classes in Indiana

Just like other members of the health care team, CNAs are expected be knowledgeable and competent with their work. CNAs need to be aware of the skills that are expected from them and how they can deliver these skills. In order for someone to become a competent and skilled CNA, he or she is required to enter a CNA training class. Most institutions offering CNA training will require their students to be a high school graduate. The training will take 3 months up to a year, depending on the institution and the student. While there are several institutions that will offer free training to their students, there are some that will charge a fee. Tuition fees for CNA training in Indiana can cost from $450-$2,000. The state of Indiana requires at least 105 hours of CNA training classes, 30 of which are spent in a classroom lecture and the remaining 75 hours in practical training. After the training, aspiring CNAs must then take a certification exam in order to become a legally certified nursing assistant. The certification exam will include both a written exam and a practical skill test that will evaluate the skills learned by the students. 

Best Hotels in Indiana

Hotel NameRating
Faith Healthcare Training Center5.0
Indiana School of Certified Nursing Assistants5.0
Essential Healthcare Academy5.0
Indys Health Care Training Center5.0
Cardinal School of Care5.0
RESQ Health & Safety Training4.9
Ivy Hall4.9
Dayspring Career Institute4.8
Healthcare Training Solutions4.8
In Training College4.7
Ross Medical Education Center4.6
Indiana School of Phlebotomy4.5

Faith Healthcare Training Center

CNA Classes Indiana - Faith Healthcare Training Center

I absolutely loved my experience at Faith healthcare training center, the course was very comprehensive. The instructors Ms Lisa, Ms Tiffany and the program director Ms Victoria were amazing humans. I felt like I really gained a lot of knowledge during my time there, and was really impressed with the level of professionalism that the school exhibited. Overall, I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend faith healthcare program to anyone looking for a quality program. Faith Healthcare is truly amazing, I took a CNA course through them and their instructor was beyond amazing. She truly knew how to teach all of us even though we all learned a different way. She truly did care and pushed us to do our best and she never gave up on any of us!! Words can not express how grateful I am to God for allowing my paths to cross with that of Ms Victoria Davies of Faith Healthcare Training Center. For every second spent with her, I was impacted with knowledge, she made learning very easy, thus enjoyable for me. The training was intense, focused, and thoroughly detailed. Of course it was a professional training in order to be a CNA. We, as students, were very beneficial from instructors who came with us (especially Ms. Victoria) and closely monitoring during clinical training to make sure we were able to

Address: 5435 Emerson Way Suite 225, Indianapolis, IN 46226

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Indiana School of Certified Nursing Assistants

CNA Classes Indiana - Indiana School of Certified Nursing Assistants

Professional instructors are caring and want their students to succeed. I would recommend this class for anyone desiring to start working in healthcare. The class was so fast and I immediately got a job after I passed. Hannah and Carissa are amazing at what they do. They will always have a special place in my heart. Indiana School of Certified Nursing Assistants provides a rigorous accelerated coarse to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Hannah and Carissa do an excellent job of preparing their students for the program exam and state testing. Even with previous experience in health care I learned new things every week. If you’re looking for a jump start to your career in health care I recommend attending this school as it opens many doors. They really walk you through everything step by step from day one to the state exam. I will always hold them in high regard and recommend them to anyone interested in becoming an excellent CNA. If you want to start your journey to be a CNA come to Indiana School of Nursing….it was such a blessing! Hannah & Carissa are so determined to help you start your new career! I can’t thank these ladies enough for all the help they offered. Thanks so much Carissa & Hannah. If you’re thinking about being a CNA or taking classes I HIGH

Address: 745 Beachway Dr Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46224

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Essential Healthcare Academy

CNA Classes Indiana - Essential Healthcare Academy

Sedricka was an amazing teacher. Not only is she extremely professional, she also teaches in a way that allows for everyone to actually learn together. Sedricka is one of the best instructors I’ve had in all of my endeavors. She made sure we all knew what to expect on the tests. She went over any questions we had after each test. She ultimately set us up for success. She works at everyone’s pace and wants the whole class to be successful. She is reachable with any questions or concerns. Sedrika was hands down an amazing QMA teacher! Very patient, and knowledgeable! She definitely created a very comfortable environment, being comfortable makes it easier to learn, understand and comprehend what is being taught! Highly recommend getting your QMA you will not be disappointed and thank you so much Sedricka! The BEST Instructor, I ever had! If you want to pass the QMA class…. Then I strongly suggest you enroll in Sedricka’s QMA classes…. My classmates were awesome …Enjoyed this class very much! Instructor was great and was there every step of the way. Highly recommend! Highly recommend! The instructor was very nice and make the class very enjoyable to learn. I pass my

Address: 4656 W Jefferson Blvd Suite 125, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

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Indys Health Care Training Center

CNA Classes Indiana - Indys Health Care Training Center

The best class by far I’ve ever had!! Kaitlyn is an amazing instructor, very understanding and will work with you. Not only was it easy to sign up for, they have a payment plan. The instructor spoke clearly and showed that she had experience and knowledge in the content she was teaching. Kaitlyn is a wonderful teacher. Thank you Indys Health Care Training Center for the wonderful opportunity in helping me achieve one of my goals. Best place to get your CNA training. Awesome school!! 10/10 highly recommend this program. I loved this class! 10/10 recommended for this training program! This class was extremely fun and lots of hands on. Olivia & Courtney made the process fun & easy going!! Best CNA class it’s reliable and flexible. This class was amazing to give an opportunity to further my education to continue with my medical field!

Address: 120 E Market St Suite 370, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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Cardinal School of Care

CNA Classes Indiana - Cardinal School of Care

The Cardinal School of Care is a great place to further your education and obtain your QMA license! All of the staff are welcoming and helpful. Sam is a fantastic instructor! I took the classes while working full time, so some days I was very busy/tired. Sam kept us all engaged and mixed in real stories and tips/tricks along with following the curriculum. The director Abby is also wonderful. She is helpful with questions/concerns and prompt with her responses. I would recommend anyone to take classes through Cardinal! I absolutely loved my class. My instructor was amazing. The class was cost effective with the option of a payment plan. It was quick, but most importantly after the class I felt like I was going to be a great, knowledgeable, passionate QMA. Thanks to all the staff at Cardinal School of Care. The moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed! Everyone in the office welcome us daily! Sam and Abby were the instructors and they did great with it being their first time! It was great to see their compassion for the nursing field show threw their teaching and how they explained things! I definitely recommend Cardinal School of Care for you CNA and QMA training! I 10/10 recommend doing the QMA class here! They want to

Address: 3030 Lake Ave Suite 17, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

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RESQ Health & Safety Training

CNA Classes Indiana - RESQ Health & Safety Training

This is definitely a course to take. It’s not only beneficial to one certain groups they offer a variety of trainings. The instructor was very, very knowledgeable and fun and made it plain and easy for us to understand. I highly recommend their training program. I am currently enrolled in the QMA classes and Jenny makes learning fun and easy. She’s honest and has answered every question I have ever had. She knows what she is doing and talking about. I love the fact that Mrs. Jenn makes you feel welcomed. She very straight forward but she also makes the class enjoyable. Staff was professional. They answered all my questions. Thank you so much for an awesome class. I highly recommend this business! Plus, the instructor, Dave, was fantastic! The material was easy to understand and made me confident to do CPR. Ms. Jenny is great !! She makes the class fun and easy to learn. The instructors here at Resq Health and Safety Training Center are awesome… I highly recommend everyone to check them out and attend their classes. Vincent was extremely helpful and informative. This facility has amazing instructors rsp. David makes the class very exciting and easy learning environment!

Address: 5142 Madison Ave Suite 4, Indianapolis, IN 46227

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Ivy Hall

There’s a ton of information on here and good events, thinking of going to college here. Impressive! Power and Ethernet outlet at every seat! Everyone is very friendly always smiling and greets you upon entering. Excellent restrooms and excellent education. Clean and clear of crowds. I work here and love it. Great place to work and learn. Hard at work be safe.

Address: Ivy Hall, 1170 S Creasy Ln, Lafayette, IN 47905

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