Indiana CNA Training

Several years ago, there were many jobs open and available for everyone in the United States. Nowadays finding a job that is able to support a single individual or an entire family can be a tough challenge. It is an undeniable fact that the unemployment rate in the United States has risen dramatically in the past few years. On the bright side, there are still jobs open that have wages that can support an entire family. Aside from providing a sufficient salary, this job is also a very honorable one.

The career that we are talking about is no other than a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, are sometimes mistaken for nurses, although the two are different professions. CNAs have a more hands-on job since they act as the right hand or the assistant of nurses. When compared to nurses, certified nursing assistants interact more with the patients assigned to their care. In the state of Indiana, CNAs earn a salary of around $23,000 – $25,000 annually. If you’re looking for a new career and you’re thinking of going for a job as a CNA, training for it will require little time. When compared to pursuing a career as a nurse that requires training for 4 years, CNA training takes lesser time since the whole training period will only take 3 months up to a year. In this article, we’ll tell you all about classes for CNA training in Indiana, and the benefits of pursuing this career.

Why Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

More and more Americans today are shifting to a career as a CNA. But what exactly are the reasons behind the sudden popularity of this career? Here are some of the benefits of becoming a certified nursing assistant in the state of Indiana.

  • Increasing Demand – With the depreciating demand of most jobs in the country today, you’re probably wondering why the demand for CNAs is actually growing. This is because of the aging baby boomers. As this generation ages, they need more and more health care professionals to take care of them once they are incapable of doing so themselves. If you train to become a CNA, you will be guaranteed that you will find a job once you finish the training.

  • Free Training – There are numerous establishments in Indiana that are offering free CNA training and classes for those who are interested. In exchange for the free education, these establishments will require you to work for them for a period of time. This can actually work to the advantage of the students since this training includes a salary and they can add it as experience for their resume.

  • Honorable Job – Have you always wanted to have a job that involved helping people and changing their lives even in a small way? When you’re working as a CNA, you will get the chance to experience to help other people when they need it the most. In fact, when compared to other health professionals, it is the CNAs that have the most direct involvement and contact with the patients. 

CNA Classes in Indiana

Just like other members of the health care team, CNAs are expected be knowledgeable and competent with their work. CNAs need to be aware of the skills that are expected from them and how they can deliver these skills. In order for someone to become a competent and skilled CNA, he or she is required to enter a CNA training class. Most institutions offering CNA training will require their students to be a high school graduate. The training will take 3 months up to a year, depending on the institution and the student. While there are several institutions that will offer free training to their students, there are some that will charge a fee. Tuition fees for CNA training in Indiana can cost from $450-$2,000. The state of Indiana requires at least 105 hours of CNA training classes, 30 of which are spent in a classroom lecture and the remaining 75 hours in practical training. After the training, aspiring CNAs must then take a certification exam in order to become a legally certified nursing assistant. The certification exam will include both a written exam and a practical skill test that will evaluate the skills learned by the students. 

  • Golden Living CenterGolden Living Center is one of the few institutions in Indiana that are offering free CNA training however the slots for their free CNA training classes are limited. To have a slot reserved, call the Golden Living Center on 574-293-0364. Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you will be required to undergo a background check as well as a drug test. Students are also required to work for the Golden Living Center, with pay, after the training.

  • Indiana Health Careers Training – Although their CNA classes are not free, the Indiana Health Careers Training is an institution that offers one of the cheapest CNA classes in the state of Indiana. CNA training at Indiana Health Careers Training only costs $450. This establishment has night classes for weekdays as well as weekend classes.

  • Miller’s Merry Manor – Just like the Golden Living Center, Miller’s Merry Manor is also offering free CNA training. Once the training is over, students will automatically become CNA trainees at the institution, however this training comes with pay. This on-the-job training will include a salary and students have a larger chance of getting a staff position in the institution.