CNA Classes in California

CNA Schools CaliforniaRating
California Healthcare Skills Center – CNA, LVN5.0
Procareer Academy5.0
CNA Classes – CAL ACE Online/Hybrid5.0
Bell HealthcareTraining School5.0
Serenity Nursing School, Inc5.0
Online CNA Class – CA Leadership And Continuing Education5.0
Healthcare Academy of California4.9
Los Angeles Skills Academy – NAT / CNA Nurse Assistant Training Santa Fe Springs4.9
Bradford College of Nursing4.9
St. Jude Nursing School4.9
Valley School of Nursing4.9
First Lady Permanente, LLC4.9
Abrams College4.9
Central Valley Medical4.9
Western Medical Training Center4.8
Critical Care Training Center4.8
Pacific Health Education Fresno CA4.8
Medical Career College4.7
McKallen Medical Training Center4.7

California Healthcare Skills Center – CNA, LVN

CNA Classes California - California Healthcare Skills Center - CNA, LVN

Wow!! This school is top notch. Dr. Edith is an amazing and professional instructor and also a distinctive teacher. She communicates, listens and above all very patient with her students. I think everyone really have to experience what I’m talking about. She recently moved to this newer location and she will be offering more to her students. She has tons of nursing experience and teaches you the right way to do things and protect your license. Dr. Edith Amadi is great! I go to a BSN nursing school and she always has open availability during my hectic schedule. My school always accepts the certifications from AHA she gives me. She’s super nice and patient. I feel comfortable here and it is very clean. California Healthcare Skills center is an excellent place to learn new skills and renew existing certifications! Dr. Edith and her associates helped me earn my CNA and multiple BLS certificates. The instructors here are caring and kind and dedicated to ensuring your success. Great CPR course. Instructor was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Will definitely renew here again. Dr. Edith Amadi was very knowledgeable and informative. She told us exactly what we needed to know to ensure we felt confident in our CPR skills.

Address: 18710 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92508

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Procareer Academy

CNA Classes California - Procareer Academy

This is a great program. The online & clinical instructors were very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. The modules are informative and relevant. I would definitely recommend this program. I love the fact that they offer government funding for new students who aren’t in a position to pay out of pocket. The clinical staff was very friendly and helpful as well. ProCareer is an awesome school, they go above and beyond for you as a student. The teachers and staff are great, they really want you to succeed. Practice is key. I just got my results today from state exam and passed both. I am grateful I found a online course that worked with my schedule and was so attentive of my education. I highly recommend enrolling if you want a school that cares about you completing and passing. Ms.Lynn is a amazing teacher, very patient and kind. The staff was well organized. It was the perfect program for being a mom as well! If you want to be a CNA- I 100% would recommend Procareer Academy! The classes are online, and they offer an evening/weekend schedule which helped me out so much in being able to balance my other school & work responsibilities.

Address: 11133 1st Ave, Whittier, CA 90603

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CNA Classes – CAL ACE Online/Hybrid

CNA Classes California - CNA Classes - CAL ACE Online/Hybrid

It was truly an amazing experience being a part of CAL ACE family. Thank you so much Dr.Cliff and Ms. Marlyn for the trust you have given me being one of the Master of Ceremony for todays Graduation. Future CNA’s are created here with leadership skills developed! CNA Classes with a character! Dr.Cliff was the most kind, calm, and wonderful teacher who taught us with great knowledge. Supported us ..Also Marina Mam was very supporting wife of Dr.Cliff. I loved this academy very very nice and helpful. Please do join this academy I will suggest you to join as soon as possible. I was so impressed by the professionalism and the dedication of our instructors led by Dr Cliff. Learnt so much and appreciated the choices of having online theory classes and the clinicals on the weekends. This gave me the opportunity to start and finish my CNA courses. The you Dr Cliff and your fellow instructors. The teaching was top-notch and the lecturers were not only knowledgeable but also very personable. Dr Cliff and the staff truly cared about the success of their students and were always available to provide extra help and support. The atmosphere of the school was professional and yet very family-like. It made for a comfortable

Address: Inside Supermarket, 1535 Landess Ave STE 103, Milpitas, CA 95035

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Bell HealthcareTraining School

CNA Classes California - Bell HealthcareTraining School

Amazing instructors and amazing staff! Mrs. Bell is such an amazing kind hearted person and she really cares about her students as well as the profession. Course load wasn’t too challenging, but for the parts that were, I was able to get one on one tutoring, instruction or feedback on any theory material or skills I didn’t understand. I even learned a lot more than just nursing during my time here… I was able to learn a lot about myself and a lot about others as well that really enforced my love of the profession even more. I was constantly motivated by the staff to reach above and beyond and be better than I was yesterday. I’m Active Duty Air Force and I was was able to work full time on base and attend classes in the afternoon and if something came up Mrs. Bell was very understanding and was willing to work with me. Highly recommended school for military and civilians who want to jump start their career in the medical field. If I could rate higher I would! 100/100 recommend. Great learning experience as a stepping stone to venture into the medical field. Flexible and excellent in accommodating to your specific schedule. The lecturers do a wonderful job in giving useful advice and preparing you for the state exam.

Address: 42402 10th St W f, Lancaster, CA 93534

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Serenity Nursing School, Inc

CNA Classes California - Serenity Nursing School, Inc

Serenity Nursing School is the best CNA school you will ever find! Miss Lorna is an awesome teacher who motivates students to learn the material and be confident in what they know. She knows her stuff and will push you to reach your potential, which shows how much she cares about her students. Her teaching methods will help you prepare for the exam, so when you perform your skills it will feel just like how you practiced. The smaller class size made it easier for everyone to learn and connect with each other. The class was a team and we all supported and helped each other achieve our goals. Miss Lorna is one of the most passionate and caring teachers you’ll ever have the chance of getting. She’ll make sure that you are prepared and give a little more. She’s patient and kind, she’s an amazing person overall. She cares about her students like no other teacher I’ve ever met before, she focuses on the correct teaching methods, and she’s very professional yet cares like she is family. She’s incredibly generous and warm-hearted and makes every minute of class so informational but also so enjoyable. She dedicates so much to her students and you can see how much she cares for all of us.

Address: 21111 Victory Blvd, Canoga Park, CA 91303

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Online CNA Class – CA Leadership And Continuing Education

CNA Classes California - Online CNA Class - CA Leadership And Continuing Education

What a beautiful people.. Dr.Cliff was the most kind, calm, and wonderful teacher who taught us with great knowledge. Supported us ..Also Marina Mam was very supporting wife of Dr.Cliff … I loved this academy very very nice and helpful. Please do join this academy I will suggest you to join as soon as possible …Best school. This CNA program was perfect 100/10. It is super flexible and the instructors are so caring and good at teaching you the material you need to learn to pass the test :)CAL ACE is an exceptional learning and or continuing learning facility. They are masters at Nursing Practices and very patient in overseeing the students who attend their school to ensure competency of all. Great welcoming staff to an amazing learning environment. Courses are delivered in a detail but easy way to understand. manner. I love the experience. As a mom and worker it isn’t very easy being a student but thanks to Dr Cliff and his wife for the support that makes me feel that I can do it and become a cna ! !!!!! This class helped me pass my CNA exam ! Dr. Cliff and Mrs. Marilynn are super nice and enthusiastic.

Address: Season’s Marketplace, 1535 Landess Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035

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Healthcare Academy of California

CNA Classes California - Healthcare Academy of California

I highly recommend the Healthcare Academy of California! The staff was very professional, dedicated, thorough, efficient and caring. Mike was an outstanding instructor and made sure every student was given ample opportunity to learn and apply themselves. Front office staff was very helpful in enrolling, paying tuition and following up with administrative assistance. Their efforts and instruction helped me achieve my NREMT certification on the first attempt. Chuck (EMT instructor) — thank you for your delicious breakfast burritos! Whoever takes either of these courses are very lucky to have either of these instructors! They’re truly the best. Thank you Healthcare Academy for having such a good environment and experience! By far the best school to go to in California for EMS! The instructors and the staff truly care about the students. If you want a program that will prepare you for the next step in your medical career, HAC is the best place to go. I recently completed the weekend CNA program with Healthcare Academy of California. Lauren was an amazing teacher! Through this course I have learned so much and I was fully prepared for the state exam. I can proudly call myself a Certified Nursing Assistant thanks to them. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a CNA!

Address: 410 S Melrose Dr Suite 205, Vista, CA 92081

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Los Angeles Skills Academy – NAT / CNA Nurse Assistant Training Santa Fe Springs

CNA Classes California - Los Angeles Skills Academy - NAT / CNA Nurse Assistant Training Santa Fe Springs

LA skills was a really good experience, Vanessa Was the best instructor. She was very patient and attentive always on top of everything and everyone making sure all of her students left her class that day understanding every single topic that was covered. She also made class a fun and memorable experience for the first time in all my school years I can genuinely say I enjoyed going to class every day. My instructor was Melinda Gray and she was the best always had the weekend feeling fun and ready to learn. Thankful to have had her as my instructor. This school you create new friends and gain skills and knowledge. Also big thank you to Anne the administrator !!! My experience at LA Skills Academy has been great. I took the 4 week day classes and my instructor Ms Vanessa did a great job covering all topics that will be on the state exam. The class is fun and engaging. All the instructors I’ve had were very helpful and supportive. I ended up passing the exam and it was pretty easy thanks to the staff and instructors at LASA. I would recommend this place for future CNAs. Ms. Vanessa was my instructor for this course. She was great. Vanessa taught the class with enthusiasm, with patience, and was very straight forward.

Address: 11627 Telegraph Rd Suite 101, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

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Bradford College of Nursing

CNA Classes California - Bradford College of Nursing

I absolutely love this place, they gave me so much confidence and support. The owner and skills teacher is one of the best people I could ever meet. Erica as a skills instructor made me feel excited for nursing and is the nicest person. The class is fun and very understanding. If you’re looking to get your career in the medical field started, go to this school! I went for my CNA and it was well worth it. The instructor was amazing and really cares about you. This place is amazing! It was a fun learning experience! Erica is an amazing instructor! I highly recommend Bradford College of Nursing for those who want to work in the medical field. …Very helpful. Edwin and Erika are nice people. Erika is very good with teaching and making sure everyone understands. Due to COVID-19 there is a huge delay in testing, I take my state exam next week. We were notified beforehand which was good to know. My group were not able to do clinical’s but we made sure we practiced and studied every chance we got. I really appreciate this school, I was super nervous but all of that left once I met them. I absolutely LOVE this school and everyone that is there.

Address: 9 S El Dorado St, Stockton, CA 95202

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St. Jude Nursing School

CNA Classes California - St. Jude Nursing School

Choosing St. Jude School of Nursing is one of the best decisions I have made to jump into the nursing field. The moment you walk into the office you are welcomed my Elizabeth & Mariela. They explain everything and I never felt any pressure to join the school. My instructor was Ms. Mara and she was freaking amazing. The way she taught the class it was so easy to learn. My classmates were amazing. We all meshed together so well. I loved my experience at St. Jude! They are very professional and friendly. Elizabeth from the office was always so helpful when I had questions and made the process super easy. Instructor Josie was amazing. She made the class fun while we learned and it was a pleasure having her as my instructor. Thank you St Jude! St jude has been an amazing school to both me and all of my peers. The bonds you make with each and everyone of your classmates, teachers, and staff is something unforgettable. Great teachers and great staff that make you feel very welcomed and help you in any way they can. My experience at st Jude nursing school has been great. I took the 5 weeks classes and my instructor Mr. Herrera did a great job covering all topics that will be on the state exam.

Address: 8200 Van Nuys Blvd suite a, Panorama City, CA 91402

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Valley School of Nursing

CNA Classes California - Valley School of Nursing

I really loved and enjoyed every minute of this class. It was 3 months long but very smooth pace and efficient. I PASSED with the help of my amazing teacher Richard Sarmiento who prepared my classmates and I for the test in every way possible. Definitely a 10 star class and I would recommend taking this class to anyone. This is a great school to get educated for all about nursing. The director and the teacher are so friendly and well educated. They understand everyone pretty well because they worked in the field of nursing before they become in charge of the school. The Staff here are AMAZING! Whether your there to take the CNA Class, HHA, CPR, etc… The staff and teacher here are awesome. Miss Mary is a wonderful teacher and whether you’re shy, loud, don’t speak/understand english, or like me struggle to learn… she taught the class in a way where it was enjoyable and engaging. I recently took their CNA program with Miss Mary, I absolutely loved the course. I did a 5 week program; it is fast but if you put your effort into it it’s honestly the best program. Miss Mary is a great teacher, she will show you everything in the book and all the skills to perfection.

Address: 17400 Vanowen St, Lake Balboa, CA 91406

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First Lady Permanente, LLC

CNA Classes California - First Lady Permanente, LLC

I highly recommend coming here for your BLS certification. The experience at this school was great! The instructors are really nice and patient with you, they’ll guide with whatever question or task you need completed. Recommending this school if you’re interest in phlebotomy! Great IV/BW program! Jo is an amazing instructor! She’s funny and makes the class interesting. I would definitely recommend taking this course with First Lady Permanente! Thorough class that I would recommend to anyone needing or wanting the IV/Blood withdrawal certification. Instructor Jo was great at creating a comfortable environment – with her sense of humor and nursing experience, it was a pleasure! Thanks First Lady Permanente! I took the BLS course with Megan H in preparation for my EMT program and it was phenomenal!! The class flew by and the material was presented in a way that made it very easy to learn and retain! I’m very excited for my EMT class to start! Megan was my teacher for my Basic Life Support class today. She was really nice and helpful with teaching our class!! The class was easy for me to signup and complete! Mr. Wagner is a great teacher. He is extremely helpful and cares about all of the students.

Address: 921 Geer Rd, Turlock, CA 95380

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Abrams College

CNA Classes California - Abrams College

I recently took the 6 week EMT program. Compared to other EMT programs it is more accelerated and fast paced. It can be a bit daunting but 100% worth it. The wonderful instructor Jessie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She cultivates a safe and comfortable learning environment for all of her students. Completed & passed the 6-week EMT course over this summer. Jessie is hands-down the best instructor & taught us more than just EMT curriculum. They truly want you to succeed & provide job placement assistance too! Great school to get your certification quickly! Jess was an amazing EMT Instructor and all the office staff were very helpful! Great team of professionals working with you, including the admin, and instructors. I would recommend this course to anybody who is thinking about getting into the medical field.

Address: 201 E Rumble Rd # E, Modesto, CA 95350

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Central Valley Medical

CNA Classes California - Central Valley Medical

Absolutely amazing place to further your education. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate all the staff here. The patience and the knowledge that is given to you every step of the way made my IV class just fly by. It’s one big family and they welcome you with open arms. I will definitely be returning to take on more courses and you should too! Whether near and far come here! Asap! You won’t regret it! Central Valley Medical is the place to go for BLS, ACLS, PALS courses. All the instructors are super passionate, informative, and make the environment fun. Kevin is so intelligent and funny, he’s the best! Love this place. I have been taking BLS/ACLS/PALS for 2.5 decades. I have a BSN, MPH, and a DNP. I have experienced many different educational systems. Central Valley Medical is hands down the best educators I have ever experienced. They are incredibly knowledgeable and have real life experiences to draw from and share. They also keep it fun. I highly recommend them. Took this course for residency and honestly if all the acls/bls certifications I’ve done this one was the best. Very engaging and informative with some great tops and tricks added.

Address: 2000 Schnoor Ave #102, Madera, CA 93637

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Western Medical Training Center

CNA Classes California - Western Medical Training Center

I took the weekday CNA course and it was great. My wife took their ecg ekg course and passed the NCCT LICENSE with a breeze. These guys are legit. I took the CNA course here at western medical. My instructor Mrs. Summer was the best hands down my favorite teacher. I took the weekend CNA class in April 2022, Ms. Terrie was my instructor. Having Ms. Terrie as a teacher definitely made put my mind at easy. I now work at a hospital as a CNA and everything that I learned I am doing. My teacher, Mrs. Summer, was really encouraging and her method of teaching helps you remember everything. Miss Summer is the BEST TEACHER I have ever had!!! I took the Medical Assistant program and had an amazing experience! Western medical training center is the best place to go for any of your medical training needs! Mrs. Summer is the best teacher. I took the 22 day course and it went by so fast! I did the weekday program at Western Medical and I had the best experience. My instructor Summer was amazing and not only made it easy to learn, but she truly cares for every student and their success. This place is truly a diamond in the rough.

Address: 1161 E Main St UNIT 205, El Cajon, CA 92021

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Critical Care Training Center

CNA Classes California - Critical Care Training Center

Highly recommend them. The staff were all very nice and helpful. The instructors for the courses were very knowledgeable. They were entertaining with their teaching and were open to all questions. They led hands on experiences that help to understand the material. I would 100% recommend this training center. The entire staff was very friendly and welcoming. Not only did I come out of the class learning a lot but I also had a lot of fun. The instructor, Sergio, was extremely educated and was extra patient with each and every one of us throughout the entire class. Thank you for a great experience! I took my ACLS, PALS and ECG/Pharmacology certification with Xavier this week and it was great! He was very interactive with our class and was very receptive to questions. Critical Care Training has competitive pricing and their customer service was great at helping us with the process of signing up and answering any questions we had about their classes. I highly recommend Critical Care Training! They are courteous, professional, and the instructors are awesome! Sergio was kind enough to stay after to answer my questions. The staff will accommodate you if you are unable to attend any class. They have lots of dates available for all courses, and will also call the day before to remind you.

Address: 6426 Bellingham Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91606

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Pacific Health Education Fresno CA

CNA Classes California - Pacific Health Education Fresno CA

I loved the teachers and the staff. Mr Anthony is the professor who will teach the class about everything you need to know. He spoon feeds you all the information you need so just PAY attention! Ms HALL is super sweet and they get back to you asap on their end for anything you need. I LOVED Ms. Nancy who is the owner of the business. She doesn’t play games though, don’t be late and study the book CNA Today! Edgar is super cool. For clinicals Ms Margaret was a sweetheart and very informative! PHEwas super fast paced and easy breezy. Thank you guys I appreciate every one of you Thank Ms. Hackett and Pacific Health Education for helping me get into the health field and furthering my education. This was a life changing experience for me. I’ve learned so much in so little time. I started working full time two weeks after graduation , and I love my job. I encourage anyone who is interested in furthering their education in the health field to start with Pacific Health Education., where your life will change forever in as little as 30 days. Thanks again Pacific Health Education! I absolutely love the school.

Address: 5108 E Clinton Way Suite#115, Fresno, CA 93727

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Medical Career College

CNA Classes California - Medical Career College

Terrible place. They don’t even refund your down payment when you cancel that is supposed to just save your spot in a class. Don’t pay right away when you’re signing everything. You’re better off waiting so you can save your money. Their class credits aren’t transferable either so if you want a higher education with your certificate or degree, you won’t get it with this college. I took my CNA program here and had an amazing experience. So I waited for them to started LVN program and I took my LVN class here too. I’m so glad that I made the best decision to took both program here. The staff is amazing and super helpful. They want you to succeed and will do whatever they can help you get there. Dr. Marilyn, Mr. Dell are very nice & very friendly! I recommend this school to anyone who wants to go back school for medical field! I went here for MA and it was a great experience you learn so much! All the doctors are well educated and supporting as well as Mr. Dell (front desk) had a positive attitude. MCC offers an amazing CNA program!

Address: 41300 Christy St, Fremont, CA 94538

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McKallen Medical Training Center

CNA Classes California - McKallen Medical Training Center

I had the best experience furthering my medical training at McKallen Medical Training Center. The staff was awesome and very approachable. They took their time with me so I could possess the medical knowledge and skills that I needed to fulfill my desire to become a certified nurse assistant. Thank you, I couldn’t have accomplished my goal without your training and support. McKallen Medical Training Center is the best. I took the CNA course and found the program to be wonderful! They really prepare you for passing the state exam. All of the instructors are extremely knowledgeable! I really loved the program it was very beneficial the teachers were really amazing and helpful thank you so much for helping me get my foot in the door to success. I took my state test and passed on the first try thanks to their learning experience really hands-on I would recommend it 10/10. Sade and Roxanne were amazing and taught me everything I needed to know to be successful! Best Nursing Assistant Program! Sade is the most helpful. If you are looking for a good nursing assistant program please take the course here!! My experience at McKallen was great. Jackie and Sade helped out a lot they really believe in their students.

Address: 9253 Hermosa Ave suite b, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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