Online CNA Classes in Georgia

Online CNA Classes in Georgia

You may have always dreamt about working in the field of medicine in one capacity or another. Balancing education and training can seem impossible to many of them as there seems to be a lack of time.

Yet, distinct roles are available in the market of the medical field that is less intensive, requiring a shorter amount of time to complete.

For instance, have you considered working as a certified nursing assistant, or CNA?

CNA programs, on the whole, are seriously short in duration. And the best part is you can quickly become a CNA in Georgia. One more motivating factor in becoming a CNA, especially in the state of Georgia, is that Colleges across the state conduct specialized workforce development programs, which include healthcare (CNA training). A lot of schools and colleges, like organizations, are offering free training programs to students aspiring to become CNAs. The Federal Workforce Development Act has been the cause behind this free training being offered in Schools/Colleges.

What is the salary of a CNA in Georgia?

The surprising factor in becoming a CNA in Georgia is the salary. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a CNA gets $12.44 per hour on average. The annual salary ranges from $24,800 to $25,870 on average.

Online CNA Classes in Georgia

So, as stated, CNA certification is not a pre-requisite to work as a CNA in the state of Georgia. 

Nevertheless, with certification comes more opportunity, and thus more income potential. In simple terms, if it’s possible for you to be a CNA – you must give it a shot, as it will certainly prove beneficial over the mid- to long-term.

What’s more interesting is the fact that the Georgia Department of Community Health merely requires 80+ hours of CNA training in an approved facility in order to get certified as a nursing aide. The training involves undergoing a combination of clinical instruction as well as lectures. 

Once your training is complete, it’s time for you to apply for Pearson Vue’s CNA certification. Again, there are two parts involved here: practical skills and written comprehension. You must make sure that the online cna classes are specific to Georgia.

Certified Nursing Assistant Georgia    

As soon as you clear your CNA exam, your certification is confirmed – congratulations! You do, however, need to apply for the certificate, after which, your name will be added to Georgia’s Nurse Aide Registry.

The process is simple:

  • Visit Department of Community Health website
  • Click on the “Nurse Aide/Medication Aide” option
  • Click “Certification Card Request Form”
  • Complete the form and click “Submit”

Nothing difficult about that, is there?