Nursing Shortage and What it Means for You

You may be surprised after you complete your CNA training to find out that there is a nursing shortage in many places around the world. These shortages often occur in rural areas, but sometimes it can become an issue in big cities as well. In recent years, while nursing is still certainly a popular topic, the pay has not been as good as other jobs. In many jurisdictions, nurses and hospital staff have gone on strikes to get better wages. If you are located in one of those areas it could be tough getting a job as hospitals cannot hire staff to replace striking workers.

However, if you broaden your horizons then you could certainly find a nursing shortage somewhere and fill in that niche and you may even be able to secure certain government grants to help you get set up in your new residence.  Check hospitals and care homes in your area first  If you look carefully around the area where you live, you may find that there is a nursing shortage in a particular care home or hospital. It is unlikely that your main general hospital will have this issue, but try some of the smaller hospitals or retirement homes. If there is a particular care institution that you would like to work in, but they don’t currently have a nursing shortage, then you might like to volunteer as that could give you a foot in the door for the next time a position comes up.  Further afield  Going further afield, contact your state health department careers office or even another state’s career office to see if you can land a nursing job elsewhere. You do not have to go as far as Alaska (although there is a pretty big nursing shortage there and this is something you might like to consider if you are brave enough) as there are likely to be rural areas in your own state where nurses are greatly needed.

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