The Nurse Aide Registry is a record of verified nursing assistants who are well-trained and have passed a criminal background check for employment. Every state in the US documents and maintains this register as per its rules and regulations. So, the record regulated by the Tennessee Department of Health is known as the Nurse Aide Registry Tennessee.

Nurse Aide Registry Tennessee

The state government of Tennessee formulated this register to ensure that those working as nursing assistants are qualified and do not indulge in criminal activities. It is a way for the government to track that all nurses working in the state follow standardized regulations related to their profession.

So, if you aspire to become a certified nursing assistant who can do medical practice in Tennessee, enrolling in the Nurse Aide Registry Tennessee is imperative. Here is everything you need to know about this register.

What is the Nurse Aide Registry in Tennessee?

The Nurse Aide Registry Tennessee is a comprehensive database of trained and certified nursing assistants in Tennessee. This US state’s Department of Health and Human Services maintains the register.

It typically includes information about the individuals’ education, training, work experience, and whether they have passed or failed a criminal background check. Hence, employers browse through it to verify that their prospective nurse aides are appropriately trained and have active licenses to perform their job roles.

This register also records any recent derogatories or abuse-related complaints of the nurse aide in their professional career. Thus, it verifies whether the nurse is safe and reliable for patients. Also, the registry ensures that only those who meet specific minimum education and training standards get employment as nurse aides in Tennessee for effective healthcare services.

All certified nurse aides working in a healthcare facility in Tennessee, including hospitals, nursing homes, and home healthcare agencies, must register themselves in this state record. It will help them retain their job and continue with their medical practice.

Tennessee Nursing Assistant Registry Process

It is pretty easy to become a registered nurse assistant in Tennessee. The step-by-step guide for registering and verifying your information on the Nurse Aide Registry Tennessee is as follows.

Step 1: Enroll in an Approved Training Program

Before working as a nursing assistant in Tennessee, you must first enroll in an approved training program. Nurse aide programs approved by the Department of Health impart the necessary knowledge and skills to become a reliable nursing assistant.

You can find multiple training options. Online portals, community colleges, and some nursing homes offer competent nurse aide programs. However, the course must cover 75 hours of clinical training and classroom instructions, including infection control and safety procedures.

Step 2: Pass the State-Approved Test

To become a nurse aide in Tennessee, you must pass the state-approved test within 2 years of completing your training program. The Tennessee Board of Nursing conducts the test based on content from the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAP). This examination has 2 parts – written or oral evaluation and skill test. If you want to get the license, you must pass both.

If you pursue an RN or LPN program, you can challenge this state exam. But you must provide adequate proof of your technical education and fundamental nurse aide skills acquired through supervised practical training.

Once you pass the test, you must apply for registration with the Tennessee Board of Nursing. The application process for Tennessee nursing assistants is very straightforward. However, you’ll have to pay a minimum charge with the application form. Finally, you’ll get your nurse aide license number in Tennessee.

Students qualifying for the exam after completing the training will automatically get enrollment to the Nurse Aide Registry Tennessee.

Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry Renewal

The Tennessee nurse aide registry renewal is an integral part of keeping your license in good standing. Registered nursing assistants must renew their certifications every 24 months. However, if you are a nurse aide providing private duty services, you need not renew your certification every 2 years.

The renewal process is similar to the initial registration process. You must complete the application form and submit it with a nominal fee. Alongside, you’ll have to provide evidence that you’ve worked for a minimum of 8 hours in the last 2 years in a licensed healthcare facility.

If you have not moved or changed your address, you can complete this process online. But if you have lately changed your residing address, you will have to submit a paper-based renewal application instead. You can find all the necessary forms on the Tennessee Board of Nursing website.

Once you submit your application and the required documents, you will have access to your TN Nurse Aide Registry account. Here you can manage all your details and view any changes made over time.

A nurse aide who fails to renew their certification within 2 years or didn’t work during this time frame will be removed from the Tennessee nurse aide registry. They will have to again opt for a new nurse aide program and pass the state-approved examination for re-certification.


As healthcare continues to evolve, you can expect the roles of nurse aides to change as well. With advances in medical technology, these professionals will have a more vital role than ever.

Thus, it is essential to ensure that they are well-trained, fully aware of the dangers they may face, and prepared for these situations. Tennessee nurse aide registry is one way to ensure this. It is proof of your training, certification, and professional deeds to work as a nurse aide in Tennessee.