The Nurse Aide Registry in North Carolina examines all primary duties of nursing aides in the state (also known as the NC CNA Registry). The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services regulates CNA certification and training in the state. And the registry administers all the training programs offered throughout North Carolina.

NC Registry CNA

Aspirants can enrol in any state-approved training program and apply for the certification exam to become qualified CNAs. However, it is crucial to lookup for your CNA license enlisted in the nurse aide registry of North Carolina, as it is a prerequisite in the state to get work. Your potential employer finds out about your current nursing aide status using the respective license number.

Hence, read on to learn how to look up CNA registry licenses and the essential things you must keep in mind.

How to Register in the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry?

As per the Department of Health and Human Services in North Carolina, all prospective CNAs must complete at least 75 hours of training. Also, candidates must pass both parts of the Pearson Vue CNA competence evaluation test.

Thus, only if you receive the qualifying marks will you be certified and listed as a licensed nursing assistant in the NC CNA registry. However, to enlist on the registry, you must complete and submit a written form to the NC Department of Health & Human Services – Division of Health Service Regulation.

The student must apply for the form after graduating from a state-approved program for certified nursing assistants before taking the CNA certification exam. The North Carolina CNA registry will enlist those CNA candidates who complete the certification exam within 4 days of applying for it. In North Carolina, you must update your CNA credentials every 2 years.

North Carolina CNA Registry License Lookup – Overview

NC CNA Registry

The authorities will give you the North Carolina CNA license number once you have completed a CNA program, passed the certification test, and signed up with the state’s nursing aide registry. Your ability to find a job in North Carolina is possible through this license number. It serves as your formal certification as a CNA in the state.

The Health Care Personnel, Registry verification page of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is where you can verify a CNA license. However, one must know the person’s initial and last name and their social security number’s final 4 digits to retrieve the needful information. They can check the status of 4 people at a time. Also, they can add a second email address here if they want to be notified about the changes in the respective candidate’s registration status in the upcoming 12 months.

Besides, if you need help remembering your CNA license number, check your certification status and retrieve it by looking up the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry. All you need to enter in the registry is your name or certification number. Then, you will easily find out through the search query if your license and certification are still active.

Besides, detailed information about a CNA’s license number, certification status, expiration date, and any violations or notes related to their certification that would prevent them from working as CNAs in North Carolina are included on the search result page.

Winding Up

As a CNA, you must always have your license number while applying. But unfortunately, many often lose or forget their CNA certificates or license numbers. This, in turn, can cause a problem when applying for new jobs. It is also required when you need to renew your nursing aide certification.

Your license number is necessary for work and, thus, must always be accessible. So, if you have misplaced or lost it, use the Health Care Personnel Registry verification page of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, as stated above, and locate your CNA license number effectively.