CNAs in Massachusetts must complete a specified nursing program and obtain licensure to practice in the state. The Nurse Aide Registry Program of the Massachusetts Government establishes the rules for CNA education and certification in the state. According to the Program, you must enroll in and finish a state-approved CNA educational program to become a CNA in Massachusetts.

You can take the nursing aide certification evaluation test once you have met this prerequisite. Once you pass the two-part test, you will receive your CNA certification. Read this article to learn how to look up CNA licensure in Massachusetts.

How to Get CNA Certification in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services oversees CNA education and certification in the state of Massachusetts. The task of assessing training and competency evaluation programs falls under the authority of the Nurse Aide Registration Program.

A nursing assistant must enroll in and finish a state-approved training program, obtain the required written and skills scores on the nurse aide competence exam, and be listed on the registry to be considered for employment.

CNA Certification Through Training

The state has authorized a 75-hour program of classroom and clinical teaching for nursing assistants to become CNAs. An application for the Nursing Aide Competency Assessment Program must be completed by a nurse assistant in Massachusetts by paying a charge associated with it. The applicant will have their name added to the registry after passing both of the competency evaluation’s two exams.

You must apply to arrange a test if you have finished a recognized training course and want to become certified. You have to visit D&S Diversified Technologies to book your exam or to receive an application for the Nurse Aide Competence Assessment Program.

A notification email to complete test registration will be sent to students whose training program has registered them through D&S. The knowledge test’s knowledge section can be taken up to four times. The test’s clinical component may be taken a maximum of three times.

CNA Certification Through Waiver

The state of Massachusetts offers certain waiver possibilities for candidates who can vouch that they fulfill the certification standards mentioned at 105 CMR 156.100. The American Red Cross website has an application for examination that candidates must use to acquire a Nurse Aide Training Waiver.

On the Massachusetts Nurse Aide section of the D&S website, you may also find the application to seek a Nurse Aide Training Waiver to take the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Competency Assessment.

How to Check Your CNA License Number in Massachusetts?

A nursing assistant must be listed in the Massachusetts CNA Registry to practice as a CNA in that state. You may visit the Massachusetts Health Professions Licence Verification website to check the validity of your CNA certification in Massachusetts.

If you recently took the competence exam, keep in mind that you must wait at least three weeks before receiving your test results and having your name added to the registry. To search for the license number, you need to enter the person’s name and other important details, such as the city and zip code, if you don’t wish to search by license number.

How to Renew a Nursing License in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, nurse assistants are required to renew their qualifications every two years. Nurse assistants on the register get renewal applications from the American Red Cross two months before their certification expires. Applicants must get in touch with the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Testing Office for details on the renewal procedure within the renewal period.

The candidate must have accrued working as a compensated CNA for a minimum of 8 hours during the course of their two-year registry term to qualify for renewal certification. The final date of employment is used to determine the two-year renewal period.

The form must be completed by your employer. You can download the form here. You are required to mail the completed form to the American Red Cross to receive your renewed license.

The Massachusetts CNA registry states that to restore their license; nursing assistants must retake the competence exam if they haven’t worked for at least 8 paid hours in the previous 24-month renewal cycle. Nursing assistants who have neglected to renew their certifications following a lengthy gap must also take the competency exam again.

How to Get Licensure in Massachusetts for Out-of-State CNAs?

CNAs from other states are eligible for reciprocity to work in the state of Massachusetts. A valid certification from another state that is currently active and in good standing is one of the eligibility conditions for CNAs from other states. Furthermore, CNAs from other states who use reciprocity to become certified in Massachusetts must never have done so before.

The website of the American Red Cross contains further details regarding the reciprocity procedure and requirements. Within 30 days after the completion of the verification from the nurse aide registry of the other state, you need to submit the completed application to the Massachusetts Reciprocity Program. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: The nurse assistant completes the current registration and applicant information.

Step 2: Application for certification is submitted by the nurse aide to the state registry.

Step 3: Confirmation of State Registry part is finished by Current State Registry.

Step 4: An assistant who is in good standing receives the application from the current state registry and delivers it together with the completed form to the MA Reciprocity Program to ARC/Massachusetts Nurse Aide Program.

Step 5: Direct applications of candidates who are not in good standing are sent from the existing State Registry to the MA Reciprocity Program.

After 15 days of receiving your completed application, the American Red Cross will send you a Massachusetts Certificate and Wallet Card.

Winding Up

The Nurse Aide Registration Program is in charge of maintaining the registration and overseeing the Massachusetts state competency assessment. The Massachusetts Agency of Health and Human Services website allows users to search for CNA licenses and check their status. It takes at least three weeks to get your test results and have your name show up on the website for license verification.