With the use of the Kansas nurse aide registry, all the data about nursing assistants may be found in one place. This contains both a list of everyone who is authorized to practice and the qualifications that have been attained in terms of training. Other states and companies may easily check a license’s status thanks to this unified location.

Kansas Nurse Aide Registry

A student must first finish and pass a state-approved CNA training program to get their name on the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry. You will spend a portion of your time in the classroom and a portion in clinical training. Check out the in-depth details of getting into the Kansas nurse aide registry in the following sections.

How Can You Get Your Name on the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry?

A list of every nursing assistant who satisfies the conditions to exercise such title in the state of Kansas is contained in the nurse aide register. In addition to ensuring the public’s safety, it serves to confirm their job credentials.

People who have not undergone training or certification as nursing assistants may nonetheless look for employment as one and carry out identical activities. However, they lack the same specialized training and would not be included on their state’s register.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has authorized the nursing assistant education courses that make you eligible to take the certification test in that state. You cannot become a CNA unless you enroll in a program that satisfies all of the department’s standards. The minimum length of a course you must complete to gain eligibility for the CNA test is 90 hours.

You can access the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry online to check your CNA status. Moreover, Kansas facilities, such as Adult Care Homes, Home Health Agencies, Hospitals, or Staffing Agencies, can also check your credentials through the website before employing you.

What are the Certification Requirements for Kansas Nurse Aide Registry?

There are several routes for obtaining nursing aide certification. Depending on their prior medical training, certain people are eligible. People who do have the necessary healthcare training must enroll in programs for nursing assistants that have been given the green light. Across the state of Kansas, particularly in Kansas City and Wichita, aspiring CNAs may access authorized training programs.

Programs for training in Kansas follow a state curriculum that lasts at least 90 hours, including two sections of classroom and clinical training. Patient safety, infection control procedures, ethical issues, and fundamental medical theories have all been taught to nursing assistants who have achieved certification.

Each component of the program’s training will include at least 50% clinical teaching. It may occur in a classroom simulation lab, an adult care facility, a hospital, or a long-term care unit. To be evaluated by a registered nurse, a student must execute a predetermined set of competencies. A candidate could be referred to as a Nurse Aide Trainee II after completing the first phase of the program.

Things You Need to Know About Kansas CNA Exam

Kansas Nurse Aide Registry: CNA Exam
Female nurse doing blood pressure measurement of a senior woman patient. Doctor checking blood pressure of an elderly woman at old age home.

Following program completion, candidates must ace the Kansas Nurse Aide Test, which will have a multiple-choice format. You must acquire a minimum of 75% in the exam to qualify nurse aide registry. A computer-delivered format for the exam has lately been adopted.

Those who have completed recognized programs are eligible to take the test up to three times without having to retrain. Attempts have to be made within a year of the course’s commencement date. However, only one attempt is permitted for those who are permitted to challenge the exam. They will have to enroll in programs that have been authorized if they fail.

Cities around the state have centers for the conduction of the test. If the test-taker works for a nursing home that accepts Medicare or Medicaid, the related price will be covered by the facility.

Information for Out-of-State CNAs in Kansas

A CNA from another state may often anticipate taking the Kansas exam. A certified CNA from another state may be credentialed in Kansas without further testing by Kansas Administrative Regulations.

However, they must provide proof that they have passed an equivalent test or had a comparable education. Moreover, the Kansas Nurse Aide Test can be taken without enrolling in a training course by a CNA who is currently listed as active on another state’s registry.

Transfer of CNA Certification through Reciprocity to Kansas

You can request to have your nursing assistant certification transferred to Kansas if you presently possess an active certification from another state. Kansas allows reciprocity with select states for nursing assistant certification. This implies that you can obtain your nursing assistant certification in Kansas since they will recognize the certification from another state.

However, the testing requirements are not exempted by the state of Kansas. To transfer your license, you must pass the CNA certification test with a minimum score of 75%. Not all states transfer certification to the state of Kansas. If you want to find out if Kansas provides certification through reciprocity from the state where you received your certification, you may get in touch with the Department for Aging and Disability Services.

If you are making an application to transfer your certification from another state, fill out all forms completely and provide any supporting documentation that may be needed.

Renewal of CNA Certification in Kansas

The renewal period for your nursing assistant certification is once every two years. You can accomplish this by filling out the renewal paperwork you will get before the expiration of your license. To correctly renew your license, the paperwork must be submitted on time.

A minimum of 8 hours must have been spent working for compensation as a licensed nursing assistant or in a related profession within the previous twenty-four months. The classification changes from active to inactive if a person doesn’t work as a nursing aide throughout the course of 24 months.

Forms will be provided to you a few weeks before your certification has to be renewed. The paperwork’s deadline is 30 days preceding your certification expiration date. The purpose of this is to provide the Department enough time to evaluate your renewal documentation before the expiration date of your certification.

Can You Transfer CNA Credentials from Another State to Kansas?

Credentials can be easily transferred across states when there is a nursing aide registry in place. A state may keep track of the standing of a nursing assistant’s license in another state and report any changes. It only requires a small amount of documentation to transfer a license to another state if it is current and has no adverse marks on it.

To get qualified, you must complete both the state test and a nursing assistant program that has received state authorization. To work as a nursing assistant in Kansas and be on the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry, this is a requirement.

Nurse assistants get training from the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, Survey, Certification, and Credentialing Commission to become state-certified. The KDAD also sees to it that certified nursing aides are registered on the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry.

How to Get Active Status Back if CNA is Not Employed and Inactive?

If a nurse assistant is not employed and their status is inactive, they will have to get their credentials back to work again. To regain active status, the assistant must either go through a task checklist with a qualified nurse or attend a refresher course.

A list of websites offering refresher courses has been published by the Department for Aging and Disability Services. An inactive CNA must complete the checklist in a lab environment at a school, a hospital, or a long-term care institution. It might not, however, be carried out by a home health organization.

In addition, a Nurse Aide may enroll in a two-day refresher course at a community college, or an RN may deliver a checklist at a long-term care home or hospital.

The checklist comprises 18 competencies to assess if the assistant’s abilities are sufficient. For the form, the RN must call HOC at 785-296-6877. The form is not emailed to the assistant, and when it is completed, the assistant is not given a copy of the checklist.

What Are the Requirements To Become Certified In The State Of Kansas?

In the state of Kansas, there are several ways to meet the requirements to register as a nurse’s assistant.

You have completed a 100-hour training course that was approved by the state of Kansas.

You were successful in passing the written and skill sections of the Kansas nursing aide competence evaluation.

The Kansas State Nurse Aide Registry shows that your status as a CNA is current.

What Are the Steps to Transfer Your CNA License to Kansas from Another State?

The steps you will have to follow to transfer your CNA license to Kansas from another state are mentioned below in detail.

Step 1

You need to fill out an Interstate application form which you can find on the official website of the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Service (KDADS). You also click here to get directly to the page: http://www.kdads.ks.gov/HOC/Cert_Nurse_Aide/CNA_Interstate_form.pdf

Step 2

You need to submit essential documents such as a copy of your driver’s license and social security card. You must also pay a non-refundable fee of $20.

Step 3

Once you complete filling out the form and attaching the required documents, you will have to send it to the Health Occupations Credentialing department of KDADS.

Step 4

After a stipulated time, they will mail you an Approval to Test letter. It will have all the details regarding the date and time of the CNA examination. At the time of examination, you produce two forms of identification.

Step 5

If you get a score of 75% or higher, you will receive your Nurse Aide Certificate within 3 to 4 weeks after the exam.

If you want to learn your test scores, you send a letter requesting the same to the Health Occupations Credentialing department of KDADS.

Winding Up

Kansas Nurse Aide Registry requires you to have authorized training to get the licensure and practice as a CNA in Kansas. There are CNA training programs available in community colleges and technical schools, as well as some hospitals and nursing homes.