A nurse aide registry is a database that contains information about individuals who have completed a state-approved training program and passed a competency evaluation to become a nurse aide. The purpose of a nurse aide registry is to provide a centralized, accessible resource for employers, regulatory agencies, and the public to verify the nurse aides’ credentials and certification status.

Georgia Nurse Aide Registry
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The Georgia Nurse Aide Registry is an essential resource for nurse aides and employers in Georgia. In Georgia, the Georgia Medical Care Foundation (GMCF) is responsible for maintaining the nurse aide registry. Here’s everything you need to know about the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry.

Georgia Nurse Aide Registry Process

Becoming a nursing assistant in Georgia requires completing the necessary education and training, passing a certification exam, and registering with the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry (GNAR). Here is the step-by-step process for it.

Step 1: Complete a Georgia-Approved Nursing Assistant Training Program

The first step in the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry process is completing a nursing assistant training program approved by the Department of Community Health (DCH). Generally, these programs can take between a few weeks and several months to complete. Vocational schools, community colleges, and hospitals offer them.

During the program, students will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to work as nursing assistants. It includes providing primary patient care, communicating effectively with patients and healthcare professionals, and following proper infection control protocols.

Step 2: Pass the Georgia Nursing Assistant Certification Exam

The next step is passing the Georgia Nursing Assistant Certification Exam after completing an approved nursing assistant training program. DCH administers this exam in two parts: a written portion and a skills demonstration. You will have to answer 70 multiple-choice questions about nursing assistant concepts and procedures during the written exam. The skills demonstration portion requires you to demonstrate your ability to perform five nursing assistant skills correctly.

To be eligible for the certification exam, you must have completed a Georgia-approved nursing assistant training program and be 18. You must also have a high school diploma or equivalent and be able to pass a background check

Step 3: Register with the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry

Once you have passed the certification exam, the final step is registering with the GNAR. You must submit a completed application form, a copy of your nursing assistant certification, and other required documents. You will also need to pay a fee to cover registering with the GNAR.

Upon processing your application, you will receive your nursing assistant certification card. This card will prove your certification and allow you to work as a nursing assistant in Georgia.

Benefits of Enlisting on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry

Enrolling in the GNAR has many benefits for CNAs. So, let’s explore some perks of enlisting on the GNAR below.

1. Improved Employment Opportunities

One of the main benefits of being listed on the GNAR is that it can improve your employment opportunities as a CNA. Many healthcare facilities in Georgia, including hospitals, nursing homes, and home healthcare agencies, require their CNAs to have enrollment on the GNAR. The registry can boost your chances of getting hired as a CNA by making you more competitive in the job market.

2. Increased Job Security

Another benefit of being listed on the GNAR is improved job security. When you get listed on the GNAR, it demonstrates to your employer that you have met the necessary education and training requirements to work as a CNA in Georgia. It can make you a more valuable employee and can help to increase your job security.

3. Ability to Work in a Variety of Healthcare Settings

Being listed on the GNAR also allows you to work in various healthcare settings in Georgia. As a CNA, you can work in hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare agencies, and other healthcare facilities. Enlisting in the GNAR can make it easier for you to transfer between these different types of settings.

4. Professional Recognition

GNAR enlistment can also provide professional recognition and validation of your skills and knowledge as a CNA. It demonstrates that you have the necessary education and training to work as a CNA. Also, it highlights that you have passed a certification exam to get the practice license.

Georgia Nurse Aide Registry Renewal Process

Georgia CNA Registry
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As a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in Georgia, it is essential to maintain your active status on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry (GNAR) to remain licensed. The GNAR renewal process ensures that CNAs in Georgia are current in their education, training, and skills and meet the standards the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) sets.

Here’s the step-by-step process for renewing your CNA certification on the GNAR.

Step 1: Determine Your Renewal Eligibility

The first step in the GNAR renewal process is determining your eligibility to renew. To be eligible for renewal, you must be a CNA in good standing with the GNAR, which means that you shouldn’t have your certification suspended or revoked by the DCH.

It would help if you also are currently employed as a CNA in Georgia or have completed the required continuing education hours within the past two years.

Step 2: Complete the Required Continuing Education

If you have not been employed as a CNA in Georgia within the past two years, you will need to complete the required continuing education (CE) hours to renew your certification. The DCH requires CNAs in Georgia to complete 12 hours of CE every two years to maintain their active status on the GNAR. Online courses, in-person classes, and on-the-job training can help one achieve these hours.

Step 3: Submit the Renewal Application

The next step is to submit a renewal application to GNAR after you have compiled the required CE hours and determined you are eligible to renew. You can complete this application online or by submitting a paper form. However, you must provide the necessary information about your employment history and CE hours. You will also need to pay a renewal fee to complete the process.

Step 4: Wait for Approval

After submitting your renewal application, you will need to wait for the GNAR to process your request and approve your renewal. This process can take several weeks, so planning and submitting your renewal application well before your certification expiration date is essential.

Step 5: Update Your Certification Card

After approval of your renewal, you will receive a new certification card. This card will reflect your updated certification expiration date and allow you to continue working as a CNA in Georgia. It is essential to keep this card with you at all times when working as a CNA to prove your certification status.


With advances in medical technology and an aging population, the demand for qualified nurse aides will likely increase in Georgia. Nurse aides provide hands-on patient care and assist with tasks like taking vital signs, administering medications, and assisting with daily activities. So nurse aides need to maintain their certification and stay up-to-date on their training to serve Georgia’s patients effectively.