The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) is in charge of maintaining the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registration, often known as the Connecticut CNA Registry. To create and manage the nurse’s aide register and conduct the Connecticut nurse aide competence exam, the Connecticut Department of Public Health has contracted with Prometric.

Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry

Nursing homes, technical institutions, hospitals, high schools, rehabilitation facilities, adult education programs, and other establishments are just a few examples of the many organizations that operate recognized nurse aide training programs. Read on to find out all about the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry!

How to Get Certified as A Nurse in Connecticut?

If you wish to get certified as a nurse in Connecticut, you must have completed a state-approved nursing aide training course and enroll in a state-approved training course within 24 months after passing the course. In addition, you need to recertify every two years to maintain your nurse status for employment.

A person must be listed on the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry if they intend to practice as a Certified Nursing Aide in the state of Connecticut. The steps to becoming a Certified Nursing Aide are as follows:

  • You must complete a nursing assistant training course that has been given the state of Connecticut’s approval. The length of a nurse aide training program must be at least 100 hours, and it must be overseen by a trained registered nurse with at least two years of nursing experience.
  • After the completion of the program, fill out a Prometric application for examination form and pay a $118 fee associated with it. You need to take and pass the Prometric written and practical competence tests to get your nursing credentials and licensure.

The exam is divided into a written portion and a skills evaluation. To be named on the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry, candidates must complete both tests. There are 60 questions in total in the written portion, which you have to finish in 90 minutes.

The state-approved test strategy for Connecticut is the basis for the written exam topics. To complete the written test, you must receive a grade of at least 72%. Depending on the skills allocated, there will be a 31 to 40-minute time limit for completing five randomly chosen nurse assistant skills during the skills assessment.

How to Apply for Nurse Aide Registry in Connecticut?

You need to register on the Prometric website to take the exam and apply for the Connecticut nursing aide registration to be placed in the registry. You may also use the paper application instead. If taking the exam at a local location, complete the application and return it to Prometric Connecticut Nursing Assistant Testing Program along with documentation of the requirements.

There are several routes to apply for the nurse aide registry.

New Nurse Aide Applicants

If a candidate completes a nurse’s aide training program that has been authorized by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) and passes the Connecticut nurse’s aide test, they may be eligible for nurse’s aide registration.

To get listed on the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry, prospective nurse assistants must effectively finish and pass both the written and practical portions of the Prometric Connecticut CNA test.

By finishing the online application and sending it to Prometric, nurse’s assistant applicants can sign up to take the Connecticut CNA test. Candidate nurse’s aides have 24 months from the start of their training to pass the CT nurse’s aide test. An applicant may take the test as many times as they’d like during the 24-month window.

LN or Student Nurse

To be eligible for nurse aide registration in Connecticut, a candidate must have completed at least 100 hours of theory and clinical instruction in a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse program within 24 months of the application deadline or hold a valid RN or LPN license in one of the 50 US states or US territories.

To be listed on the Connecticut Nurse’s Aide Registry, LN or student nurse candidates must effectively finish and pass both the written and practical portions of the Prometric Connecticut CNA test.

Received CNA Training Out-of-State

If, within the previous 24 months, you successfully finished a nurse’s aide training program in another state that was approved by the state and included at least 100 hours of classroom and clinical teaching, but you haven’t yet passed the nurse’s aide test in that state, you need to take the Connecticut nurse’s assistant proficiency test and pass it before you can work. Prometric is responsible for giving the test.

You must fill out an application that is submitted to Prometric with payment online or on paper. Nurse assistants who already have current credentials in another state and are in good standing may get licenses via reciprocity in Connecticut.

How to Renew Connecticut Nurse Aide License?

In Connecticut, CNAs must recertify every 24 months, as is required in the majority of states. The date of your most recent job is used to determine the new expiration date. The completion of an 8-hour paid shift delivering nursing care or direct personal care services during the previous 24 months is a requirement for eligibility for certification renewal.

Renewal of a nurse aide license in Connecticut is free of charge. Nurse assistants who fulfill the eligibility requirements but do not submit the employment verification form within 24 months of receiving their most recent certification must also complete the same requirements as a renewal candidate.

A licensee must either maintain their license up to date or let it expire for lack of renewal, as there is no such thing as an inactive license. If a licensee wants to reactivate a license after it has expired due to non-renewal, they must submit and satisfy the criteria for reinstatement unique to their occupation.

All licenses granted by the PLIS have a grace period of 90 days after expiry, during which the holder may continue to practice and reapply for the license by Section 19a-88(e)(4)f of the Connecticut General Statutes. The license expires after 91 days, at which point the holder must apply for renewal.

Winding Up

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