Objective: To safely remove disposable gloves without skin contact and to avoid potential contamination.


  • Grasping the Glove: With one hand, grasp the opposite hand’s glove at the wrist. Avoid direct contact with your bare skin.
  • First Glove Removal: Pull and peel the glove away from your hand, inverting it (turning it inside out).
  • Holding the Removed Glove: Hold the removed, inside-out glove with your still gloved hand.
  • Second Glove Removal: With the ungloved hand’s fingers, insert into the remaining gloved hand at the wrist.
  • Peeling off the Second Glove: Peel the second glove away from your hand, again turning it inside out. This should encapsulate the first glove within the second.
  • Disposal of Gloves: Dispose the gloves in a designated trash bin. Reusing gloves is not advised.
  • Hand Hygiene Post-Removal: Immediately after removing and disposing of the gloves, thoroughly clean your hands using soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Always remember: The key objective is to prevent any skin contact with the outer surface of the gloves which could be contaminated.