Objective: To accurately measure a patient’s weight in a respectful, safe, and confidential manner.

Required Supplies:

  • Scale
  • Recording Sheet
  • Chair


  • Hand Hygiene: Start by washing your hands thoroughly.
  • Privacy Provision: Ensure the patient’s privacy by closing the surrounding curtain.
  • Patient Condition Assessment: Ask the patient about their current condition, specifically if they’re feeling dizzy. If so, allow them to rest and offer them a glass of water. If they feel okay, proceed with the next steps.
  • Assisting the Patient: If the patient is ready, assist them in standing up by offering support at one arm. Be ready to provide assistance if required.
  • Walking to Scale: Guide the patient to the scale while continually monitoring their movement and balance.
  • Preparing the Scale: Once the patient is in front of the scale, ensure it’s zeroed out.
  • Stepping onto the Scale: Assist the patient as they step onto the scale.
  • Weight Measurement: Measure the patient’s weight.
  • Assisting Off the Scale: Once the measurement is complete, help the patient off the scale and back to their chair, ensuring they are not dizzy or off-balance.
  • Recording the Measurement: Record the patient’s weight on the provided sheet.
  • Scale Resetting: Reset the scale to zero in preparation for the next patient, keeping in mind that weight measurements are confidential.
  • Concluding the Procedure: Wash your hands again, place the call light within the patient’s reach, and close the curtain.

Remember: The frequency of taking the patient’s height and weight is usually indicated in the nursing care plan. You can always ask your charge nurse for this information. Always respect patient privacy and comfort during the process.