In nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) provide direct patient care. They assist the nursing staff by providing patients with basic hygiene, collecting their vital signs, and arranging for medical supplies. In order to get a job a a certified nursing assistant you can research free cna classes online to learn the basic nursing skills and theory required for certification.

Free cna classes online
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CNAs also aid patients with eating, dressing, and bathing. In addition, they help make the care facilities welcoming and secure. Thus, several states let nursing students work as CNAs after a few semesters providing they have the necessary personal care skills in the medical field. 

However, if you are not a nursing school student yet want to become a certified nursing assistant, you must complete online CNA training. Although most states don’t need students to have a degree to become CNAs, they demand qualifying a competence test. Thus, students must enroll themselves in online certification programs to prepare for the exam and get CNA-registered.

Here, in this article, we have brought you some of the best online CNA programs near you to choose and kick-start your journey as a certified nursing assistant. Many looking for a nursing program are interested in possible free online cna courses with certificate of completion. Although there are very few establishments offering free cna classes online, some locations will allow you to take the training providing you pay them back once you have your CNA salary.

CNA Skills to Learn

See the below syllabus of the skills you need to learn to become a qualified CNA:

Responsibilities and Healthcare Ethics
Infection and Infection Control
Fire Safety in Hospitals
Emergency Procedures
Hand Washing & Hygiene
Disposable Glove Removal
Reading and Record Weight
How to Measure Blood Pressure and Recording
Measuring Pulse and Respiratory Rates
How to Feed a Patient
Providing Patient Foot Care
Changing an Occupied Bed
Performing a Partial Bed Bath
Safely Moving a Patient
How to Position a Patient
Dressing a Bed Ridden Patient
How to Transfer a Patient to a Wheelchair
Ambulation with a Gait Belt
Exercises for Lower Body Range of Motion
Exercises for Upper Body Range of Motion
Assisting Patient with Bedpan
Measuring Urinary Output
Providing Perineal Care for Females
Catheter Care for Females

Best Free CNA Classes Online

Free cna classes online: Certification

Students can benefit immensely from free online learning. Easy accessibility, an affordable price, flexibility, and the convenience of learning at your own pace are the major benefits of attending free cna classes online.

The CNA diploma and certificate programs teach students the fundamentals of nursing, fire safety protocols, and patient rights. You can also get knowledge in the healthcare field on how to assist patients with special needs.

So, here are the 8 best free cna classes near you to consider applying for.

1. CNA Short-Term Certificate Program – Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College offers a Certified Nursing Aid (CNA) Short-term Certificate program. It is a 5-credit, 1-semester program that costs $149.55 per credit.

The program prepares students to be eligible to appear for the CNA test administered by the Indiana State Department of Health. Besides, it has a Higher Learning Commission accreditation.

The course uses a blended, predominantly conventional teaching method. It combines in-person instructions with online reading and other course resources that complement the knowledge and abilities acquired in in-person seminars.

Besides, enrolling in this CNA program can render career placement and academic counseling. Also, students of this program can participate in clinical practice experiences in hospitals and other long-term care facilities in the neighborhood.

8 locations of Ivy Tech now offer the blended/traditional curriculum in Indiana. So, if you want to inquire about the programs offered at nearby campuses, contact them directly.

2. Nursing Aid Certificate Course – Somerset Community College

SCC, situated in Somerset, Kentucky, provides a Nursing Aid Certificate Course that trains students to get state certification as nurse assistants. The Cabinet for Health Services, Department of Medicaid Services, has mandated the pre-requisites for this program’s training.

Students can easily take the State Nursing Aide test after completing this 75-hour course and passing with a C or better. After receiving the certification, you get a permit to work as a patient caregiver in nursing homes and hospitals under the direction of a registered nurse.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has granted SCC regional accreditation.

However, students seeking this online CNA course must pass a criminal background check investigation and drug test. They also need white scrubs and shoes for practical training at nearby nursing facilities. The tuition fee for the program is $5,481.

3. Nursing Assistant Certificate – Lehman College

Free CNA Classes Online: Lehman College

The Nursing Assistant Certificate from Lehman College has authorization from the New York State Education Department. Those looking for work as CNAs in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and home health organizations can join this online program.

However, before taking the New York State certification test, students must complete this course and related clinical training.

This program requires a high school diploma or GED/TASC. In addition, CPR for Healthcare Providers or a current American Heart Association National Certification is a pre-requisite for clinical CPR100. Also, you might need to present the completed CNA certification exam documentation at the initial class meeting.

The program covers a total of 125 hours. It includes the fundamentals of patient care, anatomy and physiology, and nursing home clinical rotation. However, you must complete each pre-requisite course with a grade of C or higher to get the program certificate.

4. Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate Program – American River College

You must finish 2 courses for the Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate program at American River College. The first course, Medical Terminology, introduces the fundamental forms and elements of medical words. The second course in the curriculum, Nurse Assistant, is offered in a 100% asynchronous manner. Therefore, you must finish the first course before beginning the second one.

The 10-credit course lasts 16 weeks and costs $46 per credit if you take it in-state. The program costs $370 per credit for out-of-state students. Completing this accredited CNA program will offer you the ARC CNA Certificate and qualify you to sit for the nurse assistant certification test for the state of California.

The Nurse Assistant program at ARC’s main campus in Sacramento, California, entails 86 hours of classroom theory lectures, which you can access asynchronously online. In addition, you must complete 9 hours of laboratory training. Besides, you’d also require more than 100 hours of clinical training at healthcare institutions nearby.

5. Nurse Aide Program – Hazard Community and Technical College

Free CNA Classes Online: Hazard Community and Technical College

Hazard Community and Technical College, HCTC, based in Hazard, Kentucky, provides a 4-month Nurse Aide Online Program. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has granted HCTC regional accreditation to this course.

It blends classroom instruction with practical laboratory and clinical practice. The program has a maximum of 15 students allowed in each class.

Besides, candidates must possess a high school diploma, a GED, or a TABE score of at least 10th grade. Additionally, they must have 2 years and 6 months of nursing assistant experience.

2 curriculum choices are available to students interested in obtaining this online CNA degree. They are the Kentucky Medication Aide and Medicaid Nursing Aide certifications.

The Medicaid Nursing Aide program students are prepared to qualify for a Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry listing. In contrast, opting for the Kentucky Medication Aide makes students administer drugs under the supervision of a registered nurse.

6. Certified Nursing Assistant Program – Manhattan Institute

The Manhattan Institute of Allied Medical Training in New York City offers a certified nursing assistant program. It equips students with the necessary information and abilities to qualify for the New York CNA license test. In addition, the hybrid nature of the institute’s curriculum allows students to benefit from the adaptability of online learning.

You can learn about the more specialized technical and clinical skills required for CNA employment while spending time with classmates and lecturers in this arrangement. The Manhattan Institute offers 3 ways to fulfill in-person requirements. You can fulfill 4 days of classes over 4 weeks, 4 nights of lessons over 8 weeks, or 7 weekends of sessions.

Before moving on to part two of the program, which enables you to take part in an externship at a nearby healthcare institution, you must spend the first half of the program fulfilling classroom pre-requisites. However, after completing the course, you can take the two-part certification test.

The program’s total cost for students at MI is around $6,050, which covers tuition fees, registration costs, and expenses for books and other supplies. Besides, you can also benefit from the career services and professional coaching offered by the institute to obtain a CNA position that aligns with your professional objectives.

7. Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Curriculum – Middlesex Community College

The institute offers a Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Curriculum for those looking for flexible distance learning choices that fit their hectic schedules. Although MXCC offers many online classes for this CNA program, students must go to campus to participate in face-to-face clinical learning.

Thus, here, you can get the opportunity to advance your laboratory and clinical skills at a nearby hospital facility as part of MXCC’s offerings. Moreover, to ensure that the participants acquire all the abilities necessary to pass the CNA certification test, the program comprises 6 distinct modules.

However, candidates must possess a diploma or GED, show proficiency in English, submit proof of immunizations, pass a background check, and be 18 years or older for admission into this CNA training program.

The total course fee is $1,199. It includes the application and examination fees for the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry.

The Blackboard Learning platform implemented by Middlesex Community College allows students to balance their work with learning. They use the platform to complete online requirements and submit examinations and assignments.

8. Home Health Aide, Nurse Aide, and Caregiver Certification – Udemy

Udemy offers a Home Health Aide, Nurse Aide, and Caregiver Certification Course. In this program, you will learn about the basic details and capabilities of providing healthcare services in the home. In addition, it will help you become capable home health aides and carers.

Besides, through this course, students can also learn to look after older people and those with long-term illnesses. It teaches learners to use the latest American Heart Association recommendations to execute cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Additionally, they can master the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology.

However, the course doesn’t require any pre-requisites. Students from any academic background can join the program.

It is a fully online course that allows students to learn at their pace. It contains 20 modules, and students are required to complete all of them. You can easily access the course material in the form of videos, slides, PDFs, and audio. However, you must score 75% or higher on the final examination to get the CNA certification.

FAQ – Free CNA classes online

Can I still receive certification with free cna classes online?

This depends on the nursing assistant training you take and the topics they cover. It also varies depending on the state you are in as there are different regulations in each regarding CNA certification.

Does the Red Cross offer free cna classes online?

The Red Cross does provide CNA training and nurse aide training programs but have not yet fully expanded into a free cna classes online. They do provide a number of different training programs across the United States.

When can I work after I receive certificate of Completion?

Nursing Assistant jobs can be found within a healthcare setting such as a hospital, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Or otherwise you could work with home health agencies where you may visit patients at their own properties to assist with daily living.

Final Thoughts

CNAs often work under the direction of a practical nurse or licensed nurse during clinical hours in health care settings. They can care for patients with basic mobility and sanitization needs while ensuring their proper nourishment. Taking even just some basic free cna classes online can help you prepare for the CNA exam.

Thus, it’s essential to take out sufficient time and complete your research to identify the best online CNA classes, as doing so can boost your job hunt significantly.