The abbreviation CNA refers to a Certified Nurse Assistant or Certified Nurse Aide. They work mostly in nursing homes for the elderly, hospitals, or long-term care institutions by supporting registered nurses who provide patient care. They are permitted to provide care for patients who are housed there as well. Nursing assistants may be paid annually, per shift, or per hour.

CNA Certification Florida

The demand for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) is ever on the rise as the population grows rapidly. Florida is the third-highest state that offers employment opportunities for nursing aides. By 2026, there will be an 11% increase in nursing assistant positions, according to employment trends. Read on to find out more about CNA certification in Florida.

How To Become A Certified CNA in Florida

Certified Nursing Assistants in Florida are granted credentials following an exam. There are multiple ways to get certified as a CNA in Florida. However, the path begins with enrolling in a training program. Passing tests in both theoretical and practical skills is a must for potential CNAs. Passing a criminal background check using fingerprints and proving a respectable professional history are additional requirements for certification.

Here’s how you can become a certified CNA in Florida.

Finish a CNA Program Approved by the State

The Florida Board of Nursing mandates that candidates finish CNA training administered by an accredited institution. In Florida, every institution is required to offer authorized CNA programs. A total of 56 instructional hours, divided into 16 hours in the classroom and 40 hours of clinical experience, is a must for each training program. Candidates must complete at least 20 of these clinical hours in a long-term care institution or nursing home authorized to provide care. The curriculum may typically take 4 to 15 weeks to finish, although some expedited schools also offer CNA lessons that last four weeks. You can begin your state application and exam as soon as you complete your CNA program.

Take the Exam

An individual becomes qualified to take a Prometric competency exam if they have successfully finished a state-approved CNA program. The exam, which consists of both a written examination and a practical skills section, is used to determine if a candidate is qualified to operate as a CNA. However, you must finish a program that lasts at least 120 hours and retake the written and clinical exams if you fail the test three times in two years.

Getting Certified

An individual may seek certification from Florida’s Board of Nursing after completing the CNA curriculum and Prometric exam. Specific forms must be filled out as part of the certification procedure. You can also be asked to present documentation of your graduation and Prometric exam accomplishment.

Add your name to the Florida Nurse Aide Registry

The Nurse Aide Registry in Florida must be updated when a person has their certification but before they start looking for work. Additionally, background checks and providing fingerprints to the Board of Nursing are essential requirements. Each CNA credential is subject to regulation by the Florida Department of Health’s Board of Nursing. You will be included in the Florida Registry if you complete a CNA training course and pass the relevant state test. Being listed on the nursing register might take 3 to 5 weeks.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Certified CNA in Florida?

Not everyone can become a certified CNA in Florida. You must fulfill certain requirements to get your credentials and start a career as a certified CNA. Below are some of the criteria.

  • The candidate must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Having a high school diploma or an equivalent degree is essential for each candidate applying for certification.
  • When applying to become a CNA in Florida, nursing assistants must successfully pass a background check. Except for any minor traffic fines, applicants must mention every offense.
  • Electronic fingerprints are required as part of a Level II background check for new CNAs submitting their applications. Obtain a certificate from a Florida school for certified nursing assistants.
  • Attain a minimum score on the state test.
  • Complete the registration for certified CNAs.

What to Expect from CNA Certification Exam?

The worldwide business Prometric conducts the Certified Nurse Aide Exam in Florida. A written or oral test along with a clinical skills evaluation make up the exam, both conducted on the same day. There are 60 multiple-choice questions in the written component of the test that has a 90-minute time limit. You can choose not to take the written test and instead take it orally if English is your second language.

Depending on the skill you are being assessed on, the clinical exam will take anywhere from 31 to 40 minutes to complete. Also, there are 12 possible abilities for which you may need to prepare, out of which you will be tested on any 5. To pass the clinical component of the exam, you must successfully perform all 5 competencies.

During the clinical skills test in Florida, applicants are required to assist other students by assuming the role of a resident. The exam results are available online within 48 hours. The Florida Board of Nursing will receive your exam results by mail within a week. The Florida Board of Nursing may require up to 4 weeks to mail you your certificate.

If you wish to change your test date, you must get in touch with Prometric at least 5 working days before your planned exam day. This will also prevent you from incurring costs for a fresh application.

Who Can Take the CNA Certification Examination in Florida?

Who Can Take the CNA Certification Examination in Florida

Candidates who wish to become Certified Nursing Assistants by Examination must satisfy one of the following qualifications and pass the necessary background investigation:

Completion of an authorized training program and obtained a minimum score on the nursing assistant competence test. It must consist of a written section and a skills demonstration portion approved by the board and given at a location and by individuals approved by the department.

Passing the nursing assistant competence test with a minimum score that has been determined by board regulation. It must consist of a written and skills demonstration section. The test is authorized by the board and is given at a location and by staff that has been approved by the department.

Finished the course of study created with funding from the Enterprise Florida Jobs and Education Partnership Grant. In addition, you must attain a minimum score specified by the board in the CNA examination taken at an authorized place.

Those with crimes or past convictions can apply to become CNAs. However, they may need to provide letters of reference, records, a self-explanation, or proof that they fulfilled their probation or parole requirements. Moreover, people who have been found guilty of certain offenses related to public health and healthcare fraud will not be granted licenses by the nursing board.

What Is CNA Certification Exam Fee?

The fee for taking written and clinical exams for CNA certification is $150. If you wish to take just one of the two, you will have to pay $35 for written text and $120 for the clinical exam. The rescheduling fee to take the exam is $35 if you are unable to appear for the tests at the specified time and location.

Moreover, you have the option to review your exam after getting your results and finding them unsatisfactory. By paying $25 as a fee, you can get an exam review within a specified time. You make all the payments directly to Prometric and the Livescan service provider for the CNA examination.

What is Included in CNA Training Program?

Before providing patients with direct care, students in a normal Florida CNA program will complete 16 hours of introductory instruction. Induction sessions cover topics including patient rights, communication, infection control, and safety techniques like the Heimlich maneuver.

A typical CNA program will have classes on the following topics:

  • Geriatric Practices
  • Display your moral and legal obligations.
  • Collecting vital signs.
  • Bathing the patients and getting them dressed.
  • Moving and transferring patients safely.
  • Effective communication
  • Preventing infections.
  • Feeding and dietary needs.
  • Preserving a tidy and secure atmosphere.
  • Responding to emergencies.
  • Fundamental knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and body mechanics

At the end of the program, you are expected to demonstrate the following attributes.

  • Recognize emergencies and take action.
  • Know and put into practice infection control techniques.
  • Apply knowledge of health and illness principles to demonstrate your comprehension.
  • Display your understanding of the healthcare delivery system and the various health professions.
  • Display an understanding of healthcare information technology applications.
  • Recognize and put safety and security precautions into reality.
  • Show that you are knowledgeable about bloodborne illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS.

How Much Does CNA Training Program in Florida Cost?

Depending on the curriculum, the cost of the CNA Training Program might range from $400 to $1,500. However, these costs do not include textbooks, uniforms, or supplies for the classroom. Some places provide free CNA training, such as adult education centers and nursing homes.

On the other hand, others take financial assistance and payment plans. If you request training reimbursement from your employer and are hired within a year after receiving your certification, you may also qualify for a free CNA certification.

Winding Up

One of the top employment cities in Florida includes Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. You must pass the state test and complete an authorized program to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Enrolling in a state-approved CNA training course is the best way to get certified and start your nursing assistant career. These courses frequently integrate class