A nursing career in Washington could be rewarding with the right knowledge, skillset, and of course, endorsement. In this state, departments of health and social services are responsible for the administration and development of nursing programs. Earning a certification in Washington testifies that you are capable of delivering services for quality-of-life to residents and patients.

Steps to Become a CNA in Washington

Certification is an elective in Washington for those who work in the healthcare facilities as nursing assistants. However, it needs federal requirements; people with certification legally use the NA-C (Nursing Assistant-Certified) tag. You can achieve the certification after completing the training program or alternative training with the approval of DOH and then passing the evaluation examination.

Step 1: Review the Routes

Washington courses are different from other states because there are two designations in the state. According to federal law, students have to work for up to 120 days in a nursing home before getting certified. If you select the training route, you have to apply to the DOH (Department of Health) for NA-R (Nursing Assistant Registered) status. Here are some requirements of NA-R status:

  • Submit the application to the DOH
  • You should pass a background check that is fingerprint-based
  • Provide personal and demographic information
  • Submit proof of minimum 7 hours working of AIDS training

After meeting the certification requirements, you will have to finish the training that is state-approved and clear the competency exam. And also, meet examination and training requirements for nursing assistant certification. Assistant nurses are eligible to work in nursing homes after completing the certification. You can achieve the status through various routes, also known as licensing.

Graduate and Nursing Students

LPN and RN nursing students and graduate nurses from LPN and RN programs can show proof that they have completed the curriculum of the nursing assistant. With this, they can take permission for the competency exam without getting any additional training.

Military Nursing Assistants

If you have completed a specified training while serving in the military, you can get permission to take the examination without any additional training. Recognized programs include U.S. Army 91-C Program, Navy