The demand for qualified healthcare professionals and CNA classes in Rhode Island is currently very high as the state is densely populated and there is a shortage of staff. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) form a crucial part of the healthcare sector as their role is crucial in providing care and assistance to patients. 

This entry-level position will give you the perfect opportunity to start a promising and satisfying career. To start a career as a CNA in Rhode Island, aspiring students are required to complete an approved CNA training program in the state.

Choosing the Best CNA Program in Rhode Island 

One can access various CNA training programs in the state that are offered through nursing homes, hospitals, technical schools, community colleges, and long-term care facilities. But before you enroll in a CNA training program it is important to keep in mind a few key considerations. 

Approved by the State

While selecting a CNA program, make sure it has the required approval by the state. The Department of Health in Rhode Island sets rules for the certification of nursing assistant. While many institutions are providing CNA training, state-approved programs may have certain specific requirements like a fixed number of hours, etc.

Length of the CNA Program

Generally speaking, CNA programs can take anywhere between 6-12 weeks to complete. These hours will include practical hands-on training as well as classroom coaching. Institutions providing the training are required to complete 100 hours of training which should also include 20 hours of practical sessions. The programs are designed in a manner to gear up students to get job-ready straight away. Also, the completion time for CNA programs is faster as compared to RN or LPN.

In-Class Vs On-Line Training

To get the CNA certification, students have the option to choose from in-class training and online sessions. The classroom method is the traditional way of training where the theory lessons take place on campus and the clinical training is conducted in lab facilities etc. You can find the best cna classes in Rhode Island listed below.

In the online method, classroom training is provided online which is a very convenient way for working students and those with other obligations. Though online training can be a lot more advantageous, it is important to ensure that the portion is in line with the State’s requirements.

CNA Training Cost in Rhode Island

 Another important factor is the training cost that the institution is charging. Fees may vary from school to school but in general terms, CNA programs are less expensive as compared to LPN training, etc. On average, CNA training costs in Rhode Island may range anywhere from $650-$900 which is exclusive of textbooks, uniforms, etc. However, when you are considering the cost factor it is important to include all such costs.

Many institutes provide a reimbursement of the tuition fees and testing charges if candidates find a placement within 12 months of graduation. You will also find many free CNA training programs in Rhode Island. Before you opt for any of them make sure that they are approved by the State.

Many institutions also provide for reimbursement in exchange for working at their facility. This can be a cost-effective way for many candidates to get their CNA certification.

CNA Topics

The time that a student spends in the training institute will enlighten him/her on several topics that will assist them to fulfill the duties as a nurse in the healthcare sector. Some of the topics that an aspiring CNA learns are:

  • Basic Restorative Services
  • Fluids and Meals
  • Bathing
  • Dementia & Cognitive changes
  • Safety Emergency Procedures
  • Infection Control
  • Medication
  • Vital Records

CNA Training Requirements in Rhode Island

Becoming a CNA can be a dream for many ambitious students who wish to serve in the healthcare industry. But before a student can enroll for the training in any of the institutions or start working as a CNA in Rhode Island, certain requirements need to be met.

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Passing entry evaluation (if one is not  a high school diploma)
  • Have a clean background with no criminal record
  • Covered with all immunizations
  • Testing negative for TB or drugs
  • Get a physical examination done by a physician

Once a student meets the above-mentioned requirements, he /she is eligible to take the course in any institution and pass the Nursing Assistant Exam. Upon clearing the exam one can register as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Rhode Island.

Advantages of CNA Programs

Graduating from high school opens a plethora of opportunities for career-oriented individuals. If you are a compassionate individual, want to work in the healthcare industry, and make a difference in people’s life then CNA can be the answer.

Following are the top advantages of CNA Certification.

  • Affordable certification – Many students in America find it difficult to afford university courses due to the high fee structure. CNA certification program is a very affordable option as most of the programs from certified institutions cost less than $1000.
  • Interesting Career – The career of a nursing assistant is interesting and challenging at the same time. As a CNA, you will always be on your toes taking care of several patients. This role allows you to give back to the community and also develop valuable skills.
  • Job Security – CNAs are in high demand and will always be needed. While many other industries may carry out layoffs, a health care worker is always needed at the frontline as there is no replacement for them.
  • Quick & Flexible Training – If you want to step into the professional world quickly then CNA certifications are just perfect. Most of the training is completed within a few weeks and then you are eligible to start working in the healthcare area after clearing the exam.

Also, the courses provide you with the flexibility to carry out all your obligations and also complete your training. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, Rhode Island has more than 10,000 nursing assistants employed. Reports also suggest that Rhode Island nursing assistants have a wage rate of $15/hour. Half of the nursing assistants are employed at nursing facilities and others at hospitals, medical facilities, and outpatient centers.