CNA Classes in PhoenixRating
Maricopa Career Institute5.0
Moore Medical Training Institute5.0
Northwest Phlebotomy School Phoenix5.0
Arizona Technical Training Institute,LLC4.9
Star Canyon School of Nursing4.9
Resilient Healthcare Academy4.9
Assisted Living Licenses, Certificates and Training4.9
Phoenix Medical Training Institute4.9
Allen School of Health Sciences – Phoenix, AZ4.8
Phlebotomy Training Specialists4.8
Providence Training Institute4.6
Valley Vocational Academy4.6
Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy School LLC4.5
Medstar Academy4.2
Arizona Medical Training Institute4.2
Brookline College Phoenix Campus3.9

Maricopa Career Institute

CNA Classes Phoenix - Maricopa Career Institute

Loved loved this class! Our instructor was so lively and made the early morning class I picked a blast! Very well taught, passed the test with 100% as well as almost everyone else in my group. Nikki was an awesome instructor! She didn’t waste any time which we all liked! Thank you for making our CPR Class memorable! Nikki was a great instructor, had a great time in her class. She made it fun, covered all the material needed to pass the exam and concise. If I need to get recertified I’m going through her. Nikki was a great instructor. She made the class fun and made sure we were confident in our skills. I look forward to talking future classes with her. Hands down the BEST CPR class I’ve ever taken. I loved the instructors, they made the class fun and easy to understand. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a CPR class! Nikki was an exceptional educator!! You can tell she has been in the health care for years and is enthusiastic to share and spread her knowledge. Amazing class with good environment. I’ll for sure be returning for future needs.

Address: 10231 N 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

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Moore Medical Training Institute

CNA Classes Phoenix - Moore Medical Training Institute

I was so glad to have found this accelerated CNA program! Latisha was professional, responsive to emails when inquiring about the program and made the enrollment process super easy. Joe, the instructor was very knowledgeable and made sure we had a fun learning environment. I was very pleased with our clinical site. The staff were very welcoming and really let us engage and practice our skills. Overall had a great experience and would highly recommend this program to anyone! The instructors are insightful, knowledgeable, encouraging, and help prepare you for the state board!!! Due to colleges asking for a CNA certification, this institute’s program is convenient for those applying for school and have to meet a deadline. ALSO, you can be as young as 16 years-old to take the program which I wish I would have done when I was younger. OVERALL, 5 stars because it was a great experience and grateful for my time here. If you need an BLS certification, this place is highly recommended. When I got sick a few days prior to my schedule, I called Ms. Latisha to ask for reschedule and she was very flexible with it.

Address: 4022 E Broadway Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85040

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Northwest Phlebotomy School Phoenix

CNA Classes Phoenix - Northwest Phlebotomy School Phoenix

My instructor was Jamie Clark she is amazing. She made me feel completely comfortable. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to take this class. Loved my instructor, Jaime Clark! She made sure we were educated on the most important things, and took great care of each individuals needs and questions very effectively. Our instructor Jaime made the class fun and had lots of insights she shared about the profession. Jaime Clark was my instructor and she had me confidently drawing blood by day 2. She teaches us hands on. You will leave here confident in your abilities!!! Jamie was amazing, and I can tell she truly cared about our success and safety of our future patients. I took this class with Jaime Clark who was so nice and knowledgeable. She is super encouraging while maintaining safety as a top priority. This course was amazing my first day I had no idea what I was doing and nervous at that but by the second day I had no doubts that I couldn’t do it but I did it and with confidence. I had Jamie Clark as my instructor and she was amazing. Jaime Clark is absolutely wonderful! She’s brilliant, catches everything you miss, is patient, kind and just a blast to be around.

Address: 1601 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281

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Arizona Technical Training Institute,LLC

CNA Classes Phoenix - Arizona Technical Training Institute,LLC

I enrolled in a CNA class 3 weeks early and had all the required paperwork turned in. 2 days before the class was supposed to start I got a phone call from the owner. They said that I would not be able to take the day class as I had paid for and been planning on for weeks. They just canceled it with 2 days notice in offered to put me in a night class which was not possible. That is specifically why I asked for and paid in full for the day class. Very unprofessional! Apparently if you enroll and pay your money it’s a crapshoot as if you’ll have a class. I had to go down and pick up a check and take it to my bank in order to get a refund. None of those things were convenient. What a waste of time. Completed my Medical Assistant certificate here and it was so simple and fast! The teachers work with your schedule and provide you with great experience in order to prepare you for working as a Medical Assistant. So grateful for this school and teachers for helping me achieve my goal to work in medicine quickly and at my own pace! I completed my CNA program with AZTTI & would definitely recommend it to anyone that’s willing to commit to a few weeks of hard work.

Address: 12633 N Cave Creek Rd #104, Phoenix, AZ 85022

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Star Canyon School of Nursing

CNA Classes Phoenix - Star Canyon School of Nursing

I enrolled In Star Canyon School Of Nursing for my CNA program. This is the best school to complete this program after reading great reviews and being a Christian school too. My expectations were beyond exceeded. Ms Regina is so awesome! Very patient and willing to give you extra help to your success! I appreciate all her hard work! Star Canyon is the place to start your career!!! Mrs. Regina, Mrs. Jeanie and David were all extremely helpful through the whole process. Ms. Regina, would alway say, “put God first, pray and study. Ms. Jeannie was exceptional in her teachings and knowledgeable. Ms. Regina is truly the most dedicated teacher I have ever worked with. She put extra time to ensure her students not only pass their state board but also be thier best in their various career. She takes her time to make sure you understand every step possible without minding how often you ask. What I respect about Ms. Regina is how realistic she was with her expectations with each student. She pushed to bring the best out of us while being realistic with our goals. Setting her student up with state practice tests with an open door to her labs for skills practice even after school was over was very kind and generous of her.

Address: 8900 N Central Ave #107, Phoenix, AZ 85020

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Resilient Healthcare Academy

CNA Classes Phoenix - Resilient Healthcare Academy

Maria is amazing!! She makes the process quick and easy. Highly recommend making the effort to come visit the office. The office staff, Maria, was very sweet and informative. She made the whole process very smooth and was so friendly! It helps me to know that I chose the right school based on their staff alone. Such a great school everyone is so nice and helpful especially the women who gave the tour Maria, she explained everything and I mean everything down to the T. Maria made it very easy for me to get enrolled here and also showed me around the school. I’m very excited to start! The facilities have a large park lot with good light at night. The facilities are clean. The receptionist has the best attitude you can imagine, she is a great help. I loved this program and most importantly the instructors! Tiana is a strong yet gentle woman that is passionate about what she’s done and accomplished and it shows through her teachings! Maria is a very sweet woman that also provides encouragement as well as Tiana and Mrs. Candy! They do everything to give you the tools to achieve in this field and for that I am truly grateful I choose Advice Healthcare Academy! The journey with Resilient Healthcare Academy (RHA) has been amazing.

Address: 10000 N 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

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Took my 5 week course here for CNA and it was amazing! I love how your being taught carefully and I love the teacher she’s great! Everyone is so helpful and nice here(: I loved learning a lot of new things and I loved how fast paced it was and how the whole program in general is organized. If you want to become a CNA this is the place for you! I received my CNA certification at Bolay’s Solution Training. By the end of the 5 week class I was confident about the state exam and I passed it the frist time. I highly recommend anyone willing to receive the CNA to attend this place. I took my CNA course at Bolays solution training center my experience there was the best. By the time I finished my trade I felt very confident in my skills. I also appreciated Josephine and Denise they are very helpful! Thank you so much! The program was 5 weeks, it was super easy and Nurse D’nise Made it very understandable, and made sure by the end we were going to be confident in our skills. They are a good training center. The teacher was clear,he made it fun. Instructor Rick is very knowledgeable and made the class fun. Great place and service.

Address: 7840 N 31st Ave Ste 201, Phoenix, AZ 85051

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Assisted Living Licenses, Certificates and Training

CNA Classes Phoenix - Assisted Living Licenses, Certificates and Training

Excellent teachers, Dan and Joanna. I learned a lot not only from the material they taught, but also from their own prolonged experience in the field of Assisted living. Dan was so generous to share with us some valuable real-life lessons that he personally experienced while working in the assisted living business. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable Dan was when it came to any question any of the students had about any topic related to Assisted Living. Thank you so much for the amazing training courses of the caregiver and the manager. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have passed my exams for both certificates. Dan is an awesome instructor and I enjoyed my time there immensely. Dan Stamo is a fantastic educator. He is very knowledgeable and has a great personality. I was one of his students and have been successful in owning my own Assisted Living Facility. Thank you Dan and Liana. Both of us passed the D&S and the NCIA Board exams easily. Dan is a very good teacher and uses lots of examples so that the students can remember. We also have to mention that Dan and Monica Stamo have a very high pass rate.

Address: 15433 N 37th St #200, Phoenix, AZ 85032

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Phoenix Medical Training Institute

CNA Classes Phoenix - Phoenix Medical Training Institute

The school was so professional, I obtained my BLS from this school. The way they integrate the personal skills and the cognitive study makes it easier to relate the two thus giving a better study experience. Lucius was so great, and I really enjoyed the class. The staff were so professional, covered all the necessary modules, demonstrated the skills in class, paired with the cognitive portion, videos and illustrations. I highly recommend this school for all medical professionals. The skills I have learned today will save a life one day. Keep up the good job. The educational videos were also useful and gave great visuals and situations. May be able to save lives with knowledge I gained from this training. Kudos to the Trainer Mr Lucius. Both entertaining and educative. Lucius was very professional and very nice took his time to show me step by step. Thank you. Great knowledgeable training in CPR, highly recommend this training for anyone and especially when working with children!

Address: 17856 W Caribbean Ln, Surprise, AZ 85388

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Allen School of Health Sciences – Phoenix, AZ

CNA Classes Phoenix - Allen School of Health Sciences - Phoenix, AZ

Great school! Recommend to all students who are looking forward to getting into the medical field! Allen School students are the best ones to have as an externs. They come fully prepared and are extremely enthusiastic to learn how to function in the real office environment. They are usually very courteous and pleasant. Our staff work very well with the students. Thank you Tara and Allen School teachers for educating and training excellent Medical Assistants. We have hired several of the students after thy have completed their externship. They are now great employees! I would highly recommend Allen School for any student wishing to pursue a career in medical assisting. Thank you again! Exciting educational experience!!! Each professor and each member of staff is dedicated to the students and helping create reliable, empathetic, and prepared medical assistants. Now that I am now working as a medical assistant, I have realized that Allen School has prepared me for the medical world. I am able to offer my patient’s great care because of the mentorship and preparation I have received at Allen School! I absolutely love attending Allen School. Everyone here is so nice and always willing to help. If you are looking for great education in being a medical assistant than I would recommend Allen school. This medical assistant program was everything I wanted out of a school.

Address: 15650 N Black Cyn Hwy UNIT 210, Phoenix, AZ 85053

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Phlebotomy Training Specialists

CNA Classes Phoenix - Phlebotomy Training Specialists

This school experience has been great! David was amazing!! he always made sure we were prepared and always encouraged us. he really helped with my confidence in phlebotomy and always made sure i never gave up. I feel more ready then ever to go work in the field. Don’t be scared if you don’t have any experience cause this class will teach you everything you need to know and more! I cant thank you enough David for everything!! Great class and Mr. David was the best teacher. He was very professional and experienced and I learned a lot from him! He also made the class fun and I always looked forward to coming to class. Mr. David in the evening class (Phoenix, AZ) was the best instructor! Very hands on and explains things well. Teaches to pass the test and be successful in the real world! Highly recommend. This was the best 3 weeks ever with Mr. David and my classmates. He made it very enjoyable and worthwhile. I felt 100% prepared to take my practical and exam. Thank you soo much Mr. David, you will be truly missed! David was the best teacher ever ! He was so patient and always made sure we understood every subject. My learning experience was so amazing thanks to him and my classmates.

Address: 4001 N 3rd St Suite 120, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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Providence Training Institute

CNA Classes Phoenix - Providence Training Institute

If you’re interested in a MA/phlebotomy class I definitely recommend this course with Ms.Hedrick at PTI! She is so kind and outgoing and it was a pleasure to be in her class. The MA program is very well put together. Ms Hedrick is extremely patient and very knowledgeable in the content, she cares about her students and wants them to succeed. My experience at Providence Training was incredible! My instructor, Ms.Hedrick was more then knowledgeable! She goes above and beyond for her students and this school! If you’re looking to become the best M.A./phlebotomist, w the best training, come to Providence Institute for your training!! Thank you to Ms. Hedrick and Kay!!This school is great if you are looking for a place to start your medical career as a medical assistant/phlebotomy. I would definitely recommend this course with Ms. Hedrick at PTI! She helped me in everything, and she always answered questions and worked with us in scientific and practical aspects. The instructor (Mrs. H) is truly a great mentor and teacher. I will recommend this school every time because you truly can’t get the much needed skills and education anywhere else!

Address: 9189 N 59th Ave #2, Glendale, AZ 85302

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Valley Vocational Academy

CNA Classes Phoenix - Valley Vocational Academy

Dan and Leigh Anne are the best instructors anyone could have. They make sure you’re going to be successful in your future career. Whenever students have family emergency they’re very understanding. This is the best and cheapest but good quality Nursing Assistant class you can take. I’ve had amazing experience when taking CNA course at Valley Vocational. Dan and Leigh Anne are genuine, dedicated and exceptional. They make sure you master your skills before your State Board exam. Definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for CNA class in the valley. The vocational Academy is so much more professional and clean. The skills testing rooms are set up just like a patient room, including the sink. The sink inside the room saves a lot of time, instead of running back and forth to a bathroom like they had us do at Job Corps. Leigh-Ann and Dan are amazing, my wife has been out of school for years and they gave her the skills and knowledge to enter into a field with endless possibilities. The BEST CNA program ever! Dan and Leigh Anne are such amazing instructors. This school truly changed my life! Super conducive learning environment, the instructors are very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. My going to this school is one of the best decisions I’ve taken so far. Amazing people.

Address: 1845 E Broadway Rd #114, Tempe, AZ 85282

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Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy School LLC

CNA Classes Phoenix - Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy School LLC

The instructor, Mirielle, is great teacher! She’s supportive, knowledgeable, and experienced, and helps you feel like you’re in good hands. This course is a great option for anyone wanting a quick start into the field or, as in my situation, a refresher for phlebotomy skills. No other course provides this much information and practice in that period of time. Definitely worth it for me! Mirelle Begay was awesome teaching our phlebotomy class. She makes sure we get to practice drawing blood on a mannequin. She makes sure we understand 3 point vein are in the arm. Ms. Mirielle Begay such a Great teacher made it fun and enjoyable experience training and learning everything. There is mannequin arms to practice on for the first 3 days so don’t worry about getting right to sticking people by the time me and my classmates got to sticking each other everyone was comfortable doing so. Just great experience all over definitely sending any friend who wants to start phlebotomy.

Address: 7600 N 15th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020

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Medstar Academy

CNA Classes Phoenix - Medstar Academy

I love this school and Robin is an amazing owner. Brenda is such a sweet heart and they treat you like family there. If you have concerns they listen and help you with what you need. Mrs. Amber is a great instructor. I would definitely recommend Medstar! This is hands down the best school! I had the best experience at this school. Not only do the teachers and staff make you feel like family and welcomed from day one but the hands on experience is top notch. The classroom instruction was very detailed and the instructor always made time to help anyone who needed it. The skills lab was open for practice daily which is a huge help to brush up on skills before state boards. I would highly recommend to anyone!!! Welcome to the family <3 If you want to get your CNA certification this is the right school for you. The teacher / instructor and RN, Mrs. Andrews is absolutely amazing, patient and dedicated, giving you the right training for success. To add that I have learned a lot from her not only about providing care but also the right eating habits for a healthy nutrition. The front desk lady Brenda is awesome, she will make your admission very smooth, besides that she welcomes everyone and every time with a great smile, spreading positive vibes. The class itself

Address: 13760 N 93rd Ave Suite 202, Peoria, AZ 85381

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Arizona Medical Training Institute

CNA Classes Phoenix - Arizona Medical Training Institute

I attended AMTI for their CNA program. Nadine was amazing! Best instructor there. Barb and Carol were good as well. I definitely felt prepared after completing the course and started working in the field. I’m so grateful they had many options for scheduling like morning, nights and weekends. They understand people have to make a living and have personal lives, while trying to attend classes. Everyone teaches in their own way but the lessons are all unified and they have helped me get passed all the exams and clinicals. I will recommend anyone to come here to study and prepare their medical careers! I just finished my CNA weekend 7 week program & passed my state boards on the first try. I did experience some uncertainty when speaking with student services, I had some questions that I didn’t feel were answered properly. I even went down to the campus for more information & I didn’t leave confident that this was the right school to choose. I took a risk & went with it anyways. The instructors were absolutely wonderful. Barb E. was my skills instructor & you can tell how much passion she has for nursing and for training future CNA’s and nurses.

Address: 1530 N Country Club Dr #11, Mesa, AZ 85201

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Brookline College Phoenix Campus

CNA Classes Phoenix - Brookline College Phoenix Campus

I think overall my experience with Brookline has been great. Someone always reached out to me if for any reason both times I attended for my MOA to my Allied Health courses and when I was going through some issues they all worked with me to get me through it. Michael McArthur was one of those who reached out to me with kind and helpful words he also helped explain how to navigate through assignments and the terminology when I didn’t understand. I also want to say thank you to Kionna Kampelman for helping me at the end and going above and beyond I truly appreciate it! Bryan has been amazing! So helpful with sharing job posting, helping with resumes, and making sure you have all the resources available. Lisa is amazing!!!! I was struggling with trying to update my resume and she guided me on how I can make my resume better. She also helped me look for a job where I can get the experience I needed. She definitely made me feel comfortable with talking to her about my concerns. Thank you for being amazing Lisa. Thanks so much to my wonderful Mrs Bonnie Allen . From Brookline college, Phoenix campus.

Address: 2445 W Dunlap Ave #100, Phoenix, AZ 85021

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