Are you looking forward to pursuing a career in the medical field? A North Carolina-based CNA could be the best option for you. It requires the terms that have been associated with the Nursing Home Reform Act are followed here, as the law requires. Also, it ensures that you are fully prepared and trained so that you can give high-quality care to residents and patients in the healthcare facility.

Step 1: Select the Correct Path

Here, a candidate has to pass through either of two levels to be a successful assistant, i.e. Nurse Aide 1 and 2. You can choose the testing and training path for the first level that leads you to the North Carolina-based Nursing Assistant certification.


The DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) maintains the DHSR (Division of Health Service Regulation) NC division. The division maintains the Health Care Personnel Registry and approves the training program of level-1 Nurse Aide. If you want to begin a nursing career, you must have your name added to this registry in North Carolina. And, you should complete the Nurse Aide

CNA Training Schools

CNA Classes in Charlotte, NC