CNA Classes in JacksonvilleRating
One Week CNA Training & Testing Center5.0
Cardi Beats Health Care Training Center, LLC5.0
First Coast CNA5.0
Northwest Phlebotomy School Jacksonville5.0
Soul saver CPR5.0
Helping Hearts Training Center5.0
CPR Certification Jacksonville5.0
Florida Training Academy4.9
First Coast CPR4.9
Affordable Training4.6
Acumen CNA Training & Testing Center4.3
American Red Cross4.3
North Florida Medical Institute4.2
A+ CNA Training and Phlebotomy certification3.9
North Florida Training Center3.2

One Week CNA Training & Testing Center

Mr. Harris is an amazing instructor & made it fun to learn. This was helpful to me because I always had a hard time remember steps but the way he taught me has me 100% sure I will pass my CNA exam. If your like me I suggest you schedule the night class so he can help you. Great company & people. If you’re thinking of getting your CNA license, this is the place to go! Mr. Harris was my instructor and he is absolutely amazing! He taught this course in a way that ensures you will remember the Material. He was even kind enough to assist me during a difficult time when preparing for my exam and allowed me to get extra study time when I needed it most. The kindest heart and soul you will ever meet! Mr. Harris the CNA instructor, made the class easy to understand. All the topics that were discussed during the training were useful and relevant to our course. Mr. Harris demonstrated useful hands-on training which allows you to retain the information. I would recommend One Week CNA Training to anyone that’s looking to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. I took the three day CNA training course with Mr. Harris. He is such an outstanding instructor.

Address: 1343 Rogero Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32211

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Cardi Beats Health Care Training Center, LLC

This was by far my best experience receiving CPR training. Cynthia is funny knowledgeable, informative and really made our class enjoyable. She is a great instructor and I definitely recommend Cardi Beats Health Care, 100%! Lyn was an amazing teacher. She was easy to talk to and good with explanations. I would recommend her facility. Thanks again Lyn :). Cardi Beats is the absolute best!! I was able to renew my certifications fast and easy and on a Sunday too! Bercline Dorcelus, BSN, RN was great. ACLS class and BLS renewal process was easy and quick. Bercline is an awesome, patient, and kind instructor who makes sure you understand all material! Highly recommended! The instructor responded quickly and efficiently. Wonderful experience. The instructor help me to get the most out of a stressful process. EXCELLENT experience. Clean pleasant atmosphere, great service.

Address: 1068 Arlington Rd N, Jacksonville, FL 32211

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First Coast CNA

I just completed my course (Nights); all thanks to our amazing teachers Nurse Tara & Mrs. Sibley. Just finished the 120 cna course every one was so nice and welcoming all the instructors were amazing and extremely helpful. Mrs sibley and mrs jennifer were our instructors and made sure we understood our skills and assignments. Mrs jennifer took extra time with whoever needed her help. I would totally recommend this school to anyone wanting to get skilled in cna training. Thanks you. Mrs sibley. Mrs newton and especially mrs Jennifer for her patience and understanding. Great instructors! Nurse Tara is was awesome.

Address: 3728 Philips Hwy Suite #2, Jacksonville, FL 32207

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Northwest Phlebotomy School Jacksonville

My name is Denise and I attended the phlebotomy course in Jacksonville Florida, and I just like to say that the instructor Sabrina was great! She made sure that she covered all the materials and gave many opportunities for Q&A. Sabrina was my instructor and she was amazing!!! She explained everything so clearly and ensured that we understood all the learning material provided. Sabrina was amazing, very down to earth and informative. She took her time in explaining the course material in a way that took away any anxiety when it came time to practice. Sabrina was a great instructor. She took the time to help us learn one by one. I had the wonderful Sabrina as my instructor. She’s very good at teaching and explaining what you should and shouldn’t do. Attended Jacksonville Phlebotomy Class from abroad. To those in doubt, this school is legit! Sabrina is a brilliant tutor! I went to the Jacksonville, Fl class and Sabrina was extremely straight to the point that it was easy to follow along. I drove in from Charlotte NC for the phlebotomy class and I really enjoyed it. My instructor was Sabrina. She is very knowledgeable and easy to follow along.

Address: 1301 Riverplace Blvd Ste 800, Jacksonville, FL 32207

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Soul saver CPR

Laneisha was great! She was very responsive when I needed to get my CPR renewed, and offered great value and expertise! Definitely recommend working with her and I’ll be renewing with her from now on! BEST CPR course to take in this area! The instructor is very knowledgable and takes the education she provides seriously. You WILL remember what to do in an emergency situation. Can’t recommend Soul Savers enough! Laneisha is very professional. I would recommend her to anyone. She takes pride on her work and will make sure you understand before you leave. My cousin took her course and now a CNA. Mrs. Laneisha is awesome I defiantly would recommend her to anyone who is interested in becoming a CNA. This business is a one stop shop, which makes it so much easier. The instructor is very professional, organized and informative, which is a MUST for me. Amazing instructor showed me things that i will be doing not just in the class but out in the field and i love that you don’t have to be in the healthcare field to take the cpr class as well. Laneisha is very professional and would recommend anyone to her place of cpr very sweet and a very heart warming person.

Address: 9951 Atlantic Blvd #463, Jacksonville, FL 32225

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Helping Hearts Training Center

Teresa is a GREAT trainer who knows her stuff and makes learning very comfortable. She has patience and is very easy going. I highly recommend Helping Hearts. I have had a great experience with Teresa teaching her CNA, Phlebotomy, MA and IV certification courses. Nurse Crowder is an excellent instructor who gave very clear instructions and amazing demonstrations, no questions went unanswered. The class participation was A1 she joined in without hesitation. I would highly recommend you contact her if you want to further your medical training. Great education and information love this fundamental knowledge of the class hand on experience is great love the instructor ms Teresa she is awesome and hands on. Enjoyed the experience and the ladies. Provided the information and experience needed to prepare for certification. Thank you Teresa for all that you do!

Address: 1279 Kingsley Ave #113, Orange Park, FL 32073

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CPR Certification Jacksonville

Tanyettah was an amazing instructor. She was professional, informative, and had a great sense of humor. I will recommend her to others and I look forward to a class with her again. Tanyettah is well-balanced in not only engaging her students but also keeping her audience captivated throughout her period of instruction. Tanyettah was great. She was direct and to the point but easily able to get the class comfortable with one another and understanding what we were learning. Tanyettah was an excellent instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable, personable, made everyone comfortable as well. She also made the class interesting. I definitely learned the required material and felt good doing it. Tanyettah is a great communicator and very knowledgeable. Super cool class. I loved this CPR course, it was a very informative and comprehensive. Tanyettah our instructor was a very thorough well informed instructor. I thought this course would be tedious and lethargic but Tanyettah made it very engaging and fun. She made sure the we left confident in our abilities to execute CPR on both adult and child. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much. Tanyettah was very interactive, relatable, and knowledgeable.

Address: 9000 Cypress Green Dr Suite 200, Jacksonville, FL 32256

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Mrs. April was very helpful during the whole 4 week course I had, she was very hands on and she helped your through anything that you needed help with. She gave me good sources to study and read for tests. She made sure I was up to date with everything. I highly recommend her if anyone needs their CNA Mrs. April is your best option in having someone train you! Mrs. April was very helpful and informative. She gave me the knowledge and confidence to move forward in getting CNA state certified, as well as CPR/ first aid/ AED. I highly recommend her classes. Ms. April was very professional, a great CPR instructor, I felt very confident in my skills when we were done. Highly recommend! 10/10!! Had the opportunity to be trained in CPR and First Aid at this establishment and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I gained a wealth of knowledge and walked away fully prepared to handle an emergency situation. April was welcoming and friendly. Again, she shared a wealth of information with us all. Thanks April for being such a great instructor. When I completed my CNA and CPR course from Encore, I was able to start my own Home Health Services.

Address: 1734 Kingsley Ave STE 6, Orange Park, FL 32073

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Florida Training Academy

This place is phenomenal!! The instructor Mrs. Eunice is thorough. She will teach you things that you need to know and then some. It’s fun, hands on and very engaging. She teaches you the ins and outs and if you have a question, she will gladly answer it! I loved the 1:1 attention she had with each of her students. Eunice is amazing! Her classes are organized and easy to comprehend. She makes learning fun and enjoyable. If you are considering any of her classes, you will not be disappointed. Ms. Eunice is so sweet, professional, thorough and hands on you can’t help but learn! The class was vey engaging, you didn’t have this monotone teacher speaking. Ms Eunice is an amazing instructor. Very informative. As a travel nurse I wasn’t in town for long. She was able to accommodate my schedule with no problem. Eunice Mathis, CEO of the Florida Training Academy is amazing!! Ms. Eunice made my CNA prep class so worth it! Easy to understand, fun, she’s so sweet and funny. Florida Training Academy is great at teaching you the skills needed to succeed.

Address: 5310 Lenox Ave Suite 21b, Jacksonville, FL 32205

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First Coast CPR

Karleen was a great instructor. She kept the class entertained, answered every question, and taught at a great pace to make sure everyone understood each step before moving on to the next one. The instructor was amazing. Best energy. Very informative and the information and teaching was right on point. The equipment was up to date. And it all worked perfectly. The information was broken down perfectly. I really enjoyed the class. The instructor Tina was awesome. I loved how the class provided such a hands on experience it really made me feel confident in case I needed to give actual CPR. The instructor Carlos was very informative and kept us engaged the whole time. He was awesome. The class was extremely helpful very informative and exciting all in one. Our instructor was so knowledgeable and made the class fun. I did the fingerprint scan for my contractor license background check, it was super easy, the lady who did the scan was really nice, and the cost was way better than other places that I researched. This is my 3rd BLS class I’ve taken in about 4.5 years and I have to say- I really enjoyed it (which I wasn’t expecting). Carlos was my instructor and he was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor.

Address: 3728 Philips Hwy Suite 13, Jacksonville, FL 32207

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Affordable Training

This establishment is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The staff and teachers are kind, knowledgeable, and want you to succeed. I have completed the CNA program and am in line for the next phlebotomy course. They have taught me over 20 practical skills that I will use on the job. Brittany, Summer, Mrs. Cindy, and Mrs. Faye are all very wonderful people and I am very grateful for all of them. The experience at Affordable Training was worth it. Had both my phlebotomy and CNA certifications from here. Always had the best instructors to guide one through the course work, from Ms Kerla to Ms Victoria for phlebotomy, to Ms Brittney and Ms Summer for CNA. Excellent learning experience and very thorough in their tests and examinations. However the student should be ready to put in the work and study, not a place for a lazy student. The instructors are always ready to help and I am very grateful. To Mrs Cindy I say a big thank you for making Affordable Training feel like home, you guys are a magnificent team. Not forgetting the Director Mrs Faye T Evans, God bless you all. My experience at Affordable Training have been absolutely amazing.

Address: 7867 Lakeland St, Jacksonville, FL 32221

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Acumen CNA Training & Testing Center

Hands on CNA training with my trainer Ms. Chavany she was nothing short of amazing! They train you for the state exam in less than a week. I was able to pass my exam with their expertise. I also came back to get my BLS/CPR Cert. They are literally a one stop shop for your cna and med certification needs ⭐️ Thank you! Would definitely recommend. Acumen has a wonderful training program. Mrs. Laiza our training instructor is very patient and helpful. 💜 it can be annoying when you have to clarify things repeatedly but Mrs laiza had no problems doing so and I appreciate that so much!! Everything is hands meaning everyone’s involved. Everyone is different and my class everyone had character so it was very animated/ fun. You would expect it to be boring and slow but no. You learn so much with wonderful people and instructors. Thank you Acumen for helping me! I took the CNA course and the BLS course. Let me tell you guys. This place is it! I passed my state test with flying colors. They give you a website at the end of class to practice and study. An then at the beginning of the class they give you a book.

Address: 5820 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205

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American Red Cross

GREAT place to get the best education on becoming a CNA. Awesome program, excellent instructors, and amazing hands on experience both in the classroom & in clinicals. Really prepped me for real life career situations. Thank you. The Red Cross here in Jacksonville did a terrific job in helping the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Mathew. The efforts of the volunteers to bring back a normalcy of life is often not seen by all, but it appreciated by those who are involved or affected in disasters. Very nice people, very nice place! There is a dire need for blood donations…Please donate ASAP, and often, if possible. Thank you to Red Cross Ms. Sneed! She doing a great job and patient. Thank for your time to teach us how to use the tech thing. 😊 Great place for resources when loss during severe weather, floods, and fire.

Address: 751 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32204

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North Florida Medical Institute

I wouldn’t even give this place one star, they are a FRAUD!! unless you have $450 to waste I highly recommend finding an accredited phlebotomy class. I never received my hard copy of my certification, I’ve called about 50 times they keep giving me excuses as to why I haven’t received it ( Its coming up on a year now) still haven’t gotten it even offered to pick it up from Jacksonville they declined and said they’ll send it in the mail. This is not an accredited program it is not through the National Healthcare Association even though Ms.Carter the instructor said it was they never heard of them. The class was held in a hotel room with the instructor is giving you the answers to the exam for the certification and she wore flip flops with her thongs were hanging out of pants very unprofessional. DO NOT PAY YOUR MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE! ITS A SCAM! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! Mrs. Monica Carter is a phenomenal instructor for phlebotomy. Highly recommend this institution for agencies looking to quickly, safely, and effectively certify employees in phlebotomy. Mrs. Monica and Ms. Toni are amazing. They are kind respectful and do an excellent job explaining procedure’s.

Address: 840 Edgewood Ave S #204, Jacksonville, FL 32205

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A+ CNA Training and Phlebotomy certification

I took this Phlybotomy course recently and it was absolutely a BLAST!!! Not only do you actually learn all of the basics (and more advanced lab tech which is definitely worth the small amount of extra money if you choose to) but you also do live blood draws. Lisa is the instructor/owner and does an incredible job of making everything fun and bringing the class together which makes it that much better. if you ever want to practice afterward they give you options like interning, coming back for a class from week to week, and will work with you to even find a job!! They have resume templates and resources.. you won’t find a better course in the state NO DOUBT! It’s hard to make light but also be professional and courteous about drawing blood and needles but she is the best at it! you get the book work but you also get the real deal experience of DOING it. 👍👍👍 This place is amazing and so are the instructor’s! They helped make a long time dream of mine come true. I had some experience drawing blood before so I wasn’t as nervous, but they welcomed anyone back to practice with other classes if you wanted even more training.

Address: The Salem Centre, 7235 Bentley Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

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North Florida Training Center

Affordable pricing, friendly staff and instructors, what more can you ask for? Thanks to NFTC I was able pass my Florida state CNA exam. If you’re looking for a program that will totally prepare you up to your test date, NFTC is the place to be, and the facility is second to none. The phone number doesn’t work. People have asked questions, but no response to any of them.

Address: 5310 Lenox Ave #21b, Jacksonville, FL 32205

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