Best CNA Training in Iowa

CNA Schools IowaRating
Health Tech Associates4.9
Iowa Lakes Community College – Emmetsburg Campus4.9
Kirkwood Continuing Education Training Center4.8
DMACC Southridge Center4.5
Southwestern Community College4.5
Northwest Iowa Community College4.5
DMACC Ankeny Campus4.4
Western Iowa Tech Community College4.3
Hawkeye Community College4.3
DMACC Transportation Institute4.3
Iowa Central Community College4.2
Kirkwood Community College4.1
Clinton Community College4.0
DMACC Urban Campus4.0
Marshalltown Community College4.0
Iowa Western Community College3.9

Health Tech Associates

CNA Classes Iowa - Health Tech Associates

Tanya was a wonderful teacher. She is understanding about students limitations they have and help correspond to them. I really think is a good place to get your cna and med aide. It was a great experience! I really love my instructors both Tanya and Linsey. I 10/10 recommend getting CNA and CMA certified through Health Tech! Tanya and Morgan are amazing at what they do, as well as so easy to work with and so much fun! I cannot thank them enough for helping me become certified! DeeDee is a good instructor & very straightforward. Will help you and make sure you are doing the procedures the correct way in order to be successful. Really recommend taking this course for CNA. Tanya is amazing! She helped me schedule our company’s CPR re-certification. It was my first time through organizing this and she helped me understand what was needed for our staff. Tanya arrived early on the day of our in person component and made it as easy and painless as she could for our staff to get certified. Even made the training fun! Would highly recommend using her! Class and clinical instructors are very sweet and super helpful and I definitely learned a lot. I had such a good experience with this CNA class.

Address: 1441 29th St STE 303, West Des Moines, IA 50266

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Iowa Lakes Community College – Emmetsburg Campus

CNA Classes Iowa - Iowa Lakes Community College - Emmetsburg Campus

Awesome and very understanding staff greeted me at the door and gave me a great tour of the school and the program I will be attending. No question was left unanswered and they were very professional. This school is very nice as a student of color, respect and fair treatment is very dear to me and Iowa Lakes Community College portrays that. I’m a current student here, and I think it’s a great college to attend. They are currently updating the school, and it’s an easier college to navigate in. Clean school, knowledgeable staff, great campus!

Address: 3200 College Dr, Emmetsburg, IA 50536

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Kirkwood Continuing Education Training Center

CNA Classes Iowa - Kirkwood Continuing Education Training Center

Took the motorcycle basic skills class, very informative, had a great time. It was hot and you have to wear a long sleeve shirt. A beautiful well organized building that is a huge improvement over the old building for commercial vehicle driver training. Great addition to the main campus. They are continuing to make improvements to the facility to improve training offered. I like the layout.

Address: 101 50th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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DMACC Southridge Center

CNA Classes Iowa - DMACC Southridge Center

Inside nice. It is a great affordable way to start your college era! Great place and location to go to college. Perfect for first year students that live in the area. Friendly staff. It provides convenience and comfort to the students that attend here. Very nice clean campus. Great place to work, and a great atmosphere for students. Very helpful and polite staff. Clean. Modern design. Eco friendly. Easy to navigate. Remodeled newer classrooms.

Address: 1111 E Army Post Rd, Des Moines, IA 50315

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Southwestern Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Southwestern Community College

Went in to the Adult and Continued Learning office to take my CASAS assessment so I can start CNA classes. They were very helpful and worked hard to get it straightened out so I was able to take the assessment. My instructor modelled a positive, professional attitude to treat geriatric patients with. After many years of graduating from Southwestern Community College, I am glad they prepared me for being a Geriatric CNA. Small class sizes, hands-on experiences, and instructors/staff members that are dedicated to the students’ futures are just a few reasons why Southwestern Community College is a great college choice! Great college experience with small school perks! SWCC is a really nice college they have friendly people, it’s just a nice college in general. Great college to have in our area! Offers a wide variety of classes and opportunities. Great place to get your education!

Address: 1501 W Townline St, Creston, IA 50801

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Northwest Iowa Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Northwest Iowa Community College

It’s very lovely here, everyone is so sweet! Pretty expensive though, to get items from the shop. Went to the ribbon cutting of Bldg D! Very impressive addition to campus! The admission process was excellent! I completed the LPN program several years ago as an older adult. Had graduation for my daughter from the LPN program. Amazing new investment and developments at NCC. I went here for my CNA testing and they are Covid friendly and the people are great. Good campus buildings. Great graduation.

Address: 603 W Park St, Sheldon, IA 51201

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DMACC Ankeny Campus

CNA Classes Iowa - DMACC Ankeny Campus

Staff here has been amazing and helpful for my first semester here. It’s a gorgeous campus, everything is so clean, and my classes are great. I couldn’t have made a better choice in choosing Ankeny DMACC campus to achieve my life goals. Absolutely fantastic buildings and staff!! Love going here! Dealing with DMACC’s fin aid office is quite stress free compared to another school I attended in the past and it was a relief. Also anyone I’ve spoke to here is friendly and I’ve gotten consistent info across the board. Beautiful campus clean buildings they have an indoor gym with a pool. Fantastic customer service and huge conference rooms that can be rented out. They also have a coffee shop, a Subway, an Asian Cuisine, and a Mediterranean Cuisine place to eat as well. Great place to get your education. Decent size classes and staff is very helpful. Went to the culinary arts for lunch. Very very polite workers The food and desserts were awesome I definitely recommend anybody to go Just have to make a reservations in order to go though. Thank goodness, I went to this campus over Iowa State University because I wasn’t too sure which was better for doing my automotive classes, this or at Ames.

Address: 2006 S Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny, IA 50023

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Western Iowa Tech Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Western Iowa Tech Community College

When I last attended I used the disability services because I qualify for their help under the ADA(Americans with disability act). The person in charge of assisting me actively worked against my needs and in the long run is the direct cause of me dropping the class and eventually leaving college. It is my belief that the disability services was in violation of the ADA. My main issue was that testing center lady. I had taken the CNA course and was all done clinicals. The 2nd time I took the computer portion I accidentally misclicked on something and she was Extremely rude and unprofessional about it for something that took her three seconds to do. I have hearing loss And couldn’t afford to hearing aids at the time. I didn’t realize at the time that it was such a chore to do something that took only three seconds to do. Not at all what I expected from a 2 year school. I am in the Information Systems program here (Computer programming/Computer science). Very relaxed environment, extremely flexible homework setup, and overall one of the best environments for learning I have ever been in. A little disappointed in the General Education part of the school but I can deal with that.

Address: 4647 Stone Ave, Sioux City, IA 51106

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Hawkeye Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Hawkeye Community College

What a great place. I had the pleasure to visit this fantastic College. The staff is very professionel and very helpfull. It’s a honor to work together with such great place and I hope to be back soon. All my teachers for gen eds were so nice and made class enjoyable. Awesome teachers. I feel Hawkeye is often underrated but they always seem to have improved over the years. The schedule of classes are so much better than years ago, more online and tues/thurs classes allowed for students to work more on the side. I appreciate the experience here. Always a good experience at the dental hygienist school. We are treated well, they are practicing all safety measures to deal with Covid 19. Our care is outstanding, with students doing an excellent job explaining what they are doing and completing the exam, cleanings, and x-rays as needed. Hawkeye offers a number of great programs, so students should have no problem finding something that fits their interests! Hawkeye has an amazing campus and great curriculum for many outstanding careers!

Address: 1501 E Orange Rd, Waterloo, IA 50701

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DMACC Transportation Institute

CNA Classes Iowa - DMACC Transportation Institute

Instructors are impatient, and very shorthanded, only small amount of drive time given, will have nothing to show for it. Great school. The instructors are great to work with. Great group of people! They care about teaching you the knowledge and skills that you need to get your CDL. Great student to instructor ratio. Late model well maintained equipment. The instructors were great. They taught me the skills I needed to pass the DOT driving and skills test. Instructors and everyone involved very helpful with the clear goal of making sure I passed and got my cdl. I got my CDL 18 years ago and this is the best trucking school ever. Had no prior industry experience whatsoever – in 6 weeks had GREAT training with instructors who had decades of trucking experience – Now I have employers fighting over me – Great program !! Thanks. A good place to get started as a truck driver. Great school!

Address: 2081 NE 54th Ave, Des Moines, IA 50313

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Iowa Central Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Iowa Central Community College

Great school with a smaller campus feel and welcoming students and staff. Technology savvy with nice dorms and class rooms. Several athletic options and lots of vocal, instrumental, and theatre options. Great nursing program and fantastic facilities. Excellent staff. Especially great for non-traditional students studying Human Services. Tons of things to do and lots of available help and support. However, their online classes are not the best and the online teachers don’t really help. Iowa Central Community College is a great place to start your new academic courses. The campus WiFi is the worst and the food is not great, but the teachers clearly care. The COVID procedures are impressive. However, some students have had negative experiences with certain professors and the nursing program. Overall, a decent school to attend with a large campus feel and excellent music and drama departments.

Address: One Triton Cir, Fort Dodge, IA 50501

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Kirkwood Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood is a fantastic school with high level talent. The college seems to view itself as a service to paying customers (a bafflingly rare delight), and offers courses that inspire good work and deep thinking. Kirkwood *far* exceeds any other educational institution I’ve attended. The admission process is transparent, the courses you’re paying for are clearly outlined, the requirements of the course are made plain at the start of the term… man. I can’t say enough nice things. And you know what? I never once had anyone correct me to say “Call me ‘Doctor’ “. That may not mean much to you, but it meant a hell of a lot to me. Do yourself a favor and go here for your first two years with an eye to transfer on, should that be your aim. You’re not just getting more for your money. You’re flat out getting more. Great professors and tuition price. Whenever I call with a question everyone is helpful. Kirkwood is so great, I got to take classes for free in highschool, so I’ll graduate with a two year degree and two certificates, and it’ll only take 2 years.

Address: 6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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Clinton Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Clinton Community College

I absolutely love the girls you have working in the bookstore! They’re so nice and helpful! Anytime I’ve had a problem they’ve made sure to go above and beyond to help me. Definitely getting all my books from here now. Friendly staff and faculty and lots of opportunities for learning new things! I enjoyed my education here. I appreciate the professional, yet relaxed, environment they provided while I obtained my degree. If I found myself struggling, I could always find help. They want you to succeed here. A very nice facility well run. Good place to learn.

Address: 1000 Lincoln Blvd, Clinton, IA 52732

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DMACC Urban Campus

CNA Classes Iowa - DMACC Urban Campus

I love DMACC as I graduated from Urban Campus many years ago and now work there! We provide a safe, friendly and comfortable learning environment! Most courses are available online during these trying times. Good luck to all future students! At the moment, DMACC is not operating as should be. Security is functioning regularly, but offices are closed to the general public as far as I am concerned. No in-person services now. But it’s a cool place to study or browse using free wifi on campus grounds. I love the peace and silence I usually experience when here… Going through college here has been a great experience. Very helpful staff and professors, and a great way to get through the initial credits for a 4 year college. This is where I acquired most of my technical skills in computer programming and database administration. The schedules are flexible. It’s an awesome institution. I went to school here and graduated from here onto Simpson College. Great place. Caring professors. Many opportunities to network. Very clean campus. Always a spot for free parking. People only rated this college negatively because they probably aren’t very good students either. I know so many great people went to school here and graduate onto doing something amazing. Also provides a lot of jobs for students!

Address: 1144 7th St, Des Moines, IA 50314

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Marshalltown Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Marshalltown Community College

My friends who have attended this college or are currently attending have good things to say about it. The newer buildings are nice inside and out. The main building could stand for an update. The times I’ve been there were all good and the classes I taken were informative and had great instructors. Son goes to this college, second yr in. He is on the basketball team. Made some great friends. The area is not that big, however everything (restaurants, shopping etc) is off the main drag. Administrative staff was very helpful and informative. Coach Lees, (baseball), was fantastic in taking all the time to show us around. A really great school to go-to Go Tigers Basketball …Veteran friendly, great professors, and all round atmosphere. I’m glad I chose this school. I mean, I go to college here is its preety good.

Address: 3700 S Center St, Marshalltown, IA 50158

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Iowa Western Community College

CNA Classes Iowa - Iowa Western Community College

The campus was very easy to find and parking was a breeze. As far as I could see it was a wonderful atmosphere people were friendly and helpful. The environment and people are so much more inclusive and helpful when compared to the 2 high schools. Professors are helpful and the cafeteria food is good (for the most part lol) it also tidy. Overall, a more enjoyable experience, especially compared to TJ and AL (I’ve been to both). Great learning experience visiting the auto lab! Looks like a pretty nice place for a 2 year community college. The campus isn’t too big and is laid out well. Out of state tuition was only a few dollars more than in state, which is nice being right next to Omaha. Beautiful campus. Efficient staff. Something for all. Iowa Western Community College is a great asset in the Council Bluffs community! They offer a wide variety of career opportunities for students. They are a great partner with our local high schools and they work with community organizations to address the workforce needs of our region. I went to school here and worked here the college is very beautiful beautiful campus full of woods a great Frisbee golf course. We have a wide range of academic programs to take including a great nursing program and tech courses.

Address: 2700 College Rd, Council Bluffs, IA 51503

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