Best CNA Classes in Idaho

CNA Training IdahoRating
Medical Career Academy5.0
Phlebotomy Training Specialists5.0
Idaho CPR Plus5.0
Idaho Medical Academy4.9
College of Southern Idaho4.6
College of Eastern Idaho4.4
North Idaho College Workforce Training Center4.3
College of Western Idaho4.1
North Idaho College4.1
Carrington College3.7
Idaho Centennial Job Corps3.7

Medical Career Academy

CNA Classes Idaho - Medical Career Academy

This school and this staff changed my life. They gave me all the resources I needed to be successful and competitive and help helped me kick start my career in the medical field. Donna is by far one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. She is great at keeping the students engaged and providing us with everything we needed to pass the national exam with flying colors. I took the medical assisting course it went so well that I also signed up for the phlebotomy course and IV training to better my skillset and it made all the difference out in the clinics. They provided such a fun, positive and safe learning environment. All of the instructors and staff there are excellent! 10/10 would recommend! The Instructor Eric was a phenomenal teacher and the facility was clean and stocked with everything you could possibly need to go through the courses that MCA has to offer. The doctor office room was a huge bonus to be able to practice our skill and Donna was right there to offer up support and her arm to the students. I highly recommend MCA as your go-to in the Treasure Valley! Donna is an amazing instructor, she takes the time to make sure you understand what is going on & will help you as much as possible for you to understand how to do everything.

Address: 2082 S Eagle Rd, Meridian, ID 83642

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Phlebotomy Training Specialists

CNA Classes Idaho - Phlebotomy Training Specialists

JulieAnn is the BEST teacher ever!!! she makes sure all of her students succeed & provides them extra opportunities to learn more. she really is one of the good ones & any past student of hers are so lucky to have had her as an instructor! JulieAnn is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had. The class is very hands on and fast paced. I really enjoyed it and the environment. I will definitely be coming back …Loved being in this class, met some awesome people and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor JulieAnn is a gem!✨I loved everything about this class, and Nikki was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and patient with me. 10 out of 10 would recommend her and the training center to anyone wanting to further their career or gain knowledge. JulieAnn McDougall deserves 10. She was a thoughtful and patient instructor. The class was both fun and educational thanks to JulieAnn. I really learned a lot from her and this course. By the end of this course, you truly feel ready to excel in the field of phlebotomy. The course was inexpensive but well rounded and truly worth the time and money.

Address: 4869 W Malad St A, Boise, ID 83705

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Idaho CPR Plus

CNA Classes Idaho - Idaho CPR Plus

Idaho CPR Plus did a great job on their CPR and First Aid classes! The instructors make it informative and fun as well so the students remember the material. They also keep the class engaged. It’s important to have the knowledge and skills that can help save lives! Engaging instructor, easy to follow video, hands on instruction, small class with personal attention. Although I had been certified in CPR years ago, this was a great refresher for me. It wasn’t just a “do this, do that” training; it was also reasons WHY you do this or why you don’t do that, which made it more understandable and easy to remember. Idaho CPR plus is a great company to take classes from, very professional and knowledgeable staff. The owner is great to work with as well, she went out of her way to accommodate my company’s needs for multiple classes. Will continue to do all my future trainings with them. Thank you, Lisa and staff. The class was not super large with so people, so it’s nice to receive the attention and get all questions answered when I asked. Chris, the instructor has many years of experience and it was nice to take vantage of asking someone with so much knowledge. Definitely recommend this CPR training class for anyone.

Address: 3669 W Wright St, Boise, ID 83705

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Idaho Medical Academy

CNA Classes Idaho - Idaho Medical Academy

Excellent instructors! We learned a lot and laughed a lot too. Very enjoyable and interactive. The facility is clean, equipment is very well maintained and up to date, and the comfortable classroom made a long day feel shorter 🙂 IMA is a great place, very welcoming. I am taking an EMT course with Jackson and he is very good about answering questions when they arise and demonstrating and explaining things more than once and in more ways that way we all can understand. Also, he is friendly and makes jokes all the time. I also just took my BLS cert class with Kate and loved how she got straight to the point and was very helpful with corrections and feedback. I have been CPR certified every year for the last 10 years and I haven’t had a better BLS instructor than Kate. She was very friendly and I would 10/10 recommend to take a course with IMA or even just get CPR certified as it is something that may seem like just a card but it is one of the most important skills that you can ever learn and you don’t have to have it just to be apart of EMS, it is helpful for knowing what to do when someone is choking or going into cardiac arrest. Anyways, I highly recommend IMA!!

Address: 2323 S Vista Ave Suite 203, Boise, ID 83705

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College of Southern Idaho

CNA Classes Idaho - College of Southern Idaho

Feel free to go to this college if you want a bunch of busywork, nothing assignments that do nothing to further your education. The administration is also appalling incompetent. Teachers are nice for the most part, but the structure of classes (often beyond their control) is not conducive for learning. I give them a 0 star rating on community safety. They have no mask policy and students and staff are not required to wear masks. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and Idaho is one of the hardest hit states in the country. CSI is doing nothing about it. As a student, I feel unsafe in my classes where almost all students are unmasked and many of them are coughing and hacking. Honestly, I’m scared. My College of Southern Idaho experience was a wonderful one. As a non-traditional student, I enjoyed the many courses I took and the professors and teachers who made it possible. I majored in music and know that the music and drama departments offer an excellent program with much individual attention that is lacking in universities and larger schools. CSI gave me the background to be able to go on to earn both a BA and and MS at other schools.

Address: 315 Falls Ave, Twin Falls, ID 83301

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College of Eastern Idaho

CNA Classes Idaho - College of Eastern Idaho

I love the College of Eastern Idaho! I started working here back in October. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. The employees and faculty are dedicated to helping the students have the best college experience possible. There are so many resources available to help students and there’s often fun and inspiring activities and events happening on campus. Nice and clean campus seems to be well organized, the technical department seems very organized with all the tools and the training necessary to be prepared for my job. The campus was so clean and so organized that I think I will sign my wife up so she can start classes in the fall. Just found out that they are partnering with local highschools to get kids s head start to schooling… Very cool. I went to the CEI testing center for a real estate exam. The testing center specialists were very kind and easy to work with. I am a current BYU Idaho student and enjoyed this testing center far better. Amazing staff, scholarship opportunities I never even thought possible and resource s to help you live your life in and outside of school. These people and this place has changed my life!

Address: 1600 S 25th E, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

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North Idaho College Workforce Training Center

CNA Classes Idaho - North Idaho College Workforce Training Center

The worst customer service I’ve ever had in my entire life! Called 7 times just to be answered rudely and not even able to get the answers I was looking for. The customer service representative named Terri was extremely rude and inconsiderate. It is a very clean place. I enjoyed my training there tremendously. The instructor was clear spoken quick to point and made the whole class flow very well. I loved the course I took and felt like my instructor was more than knowledgeable. Love this place. It’s a great school and amazing campus. Thanks for being there for us. It is amazing how this place meets a need in the community for extended education. The staff is wonderful as well, and my son has enjoyed the kids camp classes for the past two summers. What a wonderful opportunity it has been to participate and benefit from the classes and information that the NIC Workforce Training Center has to offer. I highly recommend their services. Had an awesome teacher, learned a lot and enjoyed my class. I was today in for my written Test, everyone was very nice and encouraged me! What can I say. , I made it …Easy to handle the business I need to handle here for plumbing school. A fun and energetic place!

Address: 525 Clearwater Loop, Post Falls, ID 83854

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College of Western Idaho

CNA Classes Idaho - College of Western Idaho

CWI in conclusion is affordable. The education meets expectations, teachers are helpful/colorful, classrooms are medium size like high school; so you get the student participation/feedback that assists you in your development and growth. Its a little dull but if you work, your older, or are looking for parallel education to other schools at half the price CWI is fine. Good place to get your education in a very reasonable price. Free parking, good location, the campus will be bigger in the future. Great school! The campus is well taken care of and the staff is very friendly. I would suggest this school if you are a canyon county resident who is trying to get through school without having to make the trip to Boise State University. Low tuition, great instructors and staff. Free parking and plenty of it! Also, as a student you receive Microsoft Office Suite for free to download on your computer (as long as you have an active school email), which saves tons of money. The staff wants you to succeed and they will provide you the tools to do so. I look forward to when I transfer to BSU, however, I will sincerely miss this community college. Highly recommend!

Address: 5500 E Opportunity Dr, Nampa, ID 83687

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North Idaho College

CNA Classes Idaho - North Idaho College

Really great outdoor hoopfest setup put on by NIC. The campus is beautiful and able to be enjoyed by members of the community as well. Most of the professors genuinely want their students to succeed and are good teachers. IT is great too and always very helpful. All the classes I gave enrolled at NIC has been very professional and informative. The campus is beautiful too. Always nice here. Stopped here to eat some lunch wth a friend. Beautiful view, beautiful river! I recommend this place for a visit for sure! Thank you for hosting the north Idaho veterans Stand Down. Such a great event and the venue was perfect.

Address: 1000 W Garden Ave, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

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Carrington College

CNA Classes Idaho - Carrington College

I struggled a bit at first and was unsure if I made the right decision by going back to school, however the staff all were very helpful and kind especially Melinda the financial aid advisor, she has helped me through so many problems not only with the financial part; She has gone above and beyond for me.. the support really helped me feel comfortable in continuing on my classes. I am so thankful for everyone and their help, but especially Melinda! I am getting good grades and I am happy there is such a good team at this school that can help me throughout the rest of my education here at Carrington. Due to the abundance of student applicants in Northern California, discouragement began to mount. However, a friend from my LVN cohort moved to Boise to escape the demoralizing student lottery system… After her first term, she couldn’t believe how amazing her instructors were; literally nothing but good things to say (who knew it was possible). Anyhow, I followed in her footsteps and I am half-way through the program; graduation, Nov. 10, 2023. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! The staff at Carrington are wonderful people who are dedicated to each student’s success. I couldn’t be happier with my

Address: 1122 N Liberty St, Boise, ID 83704

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Idaho Centennial Job Corps

CNA Classes Idaho - Idaho Centennial Job Corps

My friend went here. I’ve never been but it seems okay. I had a awesome time here at the centennial job corps! I joined back in 2012. Had so much fun in my trade, made life long friends and the staff were awesome. Many thanks to the my Chef instructors Sam, Jack, Betty, Alex, Brian and Al! I miss you guys! In the classes you actually ti learn something that will help you in life, the staff and the teachers were great! I graduated from this Job Corps electrical program in 1999. I completed my highschool diploma, and later became a master electrician. I now own a very successful electrical contracting business that has provided a comfortable life for my family and many others and that was built from nothing and the training i first received at Job Corps. I would highly recommend this program. Caring staff, great curriculum, promoting student responsibility in a great facility = success for job corps participants. Drama, yes there is. If you keep your focus on your goal, it is achievable…my son is proof! graduated in November, 2017. I am a fan of Job Corps! Telling anyone who will listen and who might need the help it offers.

Address: 3201 Ridgecrest Dr, Nampa, ID 83687

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