CNA Classes in DallasRating
Legacy Career Institute. Best Training for CNA, Phlebotomy, PCT and EKG.5.0
BASH Career Institute5.0
Career Discover Academy5.0
TSC Career Institute5.0
Bethesda Career Institute (CNA)5.0
Necole’s Learning Academy Garland5.0
Vinepress Training Center4.9
Texas Career Institute Cna School4.7
Dallas Career Institute4.7
B & M Career Institute4.7
Centric Nursing Institute for Nurse Aide/CNA4.6
C E Global Health Education Network Inc4.5
CCI Training Center – Dallas Campus4.3
Teamwork Career Institute4.3
Arizona College of Nursing – Dallas4.3
CTK Healthcare and Career Institute4.1
PCI Health Training Center3.9
Alliance Career Institute, LLC3.8

Legacy Career Institute. Best Training for CNA, Phlebotomy, PCT and EKG.

LOVED the school! Would highly recommend!!! Loved my instructors as well… Any questions I had, they were there to answer same day! Very knowledgeable of the material! If you decide to further your edu., come here!!! I enrolled for the 4 day phlebotomy course and it was an amazing experience! We even started practicing sticking on the first day, which shocked us all, but it helped us break the nervousness and get more comfortable throughout the program. Legacy Career Institute is an amazing place to train for a health care career. The instructors care if you actually learn skills. This is not a school that helps you memorize information just to pass a test. They want you to be able in enter the workforce and succeed. Top notch, quality education!! This is a fantastic institute!! So helpful and SO flexible. I did the CNA training and I highly recommend for anyone wanting to get certified in a quick amount of time. I cannot recommend this place enough!!! I love that this facility allows you to pick from a wide array of schedules. If you’re trying to decide between this facility and a different one- pick this one! Nora is so helpful! She does everything to make sure you pass!

Address: 2550 E Trinity Mls Rd #102, Carrollton, TX 75006

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BASH Career Institute

I got my CNA certification here and Ms. Genevieve is a very passionate teacher. She not only helped us during the time of the class, but she continued to push us to schedule our exam date and offered to let us come practice in her lab, even after the classroom days were over. She is also very flexible and understands the situations of people who are already working in this field and want to get certified, and she did her best to make it possible for us to take the class with our various circumstances. Bash Career Institute is a place to be. I passed my CNA exams both written and clinical to the glory of God. Kudos to our excellent and well knowledgeable instructor, Madam Genevieve. She supplies you with all the necessary materials you will need to pass your exams. She cares about your success and follows you to the end. The environment of the school is neat, and very conducive for learning. I recommend and encourage anyone who wishes to become a future CNA to enroll here. If your thinking of becoming a CNA, I highly recommend Bash Career with Ms. Genevieve. She is extremely knowledgeable and very effective with teaching.

Address: 13405 Floyd Cir, Dallas, TX 75243

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Solomon’s Healthcare Academy is the best place to take the Nclex RN review class if you are in Dallas. I passed my Nclex RN through the guidance and support of Dr Varughese and Geemon Sir. The classes, one on one’s and strategy classes helps me to understand the contents and achieve my goal of passing the Nclex. I would highly recommend Solomon’s Healthcare Academy.

Address: 1212 N Josey Ln #214, Carrollton, TX 75006

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Career Discover Academy

Career Discovery Academy is a great place to learn in a welcoming environment. Maegan is great and really takes the time to make sure her students know the material and understand the procedures. Highly recommend and I would take this course again. Maegan was the BEST teacher! Easy to understand, patient, and explained everything well. She made each class day exciting & ensured that we had ample time to practice our skills before the state exam. Her knowledge of the information was very apparent & she made an an effort to mold the curriculum to each student and switched up her teaching approach based off of what each student needed. Bryan was the best BLS instructor I’ve ever sat under & made the whole experience full of laughter and ensured that each student had a complete understanding of the information. I would 1000% recommend attending Career Discover Academy for all your medical student needs. I passed both sections of the CNA exams thanks to Maegan, Bryan, and the CDA team!

Address: 2639 Walnut Hill Ln Suite 118, Dallas, TX 75229

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TSC Career Institute

TSC is a wonderful school with a great staff, very hands on with training. They do everything in their power to help you past the state exam. Mrs. Schwon is the best teacher! I had a great experience. She helps train you to pass your written and clinical tests. I passed on the first try with both because of the course material and training I got. The instructor Mrs. Jackson will work with you on things you need help with. This school is amazing and I learned so much from it, I would recommend anyone to attend here. The staff and the teachers are kind, and they walk u step by step to help you. As long as you are also dedicated on your own with studying and retaining the material the course will really set you up for success. This school is well-equipped to provide CNA training by way of modern equipment in the skills lab and an open-concept classroom layout. TSC is a very good CNA school with an awesome instructor and work with their students. I highly recommend this program! Best school for CNA or any medical field…Excellent school very great instructor.

Address: 909 Gross Rd #360, Mesquite, TX 75149

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Bethesda Career Institute (CNA)

If you are looking for that institution that can accommodate your busy work schedule, Bethesda Career Institute is the place for you. The instructor is very patient and understanding. She walks the journey with her students breaking down the coursework to be easily digested. She is always available to answer to students queries and i truly appreciate her for walking this journey with us. Thank you Pst Isy for who you are what you do for everyone who comes your way. God bless and prosper you more. Overall this class was amazing, very accommodating for my busy work schedule, and the instructor is very good at breaking down each chapter to help her students better understand the material. She’s quick to respond to our questions, and needs. I highly recommend this course for those who are looking to get their CNA certification. Great CNA school!! Professor Isy is great at explaining and preparing us for the final exam and went above and beyond helping me get in the job of my dreams!!!. In just few weeks I was able to obtain my CNA certification. It’s affordable, doable and flexible. She’ll work with you! Best Choice of my life!! It opened the doors to the health care field and thanks to her I’m on my way to pursuing a nursing career.

Address: 746 Lingco Dr, Richardson, TX 75081

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Necole’s Learning Academy Garland

This is a great school for healthcare training and education. The instructors are very knowledgeable, the staff is amazing, and the school has a very nice environment! This is an extension to the reputable Necole’s Learning Academy in Jacksonville and offers the same classes and more!! The academy is extremely convenient for working parents as well. The teachers are so nice and also care for each and every student like they were their own. The several coworkers I know who have gone through this program have all excelled academically. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a great school with great teachers and a fun environment. The owner and staff are dedicated in helping students succeed to be successful in have a rewarding career in the medical field. They teach you what you need to know. They offer online and in person classes. So many classes offered choose one.

Address: 4821 Saturn Rd, Garland, TX 75041

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Vinepress Training Center

Vinepress Training Center is an excellent school for those that crave to excel, with a great instructor and her dedicated workforce. Mrs Justina is so inclined with what she teaches. She is a good teacher. I will refer people who are interested in getting their nursing license to enroll with her. The demonstrations of each of our skills was good. Vinepress is an excellent training center with wonderful staff members, the instructor Mrs Justina Ekezie is a wonderful woman with the inborn abilities to teach. She teaches until you understand what you are being taught. During the demonstration classes she took her time to demonstrate and explain each procedures until you have clear understanding of what you are being taught. Vinepress Training Center, is the best place to get your training. Ms Justina Ekezkie is a good teacher. She explains each topic for you to understand. She very friendly to her students but she doesn’t welcome laziness and lateness in her class. Vinepress Training center is a very good place to train for your medication Aide. You have qualitative teaching and optimal guide and assistance from the instructors and all staff of the center.

Address: 9550 Forest Ln #114, Dallas, TX 75243

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Texas Career Institute Cna School

DO NOT recommend. You pay so the teacher can just read off a book. And when i went to the skills class in person i asked her if she could demonstrate and she answered with “NO, but I’ll tell you”. DO NOT recommend teacher Tiffany Robinson. She’s not mean she is just plane RUDE. Ms. Renata Was an awesome instructor, she prepaired us very well and gave us the tools that we needed to Complete the phlebotomy program successfully. Ms. Renata was an excellent teacher. She made the experience of being in phlebotomy wonderful. I had fun while learning. Learned a lot of information in a short time frame and was able to retain the information. I wrote a sad review before because of misunderstanding. The staff at this institute truly care about us. I am very pleased to say I will be completing my second certification at this institution. Great place to learn your cna skills. Mrs Tiffany is a wonderful teacher with a great personality and really helps you learn your skills step by step. Highly recommend anyone looking to become a certified nurses aid. My teacher Mrs Tiffany was the best. She gave me all the information I needed. She made it has comfortable for me and my classmates to learn what we needed to learn.

Address: 3302 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75228

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Dallas Career Institute

I just completed my CNA course with Miss Morales and she was amazing! She is very detail oriented and knows the testing process inside and out. Memorizing the steps for the skills can seem overwhelming at first, but she makes you practice over and over again until it’s second nature. I highly recommend her class! Mrs. Nohemi Morales was the best teacher ever! We had lots of practice and practical skills. The teacher Nohemi Morales makes sure we understood every step the process and reasoning for why we take all the necessary steps. Our instructor Mrs. Morales really cares about her students actually understanding the content. I had a good time with Ms Grace, her CNA class is amazing. She’s very thorough in her teaching and always ready to repeat whenever you don’t understand. I recommend this class 💯. Definitely recommend taking your training here. The class is awesome, the workers are the best. Mrs. Morales is the best instructor I have ever met. I just finished the CNA program today, and I am very happy with the teaching I received throughout the last 4 weeks. My instructor was Nohemi Morales and she was extremely helpful. If we needed to repeat anything that we didn’t understand, she would go over it until we did.

Address: 9441 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75243

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B & M Career Institute

B&M Career Institute is a great place to learn. I took the phlebotomy course and passed my certification exam on the first go. I absolutely attribute this to Bryan. He is an awesome instructor! He also has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable. I truly enjoyed my time at B&M. Having a great group of classmates was a bonus. Highly recommend this school to go & get your education in. I got my phlebotomist certificate and I’m currently working at medical city!! This a legit Career institute. I have worked B & M now for about 7 years there are very dependable and trustworthy. I took my CNA class with them and phlebotomy. Now I am a certified phlebotomist leaving in my own house. They will help even to look for jobs. I recommend them to any one. I passed my exam on my first attempt 😭. I am so happy with my instructor Bryan he is the best in the world 🌎 I truly believe this. If you are looking for a caring instructor his the one. He hard on you but to better on self. Thank you for. Everything …I truly enjoyed the course.

Address: 9550 Forest Ln ste 515, Dallas, TX 75243

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Centric Nursing Institute for Nurse Aide/CNA

It was a very good learning experience. The instructor was awesome and he will work with you and your situation. Overall, awesome place to go, if you are in a budget and need things done quickly. It is somewhat a crash course, so be prepared to learn a lot in a short amount of time. This is among one of the best Nursing Schools in Dallas. The lecturers are very professional nurses and teach really good with great nursing examples that make it easy to remember what you learn. I enjoyed my time during the course and surely passed all my skills and written exams, a month after I graduated. Try them, you will not regret it. I will highly recommend this school for anybody that want to attend CNA school, the teacher is highly skillful also he will break it down, in smallest element, so that u can understand the basic foundation of CNA. I forget to mention, the fee is way reasonable compel to other school, and him is there for u anytime u have questions, ever due after the end of four weeks of schooling. I would highly recommend this school for anyone looking to get quality cna training and for a reasonable fee. Just did my state test and passed😊. I’m glad I made this choice.

Address: 1301 Northwest Hwy, Garland, TX 75041

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C E Global Health Education Network Inc

My only complaint is that I waited about 2 hours after my scheduled clinical exam time, altho the school I went to told me most places take all day anyway. The proctor was stern and left me feeling like I spent the day at the DPS. Otherwise the other staff I interacted with were nice. The lady at front desk was polite, the lady that was in charge of the CNA written exam was sincere. (written exam was taken right in time) A man who was part of the staff came out to talk to us waiting to take the clinical test and recommended helpful videos and tips to pass & study. If going for clinical take a fully charged phone, earbuds, study notes and lunch. The school staff was very rude as if it was my fault. Good thing I didn’t attend here for any training. I’ll be sure to let my colleagues about how unprofessional this place is. I wouldn’t schedule a test here ever again. I spent 2 weeks prepping for this exam just to be told to reschedule for an issue out of my control. This was a great team that really helped me pass my Medication Aide test! I would definitely recommend doing classes there!

Address: 1311 Marketplace Dr ste 180, Garland, TX 75041

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CCI Training Center – Dallas Campus

The people who work for this particular location are great. My second instructor, while new to instructing, was phenomenal. The coursework isn’t what I thought. Cost is somewhat reasonable, though I feel like I could have used primarily online resources and took the certification exams without using student loans. While I don’t regret my education at this school, mostly because of my second instructor, I’m not sure I can recommend this school as a solution for the acquisition of certifications. Additionally, you still have to go to an outside testing facility to get certifications. My Instructor, Dr. Tamara Haskins is not only adept at teaching Information and Technology related courses but also very helpful in every way possible to students for better learning purposes. I had an excellent experience overall with CCI Training Center-Dallas Campus. The staff is awesome and so is the education centre itself. I really appreciate all the staff at CCI Training Center Dallas campus! Before entering CCI Training Center, I was fairly new to the IT world. This school has helped me get certified and employed with my first IT job. I highly recommend this school. Dr. Haskins is a Great Teacher! The knowledge of the I.T teacher (Dr. Haskins) is second to none.

Address: 10830 N Central Expy # 410, Dallas, TX 75231

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Teamwork Career Institute

Perfect place for your “ancillary” nursing training programs. Awesome experience with the teacher. She really made the learning so easy to understand. All you need is to pay attention in class because you can really memorize the answers of the test during lectures. The training was great and I got a lot of real world job advice. If you are looking for training go here. Perfect place for you if you are looking for any nursing program. They’re just wonderful.

Address: 307 E Pioneer Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75051

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Arizona College of Nursing – Dallas

Ashley Day was very professional and personal. She made me feel like I was the only student applying, and she gave me complete confidence that I would succeed. The admission process was fast, simple, and stress free thanks to Ashley. Ashley Day is the best administrator I have ever met. She was persistent. She kept me updated. She helped me get into their nursing program and after that she still checked to make sure I was good to go! I love her work ethic! She definitely deserves a rage or higher promotion or something! Thank you Ashley!! My admissions process with Andi was very easy and smooth. Communication with the whole AZN team has been excellent. I can’t wait to see how I progress through the nursing program. Will update in a few months 🙂 My over all experience with this school has been wonderful! Everyone with Arizona College has been super helpful, kind and punctual with their replies and also get back to you very quickly if you have any questions on concerns. I would highly recommend Arizona college to anyone looking to continue their education. So far so good! I love this school. All of the professors are really helpful and there are many resources available. It’s a past paced program, but the instructors make the process easy!

Address: 8330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Suite B100, Dallas, TX 75243

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CTK Healthcare and Career Institute

This College is very good, very professional. I learned a lot skills related to healthcare such as Phlebotomy, EKG, Patient care, and CNA. That’s why I got a job as Patient Care Technician in a reputed hospital. I highly recommend this school if you are really serious about healthcare profession. Miss May is the best instructor someone could ask for. She explains everything very thoroughly. The entire facility is very generous and helpful with any questions you have. I am taking Medical Assisting class at CTK. I found the course is very interesting. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. They are available at anytime when needed. The patient care technician tutor is so much endowed with knowledge in the subject area and has the best teaching skills, he is hardworking and always motivated students to study. His approach of teaching made the whole course an interesting one. You will never regret if you start your nursing career with them. Prianca is the office admin. And is the best help from the start! She helped with the student loan process and kept me notified and well informed every step of the way! Classes are 3 days a week in class and online two days, in which the instructor will work with students hours and what fits with our schedule.

Address: 3455 N Belt Line Rd # 203, Irving, TX 75062

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PCI Health Training Center

PCI Richardson campus is an amazing school to attend! I’ve had a great experience. I loved all the instructors, our classes, even my externship site. From the financial aid process to now receiving my diploma has been a smooth experience! They will make sure you succeed, and help you in any way. Thanks to PCI I have a job I love to do. if you are considering to apply DO IT!!!!!!!I had the best teacher ms. Salamomca was the best teacher. I would definitely recommend Pci in dallasEnrolling here at PCI has been the best choice I could of made. Diana has played a big role in my life ever since I started school here, she made me be the person I am today, every time I need to talk to someone or ask for advise I know I can count on her. Even the financial aid process was easy with Serena’s help. The staff is great. I highly recommend this school because it has such great people that want to see you succeed. Thank you Diana for everything you do for me.PCI has indeed helped me expand my knowledge and get a better understanding of what it is I want from this field. I have had hands on experience that I wouldn’t have had in another school.

Address: 8101 John W. Carpenter Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247

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Alliance Career Institute, LLC

Scheduled my clinical skill exam here. Easy to find and large lobby area just outside the school. Ms. Jacquline was my proctor. Very welcoming, attentive, and gave easy step-by-step directions. Thankfully my partner and I was first. Great school, great tutors! I think one should focus more on their ability to impart knowledge which is excellent for me and for the students do less of being or wanting more attention. Got the best CNA training ever and If I decide on being a Med Ass. I will go back there. The suite is located in the south building. Ms Charlotte was an amazing exam proctor. Great school! Outstanding teacher who knows exactly how to teach make sure students know the material. I’d give a 10/10 anytime I’m asked about the school! Alliance Career cares for its students, and wants to see its Students succeed…..The professor is very nice and professional, and he will take time to make sure you understand everything before he moves on. The school is great and they are very professional. I will recommend the school anytime!

Address: 9304 Forest Ln #107, Dallas, TX 75243

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