Best CNA Classes in Colorado

CNA Schools ColoradoRating
South Denver School of Nursing Arts5.0
Nightingale School of Nursing Arts5.0
Voyager Nurse Aide Program Lakewood5.0
Metro Life Medical Education5.0
Saving American Hearts, Inc5.0
Phlebotomy Training Specialists5.0
Voyager CNA4.9
Ann Rose School-Nursing Arts4.9
EdCor – Medical Education & Training4.9
Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy School4.9
Voyager Home Health Care4.9
Front Range CPR and First Aid Training Center of Colorado4.9
Avanza Training4.6
Compass Nursing Arts, CNA School4.6
APLMED Academy4.5
Cherry Creek Building at the Community College of Denver4.5
IntelliTec College in Pueblo4.4
Western Colorado Community College4.3



Heart to Heart Academy, a very friendly, organized, and meticulous company providing excellent training and education for obtaining a CNA certification. Their instruction is really remembered, vibrant, and beneficial. They ensure that you fully comprehend the subject matter and offer assistance anytime you want it. The professors are wonderful people who are enjoyable to be around. They consistently check in with us to see how our days are going and make sure we enjoy our time there. If you don’t understand anything, they are really understandable. They have excellent advice, and I would gladly repeat the experience again. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are very caring and genuine, always checking in on you and your progress in the class. The other helping hands were also helpful when practicing the physical skills of being a CNA. This establishment is perfect if you are very busy during the work week, where you are able to get the requirements done over the weekend. The name heart to heart academy caught my attention the most from other schools than when I read all the great reviews it made me want to b a part of it. I called and they took me in within days and I was able to pay in payments:)

Address: 3239 S Academy Blvd #120, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

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South Denver School of Nursing Arts

CNA Classes Colorado - South Denver School of Nursing Arts

South Denver School of Nursing Arts has been the best training hands down i’ve ever received. Those classes didn’t have the materials and instructors that wanted to see you succeed like this school! The entire staff went above and beyond with helping me no matter what questions I had. SDSNA has such an amazing atmosphere, and really cares about its students. Nurse William was a detailed and informative instructor and all of the staff behaved with kindness and professionalism! Whitney will be your biggest cheerleader, and Karina is a fantastic coordinator. I Highly recommend SDSNA, they will set you up for success!! Whitney and Karina were VERY sweet, thoughtful, and actually cared about your education! The instructors are super kind, they actually teach amazing material and care for your success! This program is life changing and will get you ready to PASS those state boards! The South Denver School of Nursing Arts is nothing short of a Great school! Whitney, the owner, is an amazing person who will be with you during the entire course, supporting you and encouraging you to continue until the last moment. If you are committed to succeed in the healthcare environment as a CAN, this school is for you!

Address: 7853 E Arapahoe Ct Suite 3300, Centennial, CO 80112

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Nightingale School of Nursing Arts

CNA Classes Colorado - Nightingale School of Nursing Arts

This is an exceptional school! Shawn and Rhonda are great teachers. Shawn makes the material interesting and fun to learn. Shawn helps every student to complete their training and exams. I highly recommend Nightingale. With her many accomplishments in life she also desires to see others do the same. Her teammate Rhonda is also of great help, as they both encourage you as you get over those fears and conquer the tasks at hand. With hands on practice, ability to join class from home, and options of day or night classes really helped my schedule. I definitely recommend this course. Especially if you are in need to make a change of course in life immediately. It has sure made a difference in mine, and it’s was fun meeting new people as well. Shawn and Rhonda both were amazing teachers. I have always struggled with learning and I was scared to attend but they both made it easy by the way they teach. I will miss this experience but will never forget specially for all Shawn did for me, not just teaching me but encouraged me as-well. If you are thinking of attending a CNA school this is the one and you will not regret it. I promise!!! Thank you.

Address: 4955 W 72nd Ave D, Westminster, CO 80030

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Voyager Nurse Aide Program Lakewood

CNA Classes Colorado - Voyager Nurse Aide Program Lakewood

I loved voyager! Experience of labs and clinical were amazing. Lab instructor, Cassi, she was so nice and sweet! Clinical instructors, especially Lauren, were very brief and oriented on details. We knew what to expect and what to do during clinical hours. Thank you for having us, educating us, and making a great nurses from us! Voyager is very professional, as well as organized. They do a great job providing a plethora of important information regarding schooling, clinicals and testing. Laurel (the instructor on my last day of clinicals) was amazing. She guided us through everything and really made sure we felt confident and prepared. Couldn’t ask for a better program! Cassie was my lab instructor and Laurel was my clinical instructor. Both instructors were courteous, helpful and upfront about what would happen, how the experience might go and what would happen during the state exams. This program was amazing and I would gladly do it again in the future if I need to. My experience with Voyager was absolutely wonderful! The didactic portion of the course was very informative and easy to navigate. Lab with Cassi in Lakewood was a lot of fun and I learned so much.

Address: 1075 S Yukon St Suite 201, Lakewood, CO 80226

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Metro Life Medical Education

CNA Classes Colorado - Metro Life Medical Education

Small & excellent medical skills school with flexible schedule options and reasonably priced. They offer CNA, CPR & QMAP certification, etc – inquire for other training skills. All their reviews are stellar and there is a good reason for it. Justin, the owner, is as amazing as all reviews state: no need for fake reviews here. For CNA training I was trained by Ms Des for skills & when took skills test at Arapahoe they commented on how well prepared I was. Justin taught other portions of CNA class & I have observed him as an instructor and as a person on various occasions. He is an exceptional human being as well as an effective instructor and business manager. Justin is a phenomenal teacher!! The program at Metro Life Medical Education prepared me for the written and skills exam. They were flexible with my chaotic schedule and made it work for me! Highly recommend this program! I love this school. Everyone is so kind, professional, and wonderful to work with. Justin is an incredible teacher. He takes the time to listen and answer all questions. He also takes time to make sure his students get what they need. I completed the CNA certification program and honestly miss my classes with Justin and Des. I would highly recommend attending Metro Life Med Ed.

Address: 6990 W 38th Ave #100, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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Saving American Hearts, Inc

CNA Classes Colorado - Saving American Hearts, Inc

I really loved that I could renew my ACLS, PALS and BLS in one day, this alone will have me coming back for every renewal I need. Catherine and Nelson are incredible instructors, Nelson in particular has a wicked sense of humor that made class so much fun. A nice touch was the unlimited free coffee and a surprising variety of snacks. This was the best BLS and ACLS class myself and my team have ever taken!! We learned so much and it wasn’t intimidating at all. Also, I want to note that another company had bailed on us last minute, but Saving American Hearts stepped up to the plate to help us out. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Highly recommend. Catherine made it so easy to get both skills sessions booked and done in time. She is so friendly, has a ton of snacks, and really alleviates any stress you might have about the classes. I’ll be getting all my certifications through her from now on! Great classes! Fun learning environment. They make it a comfortable place to learn and grow in your skills while sharing lots of experience. The staff here is excellent. They offer online renewal with skills in person on mannequins which is great. Will definitely use them again. One of the best agencies ever!

Address: 6165 Lehman Dr #202, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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Phlebotomy Training Specialists

CNA Classes Colorado - Phlebotomy Training Specialists

Erin was an amazing instructor! She made the environment fun, welcoming, and made sure all of our questions were answered fully. As a person who’s a bit nervous when it comes to new situations, she let us go at our own pace and was very encouraging throughout everything. I highly recommend her and this course overall! Erin in Colorado Springs is absolutely amazing. She has many years of experience that aids in her teaching ability. She makes everyone in her class feel confident and well knowledgeable. Erin was phenomenal. The class was phenomenal. The experience was phenomenal. Overall it was great with all of the materials that were provided. I think the best part was the hands on training that most people don’t get. The only thing I would change would be be the draw stations because of how unstable they are. Other than that the material was great the facility was awesome. Thank you Erin for everything that you did and being a huge part of my journey in phlebotomy! Erin is honestly the best teacher ever! Class was amazing and she would help us out so much! I appreciate her time and patience! I learned so much and exited for the next journey. Thank you for being a great school and having the greatest teacher. Erin was awesome!

Address: 2930 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Suite 103, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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Voyager CNA

CNA Classes Colorado - Voyager CNA

Voyager CNA was awesome. The self paced curriculum was amazing, and prepared me for clinicals so well. They did an outstanding job in every sense. 10/10 recommend Voyager for anyone looking to get a CNA. The program is amazing! The online portion is very thorough and hits what is needed to be successful. My favorite part was teddy at skills. She is very knowledgeable and very in tune with her students. I enjoyed my experience and look forward to clinical. The instructor was nothing but lovely and really professional and made me confident during labs! As well as giving me great knowledge for the future exams and getting me ready to get my license. Teddy was my instructor for the skills lab and was so easy to talk with and very informative about everything. The cost was very affordable, the knowledge gained and flexibility made this program was everything I needed.

Address: 4667 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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Ann Rose School-Nursing Arts

CNA Classes Colorado - Ann Rose School-Nursing Arts

I had the best experience doing a fast track class at Ann Rose, I had Gretchen as my instructor and she was so informational and helpful and had the best stories to tell. Every person there is honestly so amazing and nice and helpful and wants to make sure you succeed and helps you to do that in every way they can. Heather set up everything for me and walked me through every step of the way. Sandy helped me with the skills portion and did an absolute amazing job making sure we understood everything. I highly recommend everyone use Ann Rose if your planning on going through nursing school. This family-owned nursing school is incredible. They are very responsive and helpful and I’m so glad I tested here. Also shoutout to Heather, who helped me all along the way!!! Thank you so much Heather and Ann Rose! I love this school and Sandy and Heather are awesome people they were my rocks getting through school!!!!! I also need to mention Donna she taught me well during my fast pace course I enjoyed getting done in 8 days!!! Now I am ready to do my state test right here at this school!!!!! Highly recommend Ann rose to anyone looking to become CNA certified.

Address: 7280 Irving St #205, Westminster, CO 80030

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EdCor – Medical Education & Training

CNA Classes Colorado - EdCor - Medical Education & Training

EdCor is a great place to complete BLS, ACLS, PALS certifications for work, school, or just to learn more about how to care for people in emergencies. Every instructor I have had has been excellent, and works hard to ensure understanding of content. Facilities are clean and well kept, with complimentary refreshments for those taking courses! I’ll be back to renew. The staff was very friendly and accommodating to my situation. I did not feel intimidated in the class, as the instructor was very knowledgeable and open to all my questions. I had no issues getting my NRP card shortly after class. Highly recommend if you need certifications for work! Nathan Turner and Linda Windsheimer went above and beyond yesterday to assist me with completing an ACLS provider course. Because of their efforts, I will be able to attend an Air Force Critical Care Air Transport Team training class four weeks from now. In addition to their willingness to work me into their schedule, the quality and personal focus of the education they provided was the best I have received to date. No other group is able to provide this level of service. I recommend the EdCor team without reservation.

Address: 195 S Union Blvd Ste 200, Lakewood, CO 80228

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Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy School

CNA Classes Colorado - Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy School

This is one of the best classes I have ever taken. Allison is a natural, super high energy, very encouraging with tons of knowledge to share. Kelly was so helpful and patient, also with so much knowledge. It was refreshing to find instructors that are there for you. Not in a hurry to get through class and took time to answer all questions. Even offering to stay after to help if needed. I learned so much and had a great time doing it. I highly recommend this class!! Thank you Allison and Kelly for making it so interesting and fun!! Allison is undoubtedly the best educator I’ve ever come in contact with! she projects her strength and confidence to every person in the room from start to finish, which as we learned is very important in this field. Allison was exceptionally easy to learn from and get along with! I loved this class!!! I cannot say enough good things about Allison and Kelly. Allison is the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. This is definitely her calling. She is super knowledgeable, patient, understanding, supportive… the list goes on and on!!! I was super nervous the 1st day and she stayed by me encouraging me the entire class.

Address: 3333 S Bannock St suite B100, Englewood, CO 80110

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Voyager Home Health Care

CNA Classes Colorado - Voyager Home Health Care

I highly recommend voyager home healthcare to anyone who is looking to become a CNA or anyone who is looking to help a loved one at home. Teddy the instructor is outstanding and extremely knowledgeable. She takes the time to make sure all her student are ready. She is truly an amazing blessing to all she comes across. Working with Voyager Home Health Care has been a blessing! They have been instrumental in helping my wife and I to provide our special-needs son, the best care we can. They really do care! I appreciate Voyager and their staff for the dignified, quality care they coordinate/facilitate. IHHS greatly increase and improve quality of life. Voyager is amazing. They always make sure we are doing well and have everything we need. They make the process super simple and answer any questions I may have pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend! This company is amazing. They are always quick to help if we have questions and they f/u every month with a text message and email. Ava is not only very helpful, she is very empathetic and a really great care giver for our Grandma. Voyager helped to get everything in place, despite all the complexities in getting all the approvals and paperwork completed.

Address: 2233 Academy Pl Suite 105, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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Front Range CPR and First Aid Training Center of Colorado

CNA Classes Colorado - Front Range CPR and First Aid Training Center of Colorado

I attended the Red Cross FA/CPR/AED Instructor training taught by Jon Miracle. Jon was super knowledgeable, very personable, and did an excellent job of teaching the material. He had a great approach of demoing how he would teach a skill or lecture, while simultaneously checking that we were skilled enough to teach it. He shared a lot of real life scenarios that you don’t find in a textbook and how to handle those situations. The class was split into two parts: polishing the skills before lunch, and teaching skills to our peers after lunch. The feedback from the teach-back segment was immensely helpful. Jon’s feedback was constructive, specific, and well-timed. The classroom was poorly lit and windowless. However, Jon shared that very soon the office would be moving to a much better location. My other critiques are directed more at the Red Cross material than Front Range CPR. The Red Cross training material was difficult to navigate and terrible to try and read. There are some simple edits to the training presentation that would make it a lot better. But again–that’s directed at the Red Cross. Front Range CPR doesn’t control the presentations that the Red Cross puts out. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and feel well-prepared to start training others!

Address: 7130 W 117th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020

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Avanza Training

CNA Classes Colorado - Avanza Training

I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for caring and compassionate instructors who are there to help you every step along the way. Donya is a tremendous instructor and the practice mannequins are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She made sure to give you all the resources needed to pass final and the state exam. I would highly recommend Avanza to anyone looking to become a CNA in a timely manner. The facility and staff were great. Donya is a great teacher and taught me everything I needed to know to pass the state exams on the first try. I just recently graduated from Avanza Training program and also passed my state exam, and because of their awesome staff, patient teachers (Pam, Christy) I was finally able to achieve my goal! Our instructor ms jacqui is a very caring person and ensures that we are comfortable while practicing our skills that are needed for the actual job. I’d highly recommend Avanza CNA training school to anyone looking to get their clinical license!! Donya is amazing and makes the class informative and very fun!

Address: 1445 N Union Blvd # 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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Compass Nursing Arts, CNA School

CNA Classes Colorado - Compass Nursing Arts, CNA School

I highly recommend this program if looking to become a CNA. A short but effective program. I had a great experience at Compass! Everyone I met from day one was extremely nice and incredibly helpful no matter what I needed! I highly recommend this school to others! Everything, from the easy registration (online, where you can easily see the many different class schedule options) to the class itself, everything was very well organized. I had a great HANDS-ON experience at Compass Nursing Arts. Due to COVID several other schools are only offering online courses, but I don’t know how you would master skills without the in-person class time. I had a great two week course, and would highly recommend Compass to anyone interested in becoming a CNA. My experience with Compass Nursing Arts was wonderful! I took the BH evening fast track course. I was scared that with it being so short that I would not get enough training or information. BOY, WAS I WRONG! The class was well managed and well taught, and my instructor did an excellent job at making sure each and every one of us had understood the lesson. Compass Nursing Arts provides a great CNA program!

Address: 108 W Baseline Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

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APLMED Academy

CNA Classes Colorado - APLMED Academy

APLMED Academy has been such an amazing experience for me. The class size is small which is great for the student to get help one on one when they need help. The program is affordable for everyone and everyone is friendly and helpful, especially my instructor Andie. She is the best best of all teacher I ever had and she is above and behind amazing with her teaching, not to mention how helpful, understanding, super friendly, and the most skilled instructor I ever had. I really enjoyed and loved all my school time here at APLMED Academy. Thank you for Everything!!!!APLMED Academy doesn’t pressure you into buying the program like almost all schools you call! Great price for the Medical Assistant program as well. If you are uncertain in taking this course at the school, I think you should go for it because you will learn everything you need to know and more, if you’re planning on working right after, there are info by the front door of many places that are hiring and admin It’s so helpful with giving you information about locations that are hiring, she will put in a good word for you with locations that are familiar with APLMED in Colorado.

Address: 6, 2600 S Parker Rd #300, Aurora, CO 80014

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Cherry Creek Building at the Community College of Denver

CNA Classes Colorado - Cherry Creek Building at the Community College of Denver

Great place to study for upcoming classes, and grab a bite to eat. Nice and clean. It’s cheap! They make sure you actually get what you pay for. You get all the help you need and they offer FREE tutors who really are there to help you understand. They make it nearly impossible to fail. Everyone is kind students and all. My two boys are learning here. They get more great experiences with new environment, teachers and classmate here. Also, this school is cheap enough for everyone to begin again their study. Community College of Denver is top-notch. For the price there is nowhere better! The cafe service is really nice over there. A good feeder school to university.

Address: 1111 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204

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IntelliTec College in Pueblo

CNA Classes Colorado - IntelliTec College in Pueblo

Awesome school!! My kids and family attend. I recommend this school to those looking for a skill. It is hands-on experience and a great environment. Contact them today. Took a CNA course here, very informative teachers, professional staff. Fun to go back to school. Good break room. Friendly campus. Great campus with a caring staff and faculty. Campus leadership truly cares about the student experience from the beginning with admissions to the end with career services. If you’re looking to make a change and prefer a hands on training experience this is the college for you! Call now! Don’t postpone a better career, better life, and the feeling of making yourself and your family proud! This place is awesome! Amazing people to talk to in the admissions team and the financial aid department are really helpful. I learned alot about the different programs they offer. The campus is very welcoming and always in a positive mood. I love how they are more hands on with everything compared to other campuses. I recommend coming here. Awesome atmosphere! Friendly staff that are willing to help to make the most of your experience. Killer automotive program that Jason runs and the interaction within the car enthusiasts community is top notch! And Director Peggy is amazing!!!!!

Address: 3673 Parker Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81008

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Western Colorado Community College

CNA Classes Colorado - Western Colorado Community College

Great turnout for the car show and a great experience for the students. Had a great class today and learned more about the stock market/financials in an hour than I have my entire life. Signed up for the Voice Acting camp for $170, but it was a waste of money. I could do all of this at home for free with a better microphone on my headphones. I recommend going somewhere else if you actually want to learn anything. WCCC education is amazing and I’ve learned more in two years than I did in four years at Central. It’s a great place to get fun and rewarding exercises in education for a better future. The campus is clean and the staff and students are helpful. The beekeeping instructor is an absolute Fox! The facilities need some work, but the professors are great. There are amazing programs for everyone at this school, including concurrent students.

Address: 2508 Blichmann Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81505

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