CNA Classes ChicagoRating
Nirvana Institute – South Campus5.0
Career Options Inc.5.0
Covenant Healthcare Institute Inc.5.0
Illinois College of Nursing5.0
Nirvana Institute – West Campus4.9
International Career Institute4.9
Anmut Nursing School, LLC4.9
Best Step Academy4.9
Scott School of Careers4.9
Zurik Healthcare Institute4.9
Chicago’s Pulse CPR4.7
TTI Medical Training School4.7
AVID CNA School4.7
SFCT Phlebotomy Training, LLC4.7
Chicago Community Learning Center4.5
The Arturo Velasquez Westside Technical Instituite4.5
Dawson Technical Institute of Kennedy King College4.4
Ambria College of Nursing4.4
Wright College Humboldt Park4.4
EnVaNa Healthcare Training Center4.2

Nirvana Institute – South Campus

I really enjoy the environment in all level of learning. The program was intense and very challenging. The staff was great and very professional. The program was very well structured; you know from day 1 what you will be doing through the course. Both Ms. V and Ms. Marie were great teachers with different teaching methods and most importantly they make sure that you understand the materials and be ready to handle the Job. Thank you guys!!!! Nirvana institute is a great place to be for CNA course, Ms V taught me the basic nursing and d terminologies needed for my career. The course is quite challenging, but the staff are always there to walk us through it. The clinical was top-notch I understood every part of it, the way Ms V allowed every students participate in the practicals made us confident in what we were taught in the 6 weeks class. I appreciate Ms V for impacting knowledge in me in the CNA course still wish to further more in nursing. Recently just got the email that I have past my CNA class 🥰🥰🥰. Want to give a special thank you to Ms. Marie. She definitely made the class worth coming to.

Address: 4650 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60653

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Career Options Inc.

I completed my CNA classes here. Mrs. Eva is an amazing instructor, and the environment is very positive and welcoming. I had a great time there, learned a lot, and passed my exam with ease. I would definitely recommend this school 10/10. Ms. Eva is so good at what she does. You will definitely pass the CNA state board on the first attempt. Her way of teaching is so easy to understand. Program is well worth the money to start off your nursing career. Ms. Eva and Ms. Judy are wonderful, thorough instructors. The classes were informative to the reality of the job and a lot of fun. Ms. Eva is the most incredible teacher and her program helped me achieve my goal of helping others in being a CNA! I got a job right away thanks to Ms. Eva and love the job so much! Very professional school. I got my CNA program here and passed the board exam with ease. Our instructor was a nurse, Mrs. Eva, and she would share the practical aspects of CNA work, besides the theoretical concepts we needed to be aware, as well. Highly recommend them.

Address: 2644 E Dempster St #116, Park Ridge, IL 60068

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Covenant Healthcare Institute Inc.

Covenant Healthcare Institute is one of the best schools to attend to gain knowledge on nursing. Ms.B is a very intellectual professional teacher who prides herself into teaching her students every detail to becoming the best that they can possibly be. I learned and gained so much great information attending Covenant. If you really are trying to become a great nurse in the field then I’d highly recommend to coming and attending covenant healthcare institute! Covenant Health Institute was the right stepping stone I needed to reach my goal and prepare me for my new journey as a CNA. Ms.B is very knowledgeable in the field and knows exactly what she is speaking about. You will be in the best hands if you apply yourself and be open to the entire process. If you do exactly as she recommends you will be prepared for whats next to come. I passed my State Exam on my first try and I’m forever grateful for Ms. B teachings. I had the best experience earning my CNA’s with this school. The instructor is very empathetic, she cares for her students and pushes them to work hard and achieve goals! I recommend this program to any and everyone! Ms B is a very good instructor she will work with you and make sure you understand everything you learn!!!

Address: 18216 Harwood Ave, Homewood, IL 60430

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Illinois College of Nursing

Illinois College of Nursing (ICON) offers a part-time affordable nursing program staffed with caring approachable administrators, engaging helpful teachers, an amazing administrative assistant and the best classmates. If you stay motivated, attend class, and do the homework, you will graduate prepared for a new career. Doing so will prepare you for the exit exam and NCLEX. It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it. The cohort I was in was very diverse and inclusive, which made for a wonderful learning environment. The faculty is very hands on and it is clear from day one they want you to succeed. This program literally changed my life and gave me a clear career path without being overwhelming. ICON is an excellent school if you’re looking to kick start your nursing career without any wait time. The staff is not only very professional but very caring and loving that they want you to succeed in your educational, professional, and personal life. I passed my Nclex in first try with minimum questions. I am now advancing pursuing my career for RN/BSN and all thanks to ICON. The teachers here actually care if the students pass. Hana is amazing and one of a kind. All of the other teachers were very nice and helpful.

Address: 10400 S Roberts Rd, Palos Hills, IL 60465

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Nirvana Institute – West Campus

My experience during this five week course was very pleasant, I was able to retain information very quickly and effectively due to our wonderful instructor Ms. Marie. She was an excellent visual teacher which was a great advantage for me since I am a visual learner, I was able to feel motivated and excited going into every class and clinical because she made it so that we felt comfortable at all times. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to become a CNA. This program was amazing, quick and easy. Ms. Bettye made it very comforting and she made sure that you are gonna successfully pass this course. She gave the best tough love and best encouragement. She truly has a special place in my heart. The instructors here really want the best for you in this course and make sure they are doing their best for you to pass! Don’t be intimidated by the word accelerated in the program because you will be guided step by step in making sure that you are succeeding. I would do this program all over again! Shout out to Mrs.Marie for being an amazing Advisor, the way she teaches is impeccable. I highly recommend Nirvana to anyone who’s trying to become a CNA.

Address: 2201 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60612

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International Career Institute

Great school! I did their CNA program. My experience at ICI was a great one. The one month accelerated CNA program they offered was very accessible and easy to sign up to. It worked and fit perfectly during my winter break between my school semester, so this course didn’t interfere with my busy college schedule. Mrs. Sanders was the best instructor. She made it easy to learn, she was strict, but she made sure that all of us were successful. Instructors are knowledgeable and you will feel prepared to work as a CNA after completing the course. The hybrid CNA course is a great flexible option that allows you to work at your own pace, but still have all the guidance when needed. The instructors I had the opportunity to work with are very knowledgeable about the material and skills that a nursing assistant needs to be successful. If you’re looking to complete a CNA course quickly, ICI is for you! I was able to complete my course in 4 weeks. It could be even shorter if you manage your course work efficiently. Classes/ clinical were long, but worth it! I highly recommend ICI CNA program! Just finished the class and I really feel like they prepare you for what’s to be faced in the real work world.

Address: 6425 Hamlin Ave, Lincolnwood, IL 60712

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Anmut Nursing School, LLC

Anmut Nursing School is best in Chicago for our career. Lola is an instructor of this school. She always encourage students and never give stress during study time. If you follow her instructions, even you’ll not fail in the board exam. I am inspired from her and able to passed my board exam on my first attempt. Lola the knowledgeable instructor is so passionate about her students success. Mrs Lola is the best instructor. She made it easy to learn and I would definitely recommend the school to anyone who is trying to do their CNA. This school is a great to get certified as CNA. It is all due to this school that has made me to pass my board exam and has prepared me to be a CNA. Lola the instructor was patient and detailed. She answered all questions, supported the class with visuals, theory and hands on in lab. She offered one on one help when needed and made the process of learning interactive. The first day I met Mrs Lola, I knew I was in the right place. Ms Lola is the absolute best. You wanna pass the CNA state board, go to Anmut. Ms Lola was so good and dedicated,she really drilled my set and everyone is so proud of what we achieved.

Address: 1244 W Thorndale Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

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Best Step Academy

Miss Blessing was amazing! I learned so much from her Class setting was small ratio so it was easy to ask for questions! I completed 6 weeks with her & passed my board exam 1st sitting! Ms.Blessing makes an accelerated class very understandable and her patience is remarkable. She was and is always willing to stay beyond class time to assist with any questions or things you may have missed during the class. She makes sure you as the student understands the material that was reviewed. She makes sure of this with everyone of her students because she prioritizes the success of her students as for their success is a reflection of her teaching and I believe that goes hand in hand! Therefore, those that did not drop out passed thanks to her thoroughness and patience! Ms. Blessing makes the class feel like a family of its own. Her way of teaching brought me laughter and joy. Ms. Blessing not only educates on the study of nursing, but is motivational. She sets a standard to her students to what being in healthcare is truly about. Ms. Blessing’s CNA course is a great place to start if you are looking into going into health care and don’t know how. Ms. Blessing is an Amazing Instructor, With a Beautiful Spirit!!!

Address: 10448 W Cermak Rd, Westchester, IL 60154

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Scott School of Careers

Scott School of Careers is a very great school to recommend for classes. Ms.E and other instructors are very great teachers that’s very helpful. They love to see they students succeed and be successful. Ms.E wants the best for anyone. When Ms.E knows this is something you really want she really do her all to make sure you gets it. She gone stay on top of you. She is a role model. She really loves what she do. I have recommended a lot of people to try Scott School of Careers out because it’s a great school to attend and you can really learn a lot while attending. Scott School of Careers! Miss E and the other instructors are very thorough. They care about you learning the proper way to take care of your patients! I completed my class in September 2019 and took the state test the following month. I became a Certified CNA!. They give you the tools to become successful! There are several locations now as well. You won’t go wrong choosing this school. Ms. E and Ms. Karen were two of the best instructors I’ve had. The class was very fun to be in and it was very informative. They both pushed you to be the very best you that you could be.

Address: 3328 W 159th St, Markham, IL 60428

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Zurik Healthcare Institute

I attended and completed Z.H.I 8 week Cna program on June 2nd. The program was challenging, A+ quality of teaching from Ms.Debroah was detailed, well structured and she was patient with us. I did do the bi weekly payment plan which definitely helps a lot. Be sure to keep receipts!! Ms. Debrah Yarber is the most helpful insightful instructor I’ve ever had she is the wonderful. I recommend her as an Nursing Assistant instructor. #Deonte Robinson. I absolutely enjoyed my educational experience with Zurik Healthcare Institute. My Instructor Mrs. Deborah was awesome. Her demeanor was very respectful and patient with her students. The small class size was an excellent experience as well. I appreciated how Mrs. Deborah accompanied us through every step of the hands-on clinical process, teaching while assisting. An absolute joy! And the staff was outstanding as well. 😃😌. This school provided a great opportunity for me to start the journey toward becoming a registered nurse. I completed my CNA training at Zurik. My instructor, Ms. Deborah, brought her many years of skills and expertise to the classroom. She made in-class and clinical site learning easy and informative.

Address: 3325 W 183rd St, Homewood, IL 60430

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Chicago’s Pulse CPR

These people offer the most bang for your buck. Fast, friendly, and genuine enthusiasm in the goal of helping/learning. The people who work hear have 30+ years of experience, and do not look down/make one feel inferior. You can make mistakes, ask questions, and not feel under pressure. They combine written, video, and hands on learning that will help everyone learn. The class instructor was amazing she will definitely work with you to make sure you pass her class and understand the material. The C.N.A. program is no joke. You must apply yourself or stay home! Great place to learn and grow that’s the name of the game. The place is very well kept and clean. My instructor was Candace and I must say that she was very helpful! She was an awesome instructor. Everyone was friendly. I would definitely recommend! This training center is FANTASTIC! I love the learning environment! The instructor was very professional and well versed in the subject knowledge! The environment was clean, well organized and comfortable! I enjoyed this experience and look forward to taking future classes! Instructor was very friendly, welcomed questions and helped the time go fast.

Address: 3219 W 111th St, Chicago, IL 60655

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TTI Medical Training School

TTI is a good school! They offer classes in the health care field: CNA, EKG, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, etc. The administrators really work with you to get you through the process and programs. The instructors are eager to assist with you getting certifications and licensed. But it’s up to you if you’re willing to do the work! You can take 1 or 2 classes at the same time, it depends on your schedule and your determination. The classes are hybrid, a mix of in-person and online. Labs are in person of course because you need hands on instructions. The school accepts WIOA vouchers so have your voucher ready and don’t let some of those career coaches slow down your progress! If you’re doing the PCT program I highly recommend this school! I highly recommend TTI for anyone considering a career in the healthcare field. I received my certification in both EKG and phlebotomy and I would definitely consider taking more classes there. They offer a variety of classes and have 2 locations, both on the north and south side for labs. The evening classes fit into my busy schedule and the instructors are all healthcare professionals who really break down the lessons for you and help you prepare for your NHA exams.

Address: 5310 N Harlem Ave #209, Chicago, IL 60656

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I took the 5 weeks CNA class and i was so impress with AVID CNA school. The instructor was so caring and knowledgeable. there is a lot of materials to prepare students. The short class is intense and Mrs Fatima makes sure she prepare her students for the state exams. she give quizzes everyday. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to become a CNA. The school is really nice. Mrs. Fatima Reyes is a wonderful, very knowledgeable, very kind teacher!! She owns all the best skills that a great teacher may have. The classes are student centered, so they are not boring. I enjoyed every minute of it! Mrs. Fatima makes her classes full of fun, but at the same time very acquiring . So you learn quickly, easily and in a funny way. And she cares of her students the most! Easy to find parking, small but very cozy classroom with good equipment! When you go there you don’t want leave!! The staff is super friendly and caring! Overall, I was very happy that I had a chance to study at Avid. And I recommend it to everybody!! Thank you, dear Mrs. Reyes for a super enjoyable class and a great knowledge about becoming a CNA. 🙏

Address: 67 S Sutton Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107

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SFCT Phlebotomy Training, LLC

Awesome course, awesome instructor. I have learned so much in a short amount of time. My instructor is the best 🤗 …Ms. Reed is open-minded, motivated, and well invested in the development of individual skills and to help them reach their uttermost potential. I finished my course and I leave knowing that I have fully mastered all skills and competencies needed to be successful in the workplace. Mrs. Reed was an amazing teacher she challenged and pushed me to bring out the best in me. Special friends training center gave me a great experience and I’d recommend them to anyone. GREAT place to start your career. Teachers make u feel welcome and comfortable. The curriculum is based around your level of experience. I would recommend Special Friend to anyone.

Address: 9850 S Cicero Ave B, Oak Lawn, IL 60453

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Chicago Community Learning Center

I do not recommend this school to anyone. I’ve called many times and sent emails and not a single person returned my emails these people are so unprofessional. And when someone finally answered I told them just to cancel my registration and the woman over the phone was rude and all she said was, ok I will and hung up on me. Instead of apologizing she was rude. I love this school so much they’ve helped me changed my life in so many ways. Despite the COVID circumstances and having to adjust to the digits learning, my instructors gave very efficient information about every subject. The program also isn’t lengthy and the days you have class are reasonable. The test and quizzes really help prepare you for the mid-term and final. I have yet to take the state-test but I know with the help from my instructors I will pass that as well. If I could do it again I would. Highly recommend and the best part about everything was that a voucher payed my way I paid NOTHING and got absolutely everything I needed to help me succeed in the medical field. The overall, class was interesting and a lot of good learning Information! Students was very helpful and supportive in and out of class. Very team oriented!

Address: 840 W Irving Park Rd Ste 203, Chicago, IL 60613

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The Arturo Velasquez Westside Technical Instituite

One of the best City Colleges (my opinion of course) and great Professors. Thank you AV!!! The teachers there were pretty good, but the campus is lacking. It’s a massive building with little students making it quite depressing. If you don’t care about the social aspect of college and just want to learn, you’ll probably be fine, but for me it was like going to a bank every day and trying to learn math. I am a student in the agriculture program which by the way is awesome! The staff is very friendly and the ppl the people who work in the registration office goes above and beyond to make sure that everything goes smoothly. You won’t find a better welding instructor than Darrell Payne. He is thorough, helpful and a wealth of information. You will be well prepared for any type of welding after completing his class. Highly recommend. Five stars for the welding classes and zero stars for everything else. I like that school,. I was going there to get my GED and the teacher were very helpful and professional with everyone. I would recommend that school for English classes as well. Very nice facility. I wish the streets around it were in as good of a condition. Very good 👍 …COVID-19 Vaccine distribution.

Address: 2800 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

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Dawson Technical Institute of Kennedy King College

The Polling Place workers were professional and very helpful. Dawson Technical Institute is an outstanding rock in our community. Its a gateway for all who want to start their new beginning. Its easy for commuters to get to, filled with friendly and qualified personal. Great hands on instructors and staff! Highly recommended!

Address: 3901 S State St, Chicago, IL 60609

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Ambria College of Nursing

Do not go to this school as it is not CCNE accredited. Got LPN from here, went to Chamberlain and started all over again, now I’m trying to get my Masters, and schools are telling me I need to retake my A&P since I obtained this pre-req from this school. Do not go this school. Started here Summer 2020… Graduated Fall 2021. I currently attend this school and honestly? I don’t think i’ve ever felt more upset about the communication with the facility. i’ve never had this many issues with a educational facility. Ambria College of Nursing seems to be a school that really takes the time and effort for their students. Its close proximity to me is helpful and being a smaller school is something I like. I just had a very positive experience attending the information session at Ambria College.

Address: 5210 Trillium Blvd, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

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Wright College Humboldt Park

The teacher was excellent and made things easy to understand. However, there was not enough machine time for the students. The program was exceptional and prepared me beyond nursing assistant. Graduated from this school, great teachers and staff. Overall this college is a great place, but some other staff members were less professional. All the staff are very friendly, they also have very good programs.

Address: 1645 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

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EnVaNa Healthcare Training Center

I just took the CNA program here and overall loved every second being in class. Mrs. Ace was very welcoming and met my expectations. She has a lot of patience for her students and wants them to succeed. Truly, you get out what you put into the class and your education. There were moments where I was confused, but you must hold yourself accountable for your learning and not rely on in class lecture all the time. I read a few reviews where people felt embarrassed in class because they did not understand the material, however she was very willing to take the time to explain things over and over again if there was confusion. Yes, it is very fast paced and you can get behind quick, but it’s very rewarding in the end. We also had about 3 clinical days where we learned a lot in the nursing home. Overall, I highly recommend coming here if you are interested in saving some money and time rather than going to a community college. I’m very thankful I came here, THANK YOU MRS. ACE! After going through the CNA program with Professor Ace, I was able to learn and pick up on the information fast. Mrs. Ace truly wants you to excel as long as you put the effort into it.

Address: 500 E Ogden Ave Ste 208, Naperville, IL 60563

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