CNA Classes in Charlotte, NCRating
Blooming Heart School of Health, LLC5.0
CPR Works Of Charlotte5.0
Northwest Phlebotomy School Charlotte5.0
Phlebotomy Training Specialists4.9
Unity Nursing Institute4.8
American Academy of Healthcare, LLC4.7
Serenity Nurse Aide Academy & Nursing Services4.6
Carolina School of Phlebotomy4.6
Chosen Health Care Institute, Inc.4.5
Carolinas College of Health Sciences4.4
Urban League of Central Carolinas4.4
Continual Health Education And Training4.2

Blooming Heart School of Health, LLC

CNA Classes Charlotte - Blooming Heart School of Health, LLC

Blooming Heart School of Health is a school like no other. When you enter, Ms. Irene greets you with a beautiful smile and welcomes you to the school. Ms. Grant continues this during the classes and makes everyone feel like they belong. Her teaching style is amazing and helped me retain so much information! The fun jokes and talks we had in class were really enjoyable. The skills lab and the teaching method Ms. Grant used to help us remember how to do all the skills was so different and helpful. This was my home away from home and if I could go back and redo my 4 weeks there, I would! I had an amazing experience, met so wonderful people, and learned awesome skills! Ms. Grant is amazing! It’s been such a fun experience. I can’t believe it went by so fast. I’ve learned so much and am very excited to start working as a CNA. Highly recommend Ms Grant and Blooming Heart School! Ms. Grant is the picture of compassionate care. She truly cares about her students and wants to help. Her influence lingers and continues to guide me in my nursing career. At Blooming Heart, you will find yourself in a supportive, growth-oriented environment where learning is fun.

Address: 9301 Monroe Rd Suite C/D, Charlotte, NC 28270

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CPR Works Of Charlotte

CNA Classes Charlotte - CPR Works Of Charlotte

I have taken multiple courses with CPR Works and every time it has been an outstanding experience. Lou Ann has been the instructor and she does an awesome job. Highly recommend using them for your AHA needs. The instructor, Jennifer, did such a great job keeping the class’ attention. It didn’t even feel like 3 hours. We were able to get a ton of practice and I feel certain I can properly perform CPR. Definitely recommend. The instructor for my BLS for Healthcare Providers course was absolutely amazing. She made the class fun and engaging, and had everyone genuinely interested and invested. Her positive attitude and real-life examples were hugely beneficial, and made the class that much more valuable. I will be returning in the future for renewal, and highly recommend this company to any who are considering it. CPR Works proved to be a fantastic experience from start to finish. I would highly recommend for anyone requiring BLS or ACLS certification. This was the best course. Thorough but precise and we got out early! Wonderful instructor in a clean facility with coffee. 10/10 would recommend! CPR Works has a great learning environment, the instructors are kind, engaging and helpful. I felt informed and capable of BLS skills.

Address: 9305-D, Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270

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Northwest Phlebotomy School Charlotte

CNA Classes Charlotte - Northwest Phlebotomy School Charlotte

I had a great experience learning from Sabrina. She was very knowledgeable and I feel confident about starting my phlebotomy career. I really like that she took the time to explain anything that we had questions about. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a phlebotomy course that’s straight forward and rewarding. Jaime Clark was FANTASTIC for the IV Certification Class specifically as well as the Phlebotomy Course. Not only is the hands on experience helpful, but it is truly engaging and rewarding for all that attend the class. I owe my confidence and gratitude to her and advise anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, to take these courses. Thank you so much! Jaime was an AWESOME teacher, made sure we all felt comfortable and confident in what we were doing! Very knowledgeable on her skills and has the students best interest! Highly recommend the class! The instructor Jamie, was great. She answered and questions was willing to help if needed. Well worth the money. Im very confident about my national certification. Although fast paced Safety was #1. Jamie Clark is an amazing instructor! Loved taking her course on IV Certification. Very informative and will take any other courses needed from her. Thank you Jaime!

Address: 933 Louise Ave Suite 489, Charlotte, NC 28204

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Phlebotomy Training Specialists

CNA Classes Charlotte - Phlebotomy Training Specialists

Ms. Melissa is definitely someone I will never forget. She really cares about all of her students and strives to make sure we retain the information in the best way possible. We could have used better learning material as far as worksheets, quizzes and visuals, but over all i learned a lot and it was a really great experience. Ms. Melissa is a great instructor. She helped me feel prepared for the exams and my practicals. Answered any questions I had and made sure I understood before we moved on. I learned a lot and was well prepared for practicals and the written exam.

Address: 756 Tyvola Rd Suite 114, Charlotte, NC 28217

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Unity Nursing Institute

CNA Classes Charlotte - Unity Nursing Institute

Unity Nursing Institute is amazing! Mrs. Zainab is a remarkable educator who truly wants the best for each of her students. She ensures that everyone in the class understands the material. She is an incredible person who is a wonderful friend, role model, and source of inspiration. Her generosity and hard work inspired me to do my best! If you’re looking for a place to take your CNA class, I highly recommend this one. Mrs. Zainab is an amazing teacher who truly wants what’s best for all her students. She made sure everyone in the class understood the curriculum. She is an incredible person who is a great mentor, inspiration, and friend. I feel blessed to have met her! She made sure everyone knew how to be a great CNA and even let students come in before class to practice! Her kindness and hard work inspired me to be the best version of myself! This school is amazing! Mrs. Zainab is a great instructor! She makes sure you get the work. She takes the time to break it down and make sure you understand. She truly cares about your success. I definitely recommend this school. I passed the training as well as my state exam! Best school hands down.

Address: 5715 Westpark Dr Ste 202, Charlotte, NC 28217

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American Academy of Healthcare, LLC

CNA Classes Charlotte - American Academy of Healthcare, LLC

My experience was excellent. I took the 3 week course which meant it was fast paced and tests almost every day. My instructor Leslee was great. I learned everything I needed to pass the Skills Exam and the written exam. I definitely recommend taking the CNA1 course here. Ms Leslie was great, she taught us everything we needed to know to succeed. I took the weekend class and she was very knowledgeable and thorough. The weekend class was a plus since I work during the week it was a great choice for me and very flexible. I definitley learned alot and would reccommend this school to anyone. Study, pay attention and do your online work and you will be FINE! I appreciate this school and Ms Leslie and have no bad words to say. Enjoyed my experience and classmates on my journey. American Academy of Healthcare is by far one of the best schools. I received my CNA1 in 4 weeks doing hybrid classes. It wasn’t overwhelming, the course work was pretty easy to comprehend if you just read the material. Thank you Ms.Leslie for everything. (YOU ROCK!!) I’ll definitely be back to obtain my Med aid training.

Address: 4917 Albemarle Rd #207, Charlotte, NC 28205

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Serenity Nurse Aide Academy & Nursing Services

CNA Classes Charlotte - Serenity Nurse Aide Academy & Nursing Services

The month that I spent at serenity was one of the most educational and chalk ones yet. Ms Monica is like a mother, firm but loving. She took her time to teach you the skills needed to be well equipped in the Work world. I successfully completed my certification because of her and I will forever be grateful to have her as my instructor. The instructor would actually give you more than what you need to pass your tests. Both skills and written tests were so easy, I didn’t even feel like they were state exams. Mrs Monica prepares you for the real world and goes above and beyond to make sure you realize your potential. Mrs.Monica is an ANGEL. Very compassionate and sweet woman. She will definitely set you up for nothing but success! I had a great time at this school. I was taught by both Ms Monica and Ms Andrea and they are both amazing teachers who really care about they’re students and what they are teaching them. Thank you Ms.Monica and Ms.Watts Serenity Nursing School has changed my life! Serenity was a great CNA school! Ms. Monica was my main instructor and she is a excellent teacher. Mrs. Monica is an exquisite instructor who has a passion for healthcare.

Address: 6636 E W.T. Harris Blvd H, Charlotte, NC 28215

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Carolina School of Phlebotomy

CNA Classes Charlotte - Carolina School of Phlebotomy

Mrs. LaShonda is truly amazing! She is one of the most thorough, knowledgeable, funny and genuine instructors I have had throughout my time of learning. Having a good instructor really makes a difference and helps when it comes to learning. If I could take another class with her being the instructor I would! I’m grateful to have met someone like her and will take everything she taught our class with me throughout my career. Love you Mrs. LaShonda!!! Mrs. Shontell was an amazing teacher! She is very kind and helpful when it comes to needing help with the skill. I will definitely take away lots of information from this class and use it in the long run. I would truly recommend this class to anybody interested. I have to start with Dr. Lashonda, from applying online to entering into her office, she has been nothing but amazing. She does more than preparing your enrollment, she is very understanding, trustworthy, easy to talk to talk to, has a great sense of humor, and most importantly she is encouraging. She wants you to succeed, she helps to push you towards finishing and passing the course. My instructor was Mrs. Booker.

Address: 322 Lamar Ave Suite 301, Charlotte, NC 28204

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Chosen Health Care Institute, Inc.

CNA Classes Charlotte - Chosen Health Care Institute, Inc.

Chosen was great! My instructor, Ms. Grace is an excellent teacher, gives you more than enough information to pass your exams and offers the perspective of a former state tester/evaluator so you know what to actually expect on the day of your skills exam. Although it is only a 4 week course the lessons taught were very easy to understand and all questions are answered in details. The Zoom portion of the class with Dr. Avery was very informative and she shares a wealth of knowledge about healthcare and other aspects in life. Very pleasant experience overall! Best CNA school in North Carolina, classes are for 1 month and you get mostly hands on with the classes. The instructors Ms. Grace and Dr. Avery taught the theory lessons well, and ensure you ask questions and get answers if you don’t understand. If you are looking for A CNA class, chosen health care is the one to attend. The instructors there work for the state board before, so their experience will be an advantage of you getting more information and lesson completed so you can feel comfortable to pass the board exam. Great school great experience. The CNA class was great and only 4 weeks long. The class has clinical hours combined into the four weeks, along with hands on skills and lecture.

Address: 8401 University Executive Park Dr #111, Charlotte, NC 28262

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Carolinas College of Health Sciences

CNA Classes Charlotte - Carolinas College of Health Sciences

I would not recommend this school they have very rude staff & they do not like to answer the phone. I was interested in apply for one of their programs & they did not accommodate with me in a professional manner at all. Highly recommend their nursing program! I graduated from their nursing program Dec 2016 & passed NCLEX first time. This school really prepares you & sets you up for success! They also have access to multiple clinical opportunities for shadowing where as some schools do not. Loved the small classes and special attention given to each student. They were invested in my success from day one. The tests were challenging for nursing but they helped prepare me for the NCLEX. The difficult tests were worth all the stress bc I passed the exam on the first try with only 75 questions. We also had fun events like the spring fling and many volunteer opportunities. I loved my time at this school! Compared to the university I previously attended, CCHS classes are small and intimate, we had easy access to our teachers and advisors and we had a TON of hands-on clinical experience. I felt very prepared for the NCLEX as well as my first nursing job after I graduated.

Address: 2110 Water Ridge Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28217

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Urban League of Central Carolinas

CNA Classes Charlotte - Urban League of Central Carolinas

The Urban League does a great service to our community and helps those who are in need. I personally have benefited from donations given to Urban League many years ago by being awarded a small scholarship for college. Went through them to get my flagging certification. I had nothing but an great experience. This place is highly recommended from me! I love everything about the urban league. Since I started taking classes there, I’ve learned so much even things I didn’t know or understand about myself. I encourage anyone who’s looking for a life changing experience to please check out this program they have. So much to offer. Attended a great workshop at the Urban League this morning. Most definitely a blessing in disguise. Great knowledgeable staff, great friendly people. Exceptional humanitarians!!! Excellent.

Address: 740 W 5th St, Charlotte, NC 28202

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Continual Health Education And Training

CNA Classes Charlotte - Continual Health Education And Training

Our instructor Mrs Queen was very professional and yet was able to talk to us as if shes known us for a long time. I very much enjoyed her class. When I had trouble with anything she would respond back to me super quick and she was overall a very well informed and helpful instructor. I would definitely recommend this training program. This class was quick and easy, my instructor Queen was great she was so helpful with everything. She even helped me with getting a job. I got my certificate Saturday, went to a job interview Monday and received my job offer Tuesday. This class is definitely a must if your looking to be a phlebotomist! Thanks again Queen. I would recommend this training to anyone! It was the best decision I made, to further my education in the medical field and as a single parent. My instructor Mrs Queen, was wonderful. She worked with me and also worked around my work schedule as well. Any questions I had for her, she always had a answer, even off the clock. If I called or text her with questions, she answered and never let me down. Still to this day, I can text and call her with questions, and she still helps me as if I’m still a student in her class.

Address: 2920 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28206

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