Best CNA Classes in Arkansas

CNA Schools ArkansasRating
AECC Career School CNA5.0
University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville4.9
PAL C.N.A. Training Academy4.8
Arkansas College of Health Careers4.8
Phlebotomy Training Specialists4.8
UACCM Faulkner County Adult Education Center4.8
Life Pro CPR Training4.8
Angel Wings Testing Center LLC4.7
University of Arkansas Rich Mountain Community College Adult Education4.7
Fort Smith Adult Education Center4.7
UAPTC – Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Institute4.7
Arkansas Employment Career Center4.6
Black River Technical College4.6
Arkansas State University Three Rivers4.6
National Park College4.6
Arkansas Northeastern College4.6
University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana4.6
East Arkansas Community College4.5
Southeast Arkansas College4.5

AECC Career School CNA

CNA Classes Arkansas - AECC Career School CNA

Great school great staff and it’s black own. I was going through so much to help my mother with her overall health. It was difficulté to attend class but they work with me motivate me when I felt like giving up. Thanks to Ms. Daniels and Ms. Woods for all they do. They truly care about there students no matter your background, Situation or whatever. I’ll recommend this school cause the passion and love Ms. Daniels shows and give. Give them à call it will be well worth the time and efforts. They also big on buildings the community and inspiring people of color to get something à trade will take you à long way.. keep GOD first and never give up. Upon completion not only was I certified, I had everything that I needed to start working immediately. My pay went from $11per hour to $17-22 per hour. The staff was professional and courteous. The teacher and the learning environment was amazing. If you are looking to better yourself and invest in your career give AECC a try. Ms. India is always willing to provide any information needed to help the students if she can. Providing every way possible to help each student progress in the class. Also AECC themselves provide so many resources in helping provide financial support.

Address: 300 S Spring St STE 300, Little Rock, AR 72201

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CNA Classes Arkansas - ASUMH

Beautiful lights and rides for the kids made for a fun time with Santa at ASUMH’s Christmas event. The menu was delicious and dessert was amazing, with a shout out to Jamie’s opening soon in Mtn. Home. The Kyiv ballet at The Sheid was very clean and enjoyable. The campus in Mountain Home is beautiful and organized, earning ASUMH 5 stars. The faculty and staff have been great despite the new challenges of COVID-19. The annual trunk or treat was a great turn out with plenty of candy. The staff, faculty, and administration all care about their students’ success. The campus is beautifully landscaped and accessible. ASUMH is the best college to attend with wonderful professors and helpful staff. The graduation was beautiful with red, white, and blue fireworks.

Address: 1600 S College St, Mountain Home, AR 72653

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University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville

CNA Classes Arkansas - University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville

Great college. I received my RN here and recently have been taking classes here to further my education. Mr. Muse is an amazing instructor and explains Algebra and Statistics so that you can understand it and is always willing to help. I loved Dr. Allder’s classes. He made it easy to have students have an open discussion about the pieces of literature read in class. Really enjoyed his classes and learned so much. Dr. Wood is hard but he knows his history! I learned so much in his class and was able to do the assignments because he is so knowledgeable and easily passes his knowledge onto those students that listen and study. Truly enjoyed his class and hope to take Arkansas History with him someday “just because”. Very good school with all handicap assesable items at arms reach if needed. Attended classes for a semester here recieved my GED here. I also happen to live right beside it. It’s a place in our community that is very involved In the community. Hosting a large variety of events throughout the gamut of arts, entertainment, health & wellness and of course,education, without the school our community would be at a great loss. Great and helpful staff that wants you to succeed. Great food, staff, and facilities.

Address: 2005 White Dr, Batesville, AR 72501

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PAL C.N.A. Training Academy

CNA Classes Arkansas - PAL C.N.A. Training Academy

I highly recommend taking this program for your CNA License. We learned more than I could have imagined and Mrs. Loy and Mrs Lisa made sure we were 100% confident in the skills they showed us and made sure we were more than prepared to help our patient. If you’re looking into going to the healthcare field PAL has CNA, Phlebotomy and EKG. PAL CNA is a great program! Mrs. Loy was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. This class truly helped prepare me for nursing school and boosted my confidence so much! PAL is the best place to go to get your CNA training!

Address: 11701 I-30, Little Rock, AR 72209

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Arkansas College of Health Careers

CNA Classes Arkansas - Arkansas College of Health Careers

I loved everything about this experience. Mrs. Kristy was an amazing teacher and always so helpful!! Even when I doubted myself she was right behind me encouraging me and uplifting me. I love how she was always available whenever I struggled to understand something she helped me step by step to figure it out she was so patient. I’m very thankful for a teacher like her! This process helped me to achieve the goals I had set for myself and now I have a job doing everything I was taught!! I just finished my Patient Care Technician program. I love the small classes, the materials they use to teach, and the staff. The learing style is visual, and hand ons. They are very supportive and positive influences. I would definitely recommend anyone to this school. To Whom Ever is reading this, your probably in search of a school that will lead, guide, as well as support you. On your journey to success and abundance. Well, I’m telling you now “ Arkansas College of Health Careers” is your all in ONE! Literally. From the administration to the instructors ;they sincerely helped me see beyond the plans I thought I had for myself. This organization motivates/pushes you to reach your full potential.

Address: 9714 W Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72205

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Gateway Allied Health is an amazing school! I recently attended here for the medical assistant program and it was excellent. Mellonie is a great teacher. she’s very enthusiastic and understanding of all her students. She really wants to help you succeed! I definitely recommend this school to everyone. it’s a great way to earn a certification in a short amount of time. I just recently attended Gateway Allied Health and did the Pharmacy Technician program! I recommend this school to everyone! Melonie is a great instructor that will do everything she can to help you succeed! They have lots of different allied programs! Gateway Allied Health has been nothing but amazing to my wife! I am so proud of her and her accomplishments. The staff there was so kind and great to her. We recommend this school to everyone! Thank you Mel for all you do! Mellonie is a great teacher and this is an awesome program that could fit into anyone’s schedule! I took the CNA course and it went great! Mellonie was really nice and supportive and taught me everything I needed to know. I highly recommend this school to everyone! Gateway Allied Health has an amazing medical assistant progam. They helped me achieve my goal to become a medical assistant. Mellonie is a great teacher!

Address: 174 Cornerstone Blvd c, Hot Springs, AR 71913

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Phlebotomy Training Specialists

CNA Classes Arkansas - Phlebotomy Training Specialists

Ms. Cindy all the way!!!!! She is the sweetest person, best teacher by far! Best 3 weeks of my life!! Ms. Cindy teaches Day classes☀️. She will do anything and everything to make sure you are on the right path for success. Her teaching ethics are amazing (personally I loved the stories she’s had and how to handled them) help me understand the importance of a phlebotomist. ❤️Mrs. Cindy gave me the best experience possible. She was straight to the point and explained it in a way all of us could understand. She cared for all of her students and made sure we knew we would succeed. She made this training spot on and I am so grateful to her! Your newly certified phlebotomist ❤️Susan hands down was the best instructor ever. I never woke up, upset about coming to class because she made it so enjoyable. From the first day of class she brought a friendly/family vibe with her that I truly believe bounced out to all of us in the class. We had so much fun but we also knew when it was time to get down to business. I would recommend Phlebotomy Training Specialists to anyone ready to become a phlebotomist.

Address: 11219 Financial Centre Pkwy #311, Little Rock, AR 72211

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UACCM Faulkner County Adult Education Center

CNA Classes Arkansas - UACCM Faulkner County Adult Education Center

My son goes there loves it!! And the people are so nice!! It’s a life experience that’s good and uplifting! Goes to the staff! I can’t say enough good things about the people here. Always a great experience! Excellent staff and faculty. Very very helpful and wonderful environment.

Address: 1070 Markham St, Conway, AR 72032

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Life Pro CPR Training

CNA Classes Arkansas - Life Pro CPR Training

Address: 2662 E Joyce Blvd Suite 3, Fayetteville, AR 72703

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Angel Wings Testing Center LLC

CNA Classes Arkansas - Angel Wings Testing Center LLC

I highly recommend being trained and tested by Mrs Serena and Mrs Janelle Smith at this testing center. They are the best!!! The facility is clean and smells good, nice waiting area, and doesn’t feel scary like a hospital or college classroom setting. They grade based on the Headmasters skills requirements and they always make sure you know how much time you have left. They let me take my time before starting the clock, didn’t rush me at all to get started, and made sure I had all my questions answered and supplies ready. If you’re nervous at all about your test, GO HERE TO TEST! These ladies are so professional and down-to-earth at the same time. They are not so stuffy that it adds to any anxiety. They encourage you to ask questions before the exam which is telling they want you to succeed. The staff made you feel right at home.

Address: 2700 Bryan Rd Suite B, Van Buren, AR 72956

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University of Arkansas Rich Mountain Community College Adult Education

CNA Classes Arkansas - University of Arkansas Rich Mountain Community College Adult Education

A small school with a big heart. Wonderful curriculum at a very affordable price! I have had an overall wonderful experience with all of the staff that I have come in contact with at the Mena and the Waldron campus and everyone has been beyond helpful! I recently signed up for college and the ladies and gentlemen who work here made the process easy. They answered any and all questions I had and helped me through every step of the registration process. Absolutely amazing community college, which is now a extension of the University of Arkansas. You will get the best bank for your buck here! Great place to go to college and the support is wonderful. The teachers are able and willing to help you as needed. A wonderful college with faculty and staff who are extremely helpful and kind they will do everything they can to make the learning environment comfortable and enjoyable. Best starting point for continuing your education in the Ouachita area. Was at Arkansas Workforce but they are very helpful.

Address: Abernathy Building, 1100 College Dr, Mena, AR 71953

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Fort Smith Adult Education Center

CNA Classes Arkansas - Fort Smith Adult Education Center

Not a terrible place. They seem very passionate about their students and work. However, on my first day of employment I was offered a bathroom to pump/express milk as I was a breastfeeding mother. My hours got cut for having to go to scheduled doctor’s appointments and some were not scheduled in advance but my daughter and I got sick at the childcare center due to not sending sick children home. I am really hoping things are a lot better for them now. The students leave this place to succeed which is the ultimate goal, but employees also need to be taken well care of. The staff at Fort Smith Adult Education is excellent. Very Eager & happy to help without feeling like they are being bothered. Great at providing a lot of resources. I have learned & enjoyed just my short time here. I got my GED back in 2017 when I was 16. It was great, the teachers really push you to be the best you can be and the staff is super friendly. All the teacher’s there are awesome. They teach where you will understand. They want you to reach your goal. Excellent teachers in a nice historical setting. A great place to grow! Nice place. Good people.

Address: 501 S 20th St, Fort Smith, AR 72901

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UAPTC – Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Institute

CNA Classes Arkansas - UAPTC - Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Institute

We were there for a conference and they did an amazing job hosting us. Food was incredible. The set up was very smart and no one had to wait in a line(except at the bar, but everyone seemed to handle it just fine.) Staff was friendly and fun. Delicious and visually artful 3-course luncheon was thoroughly enjoyed while service staff were attentive and efficient. The food is prepared by “chefs in training” but definitely performing at advanced level. White table cloths and spacious seating between tables provided for quiet, serene atmosphere and pleasant conversation. Base cost of the meal is only $15+ tip but a suggestion is made for patrons to consider extra generosity as proceeds for funding the culinary program. Dinner was wonderful …This is a Good place to become a Chef. Great place to learn and enjoy a fabulous meal for lunch or dinner! Beautiful inside. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Address: 13000 I-30 Frontage Rd, Little Rock, AR 72210

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Arkansas Employment Career Center

CNA Classes Arkansas - Arkansas Employment Career Center

My niece RaeVen completed the program. I am very impressed with all that AECC has to offer. This program is design to help family develop a career to better their finances to improve their way of life. Thank you for allowing an opportunity to have an advance education free of debt. The program should be longer. That was a lot for just a limited time. Nathan was a great instructor and great at providing real world insight. He was incredibly knowledgeable and overall awesome. Keep him and pay him more! The overall program is an awesome opportunity for those starting or changing careers. Improvement can be made to the responsiveness of office staff to emails. After the program ends, there is support offered but there is no follow through. I had the pleasure of obtaining my CCMA license here recently through AECC whom is partnered with Vincennes University. Mr Nathan McKee was my instructor and he was nothing short of phenomenal with his patience, encouraging words and his ability to work with my fellow classmates and I and teaching us so much information in a 14 wk span. The Arkansas Employment Center is the place to be. They are professional. The professor Dr. Sheer is patient and break it down for you while being encouraging at the same time.

Address: 300 S Spring St STE 300, Little Rock, AR 72201

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Black River Technical College

CNA Classes Arkansas - Black River Technical College

Graduated Class of 1996 in the Aviation Maintenance Program was employed within 90 days of graduation. Outstanding instructors and caring faculty at BRTC. To succeed in todays world “you gotta wanna” . . . Nothing comes free. Just retired after 22 years as an A&P. Punched out making six figures – You can too! I love going to school here. All the teachers are really nice and will work with you. Everyone at this school wants to help you succeed no matter your degree of education or what you were wanting to go to school for. If you’re wanting to go back to school I highly recommend looking into Black River tech. This school is awesome! I recently completed my Cdl training through BRTC and from my first phone conversation with Mrs. Patti Blaxton I knew this place was where I wanted to train. My instructor Kenny Higginbotham is hands down one of the best trainers I’ve had the pleasure learning from. His knowledge and understanding of trucking is second to none. I would encourage anyone looking to obtain Cdl training to definitely look at Black River Technical College. It’s great to have practical educational resources so local and affordable. The faculty are caring and sharp. Excellent college!!!!!

Address: 1410 Highway 304 East, Pocahontas, AR 72455

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Arkansas State University Three Rivers

CNA Classes Arkansas - Arkansas State University Three Rivers

The school may be small but the faculty and staff truly care about their students. The education I received here prepared me for the workforce. From my experience I think that College Of The Ouachitas has the best truck driver training in the state. Mr Scott the Instructor is very professional trainer I passed my class a driving test the first time at state police,because i had good training. The Practical Nursing program at COTO is great! The instructors are working nurses that understand what it’s like to be in the field and in the classroom at the same time. It is a amazing campus for people that is looking for a good place to get a education and has a amazing automotive instructor mr.brattan. Great little school with great people!

Address: One College Cir, Malvern, AR 72104

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National Park College

CNA Classes Arkansas - National Park College

Great place to earn a 2yr degree or tech certificate! A little pricey as far as fees and tuition but the campus is beautiful and the new Student Commons is an awesome addition to the growing campus. The financial aid can be tricky at times but they always got things worked out in the end. A lot of the teachers are great and truly care about their students and are willing to help them outside of class. It is also a beautiful and well maintained campus. Great college. Caring professors. A quality education for a lot less money. I highly recommend. Very clean. A great place for kids who just graduated from high school to experience college living and getting use to a different way of life and school. NPC has truly given me the BEST college experience I could have asked for.

Address: 101 College Dr, Hot Springs, AR 71913

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Arkansas Northeastern College

CNA Classes Arkansas - Arkansas Northeastern College

All my online classes are wonderful, except Computer Fundamentals. This class, online and offline uses MyITLab that auto grades students twice a week. It is very inaccurate and misgraded all but 2 of my grades in the first 6 weeks. The Dean, Mrs. Singleton, concluded it was too big of a burden for the teacher to hand grade assignments, despite being fully aware of the technical issues. The class is still using this faulty platform and the students that don’t catch the grading errors are out of luck on those points. When it is known what questions cause problems, the class is not emailed nor given points back unless they point it out to the instructor.

Address: 2501 S Division St, Blytheville, AR 72315

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University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana

CNA Classes Arkansas - University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana

In my opinion the school is a nice school with great people. Without a place to review their bookstore I must come here. I have never been so displeased with a bookstore in my entire life. The opt in opt out thing is ridiculous. In case you don’t know this already this is where you must choose to rent all your books or none of your books from the bookstore. The University of Arkansas is growing and expanding in positive ways and into Texarkana. This outstanding campus is located on U of A Way near UAMS’ new medical site. Such a great Community College! Very affordable, has great instructors, the classes are a decent size, and it’s just an over all great learning environment.

Address: 2500 S Main St, Hope, AR 71801

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East Arkansas Community College

CNA Classes Arkansas - East Arkansas Community College

I enjoy volunteering there it’s a wonderful place to be working at for 8 years and I will continue being there if nothing happens to me. This is not a place for critical thinking, research, or academic advancement. They exist to tick boxes and get money. They are HORRIBLE to employees. Absolutely horrible. They don’t protect students from problem employees or employees from problem students. RAMPANT NEPOTISM. No accessible wi-fi on campus for students. CRUmBLINg leaky buildings with poor HVAC, inadequate facilities for teachers and students; all monies spent on seldom used facilities like arts center (although they fired music teacher so who are they kidding). Stone age grift. Stay away. This is a great Community College! Get your basics out of the way and your Associates, Nursing, CDL or HVAC license! Great school friendly people nice students…It’s a great college with great teachers and staff members. Beautiful Campus and an education close to home. A great student center. Mrs.Shelly Laird was great. She was very knowledgeable about the programs and registration process. Great price, caring staff, and excellent facilities. Some weird policies in this school. The perfect place to start your future!

Address: 1700 New Castle Rd, Forrest City, AR 72335

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Southeast Arkansas College

CNA Classes Arkansas - Southeast Arkansas College

The worse nursing program ever! I know several students that have went here for nursing and their turnover rate is ridiculous. These students have left their jobs and families to be apart of an unorganized program. I wouldn’t recommend this school for their nursing program at all. In my opinion, their nursing program definitely need to be investigated. I had a bad experience there two years in a row. Not a good experience If they still have the same instructors there. Camp and McBride was some horrible individuals for them to be in the nursing field. They cannot teach and they act like you should already know things. Everybody there was incredibly helpful and getting me started even though I started late. It is a great school to learn at and the environment is great. The teacher’s are awesome!!! Lady in the welcome center was so sweet. Wonderful experience!

Address: 1900 S Hazel St, Pine Bluff, AR 71603

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