Best CNA Classes in Alaska

CNA Schools AlaskaRating
Northwest Phlebotomy School Anchorage5.0
Caregiver Training Academy4.7
Alaska CNA Program4.6

Northwest Phlebotomy School Anchorage

CNA Classes Alaska - Northwest Phlebotomy School Anchorage

I signed up for this course not knowing anything about Phlebotomy, and after two days, I feel confident I am ready to draw blood. My instructor was so kind and patient. She answered all of my questions and made me feel so confident even though I wasn’t sure of myself. The instructor was great! Took the time to make sure that I was comfortable and was available to answer any questions that I had. This class was extremely helpful. Going in I was expecting it to be really hard but it wasn’t it was easy to follow along.

Address: 721 Depot Dr Suite 118, Anchorage, AK 99501

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Caregiver Training Academy

CNA Classes Alaska - Caregiver Training Academy

Was very knowledgeable. I would recommend taking for/first aid here.

Address: 203 W 15th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

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Alaska CNA Program

This program was overall really great, both Marcus and Tonia are great people. They expected high levels of performance however worked with each student to get them to pass and excel in the skills they were teaching. Clinical setting was challenging but rewarding at the same time, and it really prepared you for what a future in medicine will hold. Marcus is a great instructor and the way he teaches the class makes it a comforting environment. If you are willing to put in the work, he will help you make sure you pass. I recommend this class to anyone that has an interest in the health field and want to pursue that interest further. Marcus and his wife Tonia are amazing people. I learned so much in the 6 weeks I was there. I learned enough to pass my state exam and hands on test. To this day I stop in my tracks to think back on how I was trained to properly care for my patients. My experience at the Alaska CNA Program was incredible. Marcus and Tonia made sure that no student was left behind and had unique, fun ways to help us retain the information we were learning. Excellent program. Marcus and Tonia are very knowledgeable, considerate and accommodating. They’ll make sure to push you so your comfortable with what your learning.

Address: 1565 Bragaw St STE 104, Anchorage, AK 99508

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