CNA training in Missouri

Missouri CNA Training

If you want to make a career as a certified nursing assistant, then there are many free CNA training centers in Missouri. There some centers for cost-effective CNA training as well.

There are many nursing homes offering free CNA training in Missouri. There are also some community centers offering the same. These training centers look for a substantial number of qualified nurses. So, they often prefer to train their students on-site. If you are employed by these centers, you can go for free training by signing an agreement.

There are technical and vocational schools in Missouri that offer training for several entry-level positions in healthcare. You can consider these options if you still haven’t finished high school and is searching for free CNA training centers.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average annual salary of a CNA in Missouri is approximately $25,930. What else has to be the motivating factor for a student to become CNA as soon as their schooling?

CNA Training Program, Curriculum, Prerequisites

An applicant can take up the CNA exam only after undergoing any one of the state-approved CNA training programs. The applicant must be aged minimum 18 or lesser (if the student is taking up high school health education coursework).

Some important requirements to get enrolled into a state-approved CNA program includes GED, proof of medical records (Hepatitis, Rubella, etc.), criminal background check, proof of immunizations (Tetanus, Diphtheria, etc.).

Basic nursing skills, caring methods, diseases and symptoms, disaster training, the psychology of patients, fire safety, and safety and standards are some of the topics in the CNA training curriculum.

An individual must undergo an approved CNA training course that consists of at least 75 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of on-the-job training.

CNA training program may vary in length depending upon the training center and the program offered. A few centers offer an eight-week program, whereas some offers as a full semester-long program with up to 12 weeks of training.

There are also online training classes available for those who cannot take up full-time training. Some of the factors influencing online training include flexibility, evening sessions, training costs, length of the program, and locality.

Free CNA Training in Missouri

You can refer to the State Board of Nursing for information about free CNA training. They will give you all the information about free CNA training programs. The board is also a good choice if you want to know about scholarships offered for CNA training.

There are more than at least one free CNA training centers in places like Cape Girardeau, Farmington, Kirksville, Sikeston, Springfield, St. Louis, Chesterfield, and Farmington.

Here is a list of some of the Missouri State’s free CNA training institutes/schools:

  • Twin Pines Adult Care Center, Kirksville
  • SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Audrain, Mexico
  • Life Care Center of Bridgeton, Bridgeton
  • Miner Nursing Center, Sikeston
  • Ashland Healthcare, Ashland
  • The Delmar Gardens Family, Chesterfield
  • Scotland County Care Center, Memphis
  • Golden Age Living Center, Stover
  • Foxwood Springs, Raymore
  • Camdenton Windsor Estates, Camdenton
  • Life Care Center of Sullivan, Sullivan

Ample scholarships are offered for CNA training. You need to receive enough funds to cover your entire training cost. Apply for the scholarships through your CNA program or through your community center.

Nursing Home CNA Training & Hiring

Nursing homes with vacancies usually hire CNA trainees and offer required CNA training to the students. You need to work for a while with the nursing home after completing your training. You will need to sign an agreement with them stating this condition before you start your training. If you do not complete the training due to any reason, then you will need to re-pay the cost of your training to the nursing home. Most trainees with a genuine interest in nursing complete the course and pass the exam. Knowing that a job is waiting for you at the end of the training will take off the pressure from your learning.

Two nursing homes, which offer free CNA training, are listed below:

  • Kirksville Manor Care Center
  • Twin Pines Adult Care Center

The Department of Health and Senior Services of Missouri approves the CNA training programs. Eligible trainees give the CNA certification exam and receive certification.

Paid CNA Training in Missouri

Columbia in Missouri has three paid training centers, namely, Bryan University, Job Point, and Columbia Area Career Center. Other places that have more than one training center include Excelsior Springs, Florissant, Jefferson City, Kirksville, Saint Louis, and Warrensburg.

Few of the Missouri State’s paid training centers include,

  • Arcadia Valley Career Technology Center, Ironton
  • Mingo Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center, Puxico
  • Moberly Area Community College, Kirksville
  • Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center, Excelsior Springs
  • Pemiscot County Special School District, Hayti
  • Gibson Technical Center, Spring
  • School District of Washington, Washington
  • Lake Career and Technical Center, Camdenton

CNA Certification Examination

Though the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services administers the CNA certification and the process, the testing is being conducted by n number of approved training centers and agencies. The testing hosts may be nursing and long-term care facilities, CNA training institutes, vocational centers, technical schools, and community colleges. Usually, a CNA applicant can take up the certification exam where the training has been undergone.

The CNA certification examination consists of 2 parts:

  1. Written part (multiple choice questions based on theoretical knowledge acquired during the classroom training). The applicant must get at least 40 correct answers out of 50 questions (80% score).
  2. Skills part: Practical demonstration of nine skills (hands-on skills acquired during laboratory and clinical training sessions).

Different Ways to CNA Certification

A student can take up the CNA competency certification exam in 2 ways: either via undergoing proper training program or challenge the exam.

Training method:

A student appearing via this method has to undergo CNA training in a state-approved center/school and apply for the exam via the training center.

Challenge method:

There are certain prerequisites for a CNA applicant to be eligible for the challenge method.

  • Individuals who have the background or educated in health occupations
  • RN or LPN enrolled students
  • Students who have successfully completed their nursing training outside of the U.S. and are awaiting their license exam (RN or LPN applicants)
  • Missouri CNAs who have their certification in inactive status
  • Individuals who have taken up fundamentals of nursing course
  • Individuals who underwent training in acute care hospitals
  • Individuals who underwent training in a long-term care unit

Here is a list of schools/institutes/centers that are approved to conduct the CAN Training Program for the Department of Health and Senior Services. Some of these may not conduct the testing exam or challenge exams throughout the year:

Points to Remember

  • Exam cost may vary from one certifying program center to another
  • An applicant who fails to clear the test is given two more chances to take up the exam and must pass within 90 days of the first failure.
  • When there is a gap of six months between training and exam, the applicant has to repeat the CNA training.
  • Individuals who challenge the CNA certification examination have only 1 chance to clear the exam. Anyone failing to clear in 1st attempt will have to undergo the CNA training.

CNA Certification Status

A CNA certification can have only three statuses viz.


The CNA must have been working as a nurse aide with good conduct. The certification has to be renewed every 24 months without which the CNA’s listing on the state’s registry can be withdrawn.


The CNA certification becomes inactive if the CNA has not worked for a continuous 24 months (2 years). However, an inactive CNA is allowed to make the CNA certification active by taking the challenging path of the CNA certification exam (without CNA training).


When a CNA continues to stand inactive for more than twice (5 years), then the CNA certification becomes expired. A CNA has to provide the nursing services for compensation in five years to not get the certification expired by law.

Out of the State/Country CNAs

CNAs from other states can directly take up the challenge in Missouri, provided their CNA status is active with good conduct. The person must provide employer verification (Specific number of hours of work every two years). If the out-of-state CNA registry has tracked the employment, then verification is not required.

Individuals who have successfully completed their nursing training/program in another country can also directly appear for the Missouri challenge examination; only that the applicant will have to first undergo an orientation module of the CNA training.

Associated CNA Certifications

The basic qualification for a Certified Medication Technician (CMT) credential is CNA. The certification examination to become a CMT is TABE (Test for Adult Basic Education). A CNA has to clear TABE post undergoing CMT specific training programs. These training shall include mathematics, vocabulary, and other related curricula. Similar to CNA, a few individuals (applicants) are allowed to challenge the CMT certification examination.