CNA Training in Pennsylvania

Have you been searching for a speedy method to begin a therapeutic profession in Pennsylvania? Do you need a vocation that offers space for progression? Provided that this is true, you ought to think about turning into a CNA. Not exclusively would you be able to prepare for a medical attendant aide profession in only two months or less, yet you can likewise utilize the experience you gain from a CNA vocation as a venturing stone towards an LPN or RN profession. Besides, CNAs in Pennsylvania needn’t bother with licenses!

A profession as a nursing aide can be a remunerating vocation in the event that you are keen on a passage level situation in the social insurance industry. This vocation gives a decent beginning stage in the event that you plan to propel your profession in the medicinal field.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has joined with Pearson VUE, a nationally recognized major provider of evaluation services to the national associations, as well as regulatory agencies, be it developing, scoring, and reporting of the results of the competency examination for the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry or creating, scoring, and reporting the after-effects of the competency assessment for the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry. Credentia will process applications, plan assessments, and regulate the assessments and examinations.

CNA Training Programs in Pennsylvania

Before you can turn into an ensured nursing associate, you should finish a preparation program. The program must be the one that is state-endorsed, or else, you won’t fit the bill to take the accreditation test or to fill in as a guaranteed nursing colleague. Training programs must be at least 120 hours of guidance. A few projects will be considerably broad. All projects incorporate the classroom training or the CLT and clinical guidance for nursing students or practitioners.

The finishing of a nursing  training program will make one self-qualified to sit for the Nursing Assistant accreditation test in Pennsylvania A prospect should finish both the written and abilities segment of the test (with a passing score) to get your confirmation.

The Examination Process

Pennsylvania nurse aides take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program or NNAAP examination. The exams are taken in two phases: a written (or oral) component and a practical skills component. In the first attempt, the candidate should be taking both the tests on the same day. However, if the candidate fails in one evaluation, then they are not needed to retake the one that was passed.

The evaluation will be based on as many as 5 nursing aide skills. You must exhibit the expected hand hygiene. The candidate has to demonstrate, take, and record measurement for one skill, at least, while the other skills are randomly selected. The randomly selected skills will change from evaluation to evaluation. Candidates have to pass in all five tested skills.

The written test will contain multiple-choice questions. There is an oral version that also includes ten reading comprehension questions. If the candidate needs to do the oral examination, then they should have mentioned it in the application process itself.

In the state of Pennsylvania, Pearson VUE and the American Red Cross manage the NNAAP. Candidates are directed to send across their registration stuff to the American Red Cross. However, the candidates will have access to the several resources, which include the handbooks, on the Pearson website.

Those students, who are to take up test at regional sites, are directed to visit the websites of the Pearson to know the list of locations where the tests would be held or as to when the dates of the examination are. The candidates are given their report sheets at the websites. The candidates are permitted to take up utmost three attempts before they will have to undergo retraining. Whoever fails in the evaluation for the three times, the candidates are required to re-enroll in the training program. In the state of Pennsylvania, the absences are also counted for, during the training.

If the candidates are taking the test for the first time, then the fee is $102. People who needed to retest will have to pay $70 for the aptitudes test. They will pay $32 for either the written or oral information test. People who are utilized by nursing homes can anticipate that they should pay their preparation and testing expenses. The individuals who are utilized by nursing homes in the months subsequent to finishing prerequisites are qualified for repayment. CNAs with repayment questions are coordinated to the Department of Human Services at 717-772-2570.

The Application Process

The principal application is at the Student level; the second is at the assessment level. The assessment application is the last application required for library arrangement. Pearson will report assessment scores. Those applicants or the candidates who pass both the aptitudes and information assessments are consequently added to the library.

Applicants may get their assessment applications from their preparation programs. The individuals can also download them from Pearson. Click here to download or demand them from the American Red Cross. Candidates who have inquiries regarding finishing the assignments are requested to coordinate with the Red Cross at (800) 795-2350.

Understudy attendants or the student nurses have an extra step to the process. They will require earlier approval from the Department of Education. The necessary paperwork will be located on the DOE site. The approval must be sent with the application to the Red Cross.

Endorsement Applicants

If at all the CNAs are active on the registries, they are eligible to have an endorsement, if they are in good standing with respect to the federal standards. As such, these candidates cannot have any history of abuse, misappropriation of property, or any neglect. These candidates should also have recent work experience. The Pearson Vue site asks for a verification form, which should be sent to the state of certification/registry. Pearson site has also given a out-of-state registries list for reference.

If the candidate reaches the employment level, the candidates are required to undergo background checks. In the case of the condition where the candidate has lived in the state of Pennsylvania for less than two years, these candidates are to undergo federal and state background checks. They may be employed up to 90 days until the background report is received if they insist that they have never been convicted for any offenses.

CNA Certification Transfer through Reciprocity in Pennsylvania

A candidate can apply to get the certification by means of reciprocity in the state of Pennsylvania if the candidate has already received the certification in another state. The nursing aide registry in Pennsylvania should be contacted in order to receive an application for reciprocity. Or else, the candidates are advised to visit the Pearson Vue website.

The prospective applicant should complete Part I of the reciprocity form and then forward the application to the registry where they have the active certification, at present. Then the onus is on the former state registry to complete Part II and to return it directly to Pearson Vue.

The Nursing Aide Registry in Pennsylvania will then go ahead to consider the application for reciprocity. After the approval, the candidate can seek employment in the state of Pennsylvania.

After clearing the examinations with a passing score, the candidate’s name will be registered on the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry. A Registry Card (also known as a Notice of Enrolment) will be mailed to the candidate by Pearson VUE and will take approximately three weeks after the successful completion of the evaluations and tests. This card must be shown to employers. Care must be taken as not to make any changes in the registry card as this would, in turn, affect the status as a nurse aide.

CNA License Renewal in Pennsylvania

A nursing Aide should renew the certification every two years. The renewal process must be started prior to 90 days of the expiry date. To have a smooth renewal, the candidate should have worked as a nursing assistant for at least 8 hours in the 24 month period. This employment should be in any hospitals or public sectors as the organization will not consider private or self-employment working hours for renewal.

Reinstating CNA certificate in Pennsylvania

In accordance with regulations set by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, if the candidate had failed to work at least eight hours prior to the CNA certification renewal date, the candidate will be required to reinstate the certification. The present requirement for CNA reinstatement is to retake the nurse aide competency examination.

Transfer of certification from or to another State

If the candidate has already obtained employment as a CNA in another state, the candidate has to transfer the certification. In order to get this done, the candidate must meet the transfer requirements stipulated by the concerned state where the candidate has got employment.  The candidates are advised to be aware of the transferring criteria, which might vary, including the common age requirements and other test requirements, as well as the continuing education.

Renewing lapsed CNA Certification

Your CAN certification will lapse if you, as a nurse aide, go 24 months without working in the domain. But, Pennsylvania allows a lapsed nurse aide to attempt the qualifying test without any retraining. Remember, this will be the case whether your credential in held in Pennsylvania or in another state.

If the particular nurse aide doesn’t pass on the very first attempt; however, he/she will have to fulfil a training program. And, at this point in time, the nurse aide will follow the exact same procedures as other newly trained nurse aides.

Additional Information

Information about CNA training is available on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website. Aspiring CNAs can email at or phone 717-772-0814. Office hours are from 9:00 to 5:00.

Reach Pearson VUE at 800-852-0518.