CNA Training in Ohio

Being a CNA in Ohio:

A certified nursing assistant job in Ohio is one of those promising jobs that offer security and satisfaction. In Ohio, a Certified nursing assistant or CNA is also called State tested Nurse Aide or STNA. The training period is comparatively much lesser compared to the other states. With the growing need for certified nursing assistants and non-requirement of a license to practice in the state, it will be much easier to land a job as a nursing assistant in Ohio. In this article, you will find all that you need to know about becoming a certified nursing assistant in the state of Ohio.

Getting the Certification and its requirements:

It is easy to get a nursing assistant certification. The following are the steps to be followed.

  1. It is necessary to undergo training of 75 hours of CNA instruction. Out of these 75 hours, at least 16 hours of instructions must be spent in the classroom. After this, the candidate can start working with the patients. The classes are normally handled by trained nurses with at least two or three years of experience in the nursing field.
  2. Then, the next step is to take an exam that evaluates your competency and obtain acceptable scores in each section of the exam. There are two parts to this exam, knowledge test and skill test. In the knowledge test module, there are seventy-nine multiple-choice questions. A candidate must score a minimum of 80% to pass this module. Under the second part, the skill test, the candidate is required to demonstrate five skills. One of them is hand washing, and the other four tasks are randomly selected. In case a student is unable to demonstrate a certain skill, he will have to retake the entire module of skill test once again, which will contain the skill he failed to demonstrate. Yet again, a minimum of 80% is necessary.

Normally, every candidate has three chances to clear this exam. In an unfortunate circumstance where the candidate could not clear in three attempts, he or she is required to undergo additional training.

Upon clearing the exams, then the candidate’s name will be included in the “Ohio Nurse Aide registry.” Then the candidate will be issued CNA certification. The procedure is different in case of Nursing students, Foreign-trained nurses/nurse aides, Hospital orderlies/aides, other professions indirect patient care, and CNAs from other states.

Nursing students:

In case of a nursing student who is pursuing a course in a state-approved pre-licensure course of nursing study in Ohio or any other state, they can request for the training period to be waived off and take up the competency examination directly. This can be done provided the course includes the following subject areas:

  • Infection control
  • Personal care
  • Emergency procedures
  • Safety

…And, the director of the nursing school approves the form requesting the training to be waived off.

Foreign-trained nurses/nurse aides:

You can even request for the training to be waived off. In this case, the candidate is advised to reach out to the Ohio Department of Health for queries on waiving off the program.

Hospital orderlies or aides:

If, in the last five years, a person has worked full-time as a hospital aide or orderly for a period of 12 months or more, then he can request to take up competency examination directly without any training.

Other professions in direct patient care:

Other professionals involved in direct patient care can get the training waived and sit for the examination directly provided they fulfill certain criteria. In the case of a military person, if he has worked for twelve months or more out of the last five years, then he is eligible to get the training waived off. In the case of a hospital corpsman, healthcare specialist, or a medical specialist, it can be availed upon submission of adequate proof that he or she has worked a minimum of 1600 hours in direct patient care that included normal duties of a nursing assistant.

Certification Nursing assistants from other states:

If you a nursing assistant trained and certified in another state in the US, you can apply for CNA certification reciprocity in the state of Ohio. For this, you must not have any bad record of crimes or misbehavior with the patients. Apart from this, you are required to provide a list of documents or details to the Ohio Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry. They are,

  1. Your full name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Address of residence (current)
  4. Contact number
  5. Copy of driver’s license
  6. Copy of Social security number
  7. Other states where you are registered

All the above details and documents are required to be sent to:

Ohio Nurse Aide Registry- 246 N,

High Street-Columbus,

OH – 43215.

They can also be sent via fax to (614) 564-2461 or (614)466-8692

Upon receipt of the above details, the Ohio Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry verifies if the certification is active with the state that has issued it. After this, your name will be included in the “Ohio Nurse Aide registry,” and you will be sent a nurse aide card.

In case of any additional questions, please contact (614) 752-9500.


General requirements to enroll in this program are,

  1. To be at least 16 years old
  2. To have a GED or high school diploma
  3. Proof of TB test

However, the above three requirements are not listed by the state. But the school or facility may require all the above:

  1. Be proficient in reading or writing English
  2. Physical examination
  3. Produce proof of vaccination for Hepatitis B, Varicella, etc.
  4. Fulfill any requirements by the school
  5. Background check. This is not required by the state but is required by the program. Once employed, the candidate has to anyway go through the background check.

State-approved CNA training schools in Ohio:

CNA schools are approved by the state of Ohio, and 260 approved training programs are available. The training programs are offered at community colleges, training centers, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, vocational schools, nursing homes, health care centers, high schools, and technical education facilities. They offer some of the top CNA programs. In case any assistance is required, the candidate can contact the schools for further information. Upon completion of the program, the candidate receives a certificate of Program completion.

Cost of the course:

The cost of the program can vary from program to program. In some schools, the tuition fee cost could go as high as 1500 dollars. Most of the schools offer financial aid in some form. Even if financial aid is not available, other options, such as private scholarships & state workforce training funds are always available. It is always advisable to check with the financial aid office if financial assistance is needed.

In certain cases, the training is free. As per the federal and state law, medical and residential facilities that are funded by Medicare and Medicaid are required to cover the cost of training and testing to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Meanwhile, the student can work in the facility during the training for a period of not longer than four months without obtaining the certification.

On being hired by nursing within twelve months after the training and in case this is their first nursing home job, the training and testing fees can be reimbursed.

A retired service member or an active duty service member, a veteran, can also ask for a reimbursement of the training and testing fees if the fees were paid to D&S diversified technologies.

Verify the status of your CNA certification:

It is important to keep verifying the status of your CNA certification from time to time. This can easily be done online. Visit the Ohio Department of Health website. In the A-Z index, choose C, and then click on “Public Registry Search.” On the next page, you will find the CNA verification tool, and you can check your status there.

Renewal of the CNA certification in Ohio:

In Ohio, the CNA certification needs to be renewed once in every two years. Just before the certificate’s expiry, the department will mail you the renewal form. This form must be filled out and sent back to the department. This will renew the CNA certification for another two years.

Reinstatement of the CNA certification:

Reinstatement of the CNA certification is required if the nursing assistant has worked for less than eight hours during the two years before the renewal kicks in. In this case, the nursing assistant is required to take up the competency evaluation once again and is expected to clear both the modules with reasonable points. On completion of this, their names will be entered again in the registry.

Transfer of CNA certification to another state:

In case you want to transfer your CNA certification issued by the state of Ohio elsewhere, you will have to check and follow the regulations of the state that you want to get it transferred to. It is advised to contact the CNA regulatory agency of the state in question.