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Medical assistant vs CNA

It can be tough to decide whether to pursue a career in medical assisting or CNA (certified nursing assistant). Both paths offer opportunities to work in the medical field and help people, but they also have their differences. Here’s a look at some of the key similarities and differences between medical assistants and CNAs. What’s

STNA Classes and How to Find Them

Are you seeking a great profession that will allow you to assist others in leading more fulfilling lives? The role of an STNA is perfect for you if you appreciate helping others and are a compassionate person. Giving care and support to patients will render you a feeling of purpose at work. STNAs or State

What is an STNA?

A medical practitioner known as the nursing aide is a State Tested Nursing Assistant. STNA is the abbreviation for this position, primarily used in the state of Ohio. STNAs are similar to CNAs as both need rigorous training, testing, a criminal background check, and successful completion of a state licensure exam. Also, in terms of

CNA Classes in Rhode Island

The demand for qualified healthcare professionals and CNA classes in Rhode Island is currently very high as the state is densely populated and there is a shortage of staff. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) form a crucial part of the healthcare sector as their role is crucial in providing care and assistance to patients.  This entry-level

Nursing Shortage and What it Means for You

You may be surprised after you complete your CNA training to find out that there is a nursing shortage in many places around the world. These shortages often occur in rural areas, but sometimes it can become an issue in big cities as well. In recent years, while nursing is still certainly a popular topic,