CNA training in Missouri

Missouri CNA Training

If you want to make a career as a certified nursing assistant then there are many free CNA training centers in Missouri. There some centers for cost-effective CNA training as well. The Department of Health and Senior Services of Missouri approves the CNA training programs. Eligible trainees give the CNA certification exam and receive certification.

There are many nursing homes offering free CNA training in Missouri. There are also some community centers offering the same. These training centers look for a substantial number of qualified nurses. So they often prefer to train their students on-site. If you are employed by these centers you can go for free training by signing an agreement.

There are technical and vocational schools in Missouri which offer training for several entry-level positions in healthcare. You can consider these options if you still haven’t finished high school and is searching for free CNA training centers.

You can also contact the State Board of Nursing for information about free CNA training. They can give you all the information about free CNA training programs. The Board is also a good choice if you want to know about scholarships offered for CNA training.

Ample scholarships are offered for CNA training. You need to receive enough funds to cover your entire training cost. Apply for the scholarships though your CNA program or through your community center.

Terms and conditions:

Nursing homes with vacancies usually hire CNA trainees.

You need to work for a while with the nursing home after completing your training. You will need to sign an agreement with them stating this condition before you start your training. If you do not complete the training due to any reason then you will need to re-pay the cost of your training to the nursing home. Most trainees with a genuine interest in nursing complete the course and pass the exam. Knowing that a job is waiting for you at the end of the training will take off the pressure from your learning.

Two nursing homes which offer free CNA training are listed below:

Kirksville Manor Care Center


Twin Pines Adult Care Center

The following healthcare center offers paid CNA training. You can train as you work as an aide.


Oxford Healthcare


Toll Free – 1-800-749-6555


Toll Free – 1-800-749-6555

The following centers do not offer direct CNA training. They hire you as employees and pay for your training at another center.

Apple Ridge Care Center


Appleton City Manor