CNA Training in Los Angeles

Los Angeles CNA Training

Being a Certified Nursing Assistant is an eminent career opportunity for the individuals looking to experience medical industry and start a rewarding job. CNA looks after the needful patients and assists health professionals in the hospitals.

To become a CNA in Los Angeles, the California State follows guidelines set under Nursing Home Reform Law (OBRA ’87). CNA training in Los Angeles is aimed to ensure quality for the Long Term Care facilities. To work as a CNA in Los Angeles, one needs to

  • clear the written and practical skills tests as a part of the CAN examination.
  • Have a good employment in the past.
  • Must be mentally and physically alert
  • Have no history in the criminal records and
  • Get an active CNA certificate.

CNA training in Los Angeles consists of 50 hours of theoretical training and 100 hours of practical skills sessions. This training may be paid or free. Some high schools give an option of free CAN training to the students who don’t intend to go for further studies but students have to work for some hospital after they get certified.

The CNA certification is under the governance of Aide and Technician Certification Section (ATCS) of the Department of Health in California.  CNA training in Los Angeles can cost anywhere between $600 to $1000. This fee includes the tuition charges, cost of readable material, uniform expenses and everything related to the cost of the course.

What are the pre-screening requirements to enroll in the CNA training in Los Angeles?

If you want to be a CNA in Los Angeles, there are some pre-screening requirements. The candidate must be fingerprinted according to the state law and needs to have no criminal history so that the candidate gets approval for the CNA program.

One can expect a rewarding career as a CNA as the average wages lie between $19000 and $35000 according to the experience in nursing.

CNA Training in Massachusetts

Formal training is mandatory to get CNA certification in any US state. This is a great work opportunity to assist health professionals and get ready for rendering the quality services to the community. Though Certified Nursing Assistant is an entry level in healthcare profession, one may get high rewards for the services. An average CNA is being paid $10 to $15 per hour in the Massachusetts. There are at least 42,000 CNAs in the State and these have been certified by the Human Services and Massachusetts Department of Health after CNA Training in Massachusetts.

Requirements to become a CNA in Massachusetts?

Certified Nursing Assistants are In high demand in every nursing care facility. If one wants to be a  trained CNA  in Massachusetts, one must firstly clear the CNA course at the centers approved by the State Health Department and secondly, the nurse aide exam should be cleared with passing marks. And at the last the name of the candidate will be sent to the nurse aide registrar to get the certification of CNA.

To enroll for CNA Training in Massachusetts clear criminal records report must be submitted to the course center in order to get approval for the training. A 100 dedicated hours are necessary for appearing in the examination. These are split into 75 hours of practical jobs and 25 hours of theory classes. Another test is conducted which includes test for TB for health examination of the candidate applying for CNA training.

Later on just an exam needs to be passed where the theoretical as well as practical aspects are tested. Finally, the candidate is registered with the Massachusetts registrar. There are possibilities of free as well as paid CNA Training in Massachusetts. Both have immense benefits in selecting nursing as the career. One can find many sponsors, hospitals and health institutions or even high schools who are providing free CNA Training. In the paid courses, the fee are very nominal and inclusive of the tuition charges, books and uniform. This training and certification can fetch the CNA anything between $15000 to $35000 in Massachusetts.