Nursing and Therapy Services of Colorado

About Nursing and Therapy Services of Colorado (NTSOC) Nursing and Therapy Services of Colorado, which is otherwise referred to as “NTSOC”, is a non-profit pediatric home health organization that has dedicated itself to offering help to the people with special needs. With the mission of providing a high-quality home care services to the pediatric patients,

The Independence Center

About The Independence Center: Founded in 1987, The Independence Center, which is also referred as “The IC”, is a non-profit organization offering traditional, as well as self-directed home healthcare. Other services that are offered by the organization include independent living and advocacies for individuals with disabilities. Although their mission is to work with individuals dealing

Nursing Shortage and What it Means for You

You may be surprised after you complete your CNA training to find out that there is a nursing shortage in many places around the world. These shortages often occur in rural areas, but sometimes it can become an issue in big cities as well. In recent years, while nursing is still certainly a popular topic,